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I had a little bit of sewing time this week. More than normal but it was because I squeezed in many short sessions. I didn’t have a big stretch of time like I prefer. I made progress and that’s all that counts.

I got the Pieceful Nights quilt bound. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. It’s been so windy or it’s dark. I’m hoping I can show it to you soon.

Every time I finish a UFO project it just makes me want to do another and another. I looked around to see what might be quick. I pulled this…

A blog reader sent a bunch of charm squares and scraps from what appears to be all the same fabric line. I ended up pulling out the charm squares and planned to make a donation quilt for some future event. I planned just a simple charm square quilt nothing fancy.

I got this far in putting it all together. All I need to do is sew the strips together. I did try to find something coordinating in my stash and put a border on it but nothing coordinates. It’s one of those soft color palettes that it’s hard to find matching fabric for.

I’m please that this is close to a finish…Much closer than it was anyway.

I counted up and determined how many square in a square blocks I needed and then set myself on a task to try to get them sewn. I have all of them through the first round and trimming. I just need to get the second round on and then trim them up.

I think I have decided to make the Jo Morton version called Smores.

I’ll need to make the outer half block yet. I need to read through the directions and figure out how to make the half-blocks. I haven’t done that yet.

I did go to a quilt shop on Saturday. I’ll tell you more about it in an upcoming blog post. I will tell you one part now.

I went to the shop looking for wool for a couple of projects I would love to make. Then as I was shopping I saw the clearance rack. Sadly fabric was still $9 on the clearance but much better than the $11.99 normal price. I thought about my Smores quilt and looked to see if there was something that might work for the sashing. I liked the green and the black version. I wasn’t sure which I liked better. Then to complicate things…

I saw it in gold too. UGH. It was hard to pick which I liked better. I ended up going with the green.

The original has more of a tan stripe but the green was calling me. I just went with it.

A long time ago my brother-in-law George said to me, “Sometimes there is not a wrong answer. Sometimes there are just different choices.” It has honestly been some of the best words of wisdom I’ve ever heard. I’m guessing he’s likely said that more than once. He’s married to my sister and she admittedly isn’t the best at making decisions either!! HA!! (Seriously, if you’re reading this George, it has really been some of the best words ever. Thanks for sharing them with me)

That’s all I know in the quilting world of my life. I know several of you bought the square-in-a-square ruler and have been sewing along with me. How are you coming along on your project?? Please leave a comment and let us all know.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Another great finish (or almost a finish). I like the new quilt with charm squares. It will be so pretty and soft looking. I wrote the “George quote” down – very true and I want to remember it.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Oh, I have decision paralysis. I have to decide how to do the colors of the birds on my “Sparrows” quilt. I’m trying to use what I have. People in my quilt group have made the birds with three different colors (like yellow, purple, green) and they look great, but I am thinking of making each bird in three different colors that are in the same color family. This is holding me up!

    1. Oh my! My sweet bird-loving friend Betsy has made literally hundreds of the sparrows…too many quilts to keep track of, and I will assure you that there are NO bad birds! Start cutting….it’s a wonderful pattern!

  3. Thanks for showing us how much can be done by consistently using those short bits of time. Sometimes that’s all I have available.

  4. From Joanne. I am interested in info for the square in a square quilt. Have you made a post about it that I missed? What ruler? Book? Demo? Thanks so much. J

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