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The dust cleared from the busy time with family and all I wanted to do was decompress. One of the best ways to do that is in the sewing room. It is deer hunting season here and I had extra family home again.

I was all excited. I had looked at the colors of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery and decided I just might give it a try this year. I reasoned if I didn’t like the final result of the quilt, I could pass it on as a donation quilt.

So I started digging and pulling fabric. My best option was batiks. I had them all pulled and was pretty pleased with them…

I would need some more cream background fabrics but I had a pretty good start.

As I was contemplating I took my phone out and was going to look up what the first clue to the mystery quilt was when I saw this sitting on the sewing room island…

…a UFO sitting and waiting for attention. Hmm. Would I rather start a mystery quilt that I don’t even know if I’ll like, or would I rather finish this? That was a VERY easy answer for me. I would MUCH rather finish this quilt…so that’s what I set out to do.

I put all the mystery fabrics back into the drawers and I took this project out and started sorting the pieces of the UFO.

This is actually my daughter Kelli’s UFO. She started it here on the blog and was doing it as a sew-along. She got to what she thought was the hard part and quit.

If you are wondering, the quilt is called Pieceful Nights by From My Heart to your Hands.

I pulled it all out and found all that was needed was assembling it!! She had the pieces in strips…just not sewn together!

The pieces were all here…WOW!

Then I realized why she didn’t finish it. Assembly is unique. It has “Y” seams. Well, I had some momentum and I wasn’t going to let that deter me.

It wasn’t a job for a newbie…but I thought I could handle it.

An hour or so later I had this…

WOW…right? What beautiful colors!!

The quilt fabric is from Laundry Basket quilts. It’s a mix of batiks and regular fabric. I love it. Kelli had originally picked out the brown for the border. I hated that so I dug in my stash and found this dandelion batik. It really was perfect for it. Plus I had enough for the border and the binding as long as I didn’t miter the outer border as called for…so I went with it.

Yesterday I put the borders on. I didn’t let any dust settle and made a backing right away…and I loaded it on the longarm.

This quilt is top ten amazing!!!

Here it is off the longarm. Oh, my word. This one is going to be hard to give back to Kelli. I just love it.

But I have the pattern and can always make one of my own. I am keeping the scraps and hopefully will make a small quilt with the leftovers.

I didn’t stop there. I even made the binding strips.

I did stop after that though. I needed to write a blog post about what I was up to in the sewing room!!

While I was assembling this I did do some leader and ender sewing and made a few more square in a square blocks.

I have to say, I am so happy I worked on this UFO instead of the mystery quilt. I love the feeling of having a quilt finish and I love the feeling of getting another UFO checked off the list. I did a little count. This is where I think I’m at…

I have six UFOs finished.
I have three UFOs in progress including this one.
I have 18 that I haven’t touched.

YEP, I’m sticking with my UFO quilting and if I stray from that, it’s going to be for a quilt that want in a specific spot for myself…not on a random whim.

I think I’m going to try to get the binding on this quilt one night after work. It shouldn’t take too long. I’m also going to try to pull another UFO. Getting this one moved along so quickly has me full of vigor in wanting to finish another. I’m committed to trying to put as much time into my UFO quilts this month as I would have put into the mystery quilt had I opted to make it.

I’m super excited to keep rolling with the UFOs!!

34 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Gorgeous colors!!! Way to get something moved forward. Same UFO issue here. I am gathering the mystery clues for the future, but I really need to buckle down and finish things.

  2. It is a really gorgeous, special quilt. I can see why it makes you happy. Congratulations on picking it up, assessing it, and moving it to completion.

  3. Beautiful – I an understand why you’d want to keep it! Great you’re getting your UFOs done! Inspires the rest of us to get on ours!
    Love and prayers

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    This is beautiful indeed! Amazing what you can do in a short time! Such a good feeling to get the projects done!!

  5. This is such a beautiful quilt! I saw it onFB when you had it on the long arm and I’ve been anxiously waiting to see it again. I can understand why you might have a hard time giving it back to Kelli.

  6. That quilt is a beauty Jo. I have been back and forth about BH Mystery quilt too as I also have WAY too many UFO’s. I am saving all of the clues . I am always amazed at how much you can accomplish. I have made a quilt from that company with a medallion center . It is on of my most favorites! Keep sewing and stitching Jo. I love it all!

  7. It is FANTASTIC! I love that you made the choice to work this UFO to the end instead of starting a mystery.

    Happy Monday :-)

  8. Beautiful! I’m thinking since you finished it, you should ad least get to admire it for a while before you have to return it. It was nice to see a quilty post today. I now work, family time, and health issues have bitten into your sewing time. Missed your creativity!

  9. That quilt is just gorgeous, Jo! Don’t rush into starting the mystery quilt … you know your readers will gift you plenty of parts from theirs … LOL!

  10. Nice job! I’m definitely on the Jo-UFO train and want you to finish them all (even though you put a lot more than 12 on your list). This one is a beauty and I love how you pushed Kelli’s border choice under the UFO train and picked your own. Chug chug.

  11. Wow!!! What a beautiful quilt. Just gorgeous fabric! I wish I had some of your ambition to finish off some of my UFOs.

    1. Just gorgeous!! How satisfying it will be to complete it! The colors are amazing, placement and pattern are brilliant.

  12. Beautiful quilt. Such rich colors. I love the border you picked! Looks like it was set on point. That would have stopped me right there. I hate setting on point. I don’t have enough room to lay it out properly. I have a Bonnie mystery quilt UFO. All the blocks are made…some day I may straight set it and finish it. I always hope they aren’t set on point. I will wait till the end sometimes and then decide if I want to mess with it.

  13. Such a very pretty quilt! Kelli did a great job getting it as far as she did. She is so fortunate to have such a talented and willing mother to pick up and finish some of her UFOs!! I’m looking forward to seeing your next UFO finish!

  14. Beautiful! It always feels good to finish a project. Why do we start so many projects, then get distracted with others? It must be a quilter thing.

  15. That quilt is gorgeous Jo! It would be very difficult to give back to you daughter. It always feels so great to have a finish. That’s a great way to spend the day.

  16. Lynn in Waverly

    Wow. What a great finish. Getting those UFOs finished is a very gratifying feeling. I know, I retired in July and have finished several, and started some new!!! Now I’m working on a red, white and green pineapple. I’m doing paper piecing and the blocks are turning out perfect. Take care Jo, think of you often.

  17. I think you should keep it for now Kelli can have it after you have enjoyed it for awhile. I am continuing to pray for you twice a day. Love and hugs.

  18. I think a blog post about why you have 18 UFO would make interesting reading. This particular quilt is incredibly beautiful and I can see why you finished it. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is going to be finished soon. Your quilts always are just beautiful.

  19. Jo, you are so inspiring! I too have a number of UFO’s that I need to get busy with. Time to gather them all together, see what is there and make a plan. I am only able to sew for short periods of time because of back pain but I know you are hurting too. If you can sew thru your pain, I will try harder. I will get busy. Thank you!

  20. such an absolutely gorgeous quilt !!!!!!!!!
    I am curious to know whether the mystery quilt received UFO status or put away put out of the lineup altog. ether ????
    Kellis UFO turned out to be such a treasure. Did you have any idea how beauriful it would be ???

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