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This wasn’t a week for me to get much done in the sewing room. I had Christmas things to do. I don’t have a lot of present things to do or even cards to write…but enough that it took me a bit to get it all together. Plus, I’m trying to make a couple of Christmas gifts. They are only simple wool pincushions but they did take a bit of time to stitch.

I’m making the strawberry one in the photo above. I am writing this blog post and then heading to the sewing room to stuff them. I have to try to get them in the mail on Thursday. It’s the only day I can go to the post office this week. They might be a little late arriving at their destinations but at least it’s not super far off.

I will take finishing pictures and tell you more about them in another blog post.

Most of my time was spent on this…

It’s my simple charm square baby quilt.

I had told you a bit about it last week. It’s a UFO project. A blog reader had sent the squares and I made plans to sew them together. I had the strips sewn but thought I wanted a border fabric.

I was at work and the phone rang. It was blog reader and friend Doreen from the same town I work in. She said she was sure she had a fabric that would work for my project. She was sending her husband to my job with the fabric.

He came and there was a fabric I thought might work. (THANKS DOREEN!!) Well, that put a fire in my britches to get the strips sewn together and to use the fabric Doreen had so kindly gifted me.

I got it sewn together and ended up deciding that the quilt was big enough as is. I would use the fabric from Doreen to back the quilt and bind it. So now it’s on the longarm…and that’s as far as I have gotten.

While I was sewing that together I did leader and ender a few more square in a square blocks.

With the baby quilt on the longarm, I’m starting to wonder what UFO to pull and work on next. I think maybe my Hawaiian Sunset quilt. We’ll see. I’ll have to go back to look at my UFO list and see what the best choice is for my next project.

I have some visitors to my sewing room…

If you’re guessing gerbils, you are right. Apparently, Santa wouldn’t have room on his sleigh on Christmas night for them and these had to stay at my house for now… I think they’ll be here until the 24th which is entirely okay. My daughter Kalissa comes over and feeds them and holds them. She’s trying really hard to get them to be “holdable”.

That’s what was happening in my sewing room this week.

6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. :-) Don’t you just love being Santa’s helper?
    The baby quilt is so pretty – love those colors.
    I was thinking of doing a square within a square quilt after the holidays – Heaven knows I have plenty of scrap to work with.
    Love and prayers

  2. Wouldn’t do for Santa to have the gerbils in his sleigh – he might have to do an emergency stop for a shooting star and we wouldn’t want the little furries squashed by lots of presents falling on them! Well done for taking care while Santa is busy.
    Nicely done Doreen – the fabric looks great on your baby quilt Jo.

    I did visit the ladies who quilt and sew other things like embroidery and tapestry, knit and quilt. Their charity that they raise funds for is the Air Ambulance. Very much needed helicopters for this part of England. Something for me to aim for!

  3. The quilt is very pretty. We know that sometimes the simple is as pretty as the difficult. It looks like the fabric from Doreen is perfect. It will be fun to see this quilt all finished. I am also looking forward to seeing the pincushions when you show them.

  4. Wow! You are one busy girl. I love the fabric in that baby quilt. I wished I’d have purchased it when it was still available. It’s an older fabric line by Kathy Schmitz called Garden Notes. Doreen’s fabric looks terrific with it. Good job Doreen! What a sweet husband she has to drop it off at work for you. Have fun babysitting the gerbils.

  5. When you worry about your packages getting somewhere on time for Christmas, remember that the twelve days of Christmas are from December 26 to January 6. If it gets there by Jan 6, it is still there for Christmas. When my nieces were little, I made each of them a Santa bag. Every year, I would put one or two larger presents and enough smaller presents (a pair of socks, crayons, coloring book, etc.) that they could open one present on Christmas Day and one on each of the twelve days of Christmas. The rules were that they couldn’t look inside and could just reach in and get one present. They loved it even the smalls. It kept the magic of Christmas alive and the day after Christmas was not such a let down after the Christmas high.

  6. Yes, yes, do Hawaiian Sunset! Haha I love that and I’ve been patiently waiting each time you go through your wips for it to be next. It’s going to be gorgeous! Merry Christmas, Jo!

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