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With the family here for a long weekend over Thanksgiving, I almost didn’t even get to the sewing room but I narrowly squeezed out sometime.

Last week I told you that finished the longarming on this quilt, my Tribute to Judy quilt.

This week I knew I’d have company but was bound and determined to get it bound.

I ended up pulling this fabric on the right for the binding. I think it’s going to look pretty good. My preference is to match the border in most cases but this time I didn’t have enough fabric and I’m a make-do girl so this is a make-do choice and it’s okay.

You can see in the border that I tried to match the pattern. It’s not perfect but at a distance, one doesn’t notice the seam.

I ended up getting the quilt bound but still need to take photos.

I often get questions about how I machine bind my quilts. I thought I would add my old YouTube videos for anyone who has missed them. First is the video for the Third Hand Binding Tool. I use that to prep my binding. (HERE is a link for a binding tool.  If you put in the coupon code “JOSENTME” you can get 20% off the entire site.)

Here is the video for how I do the actual binding by machine.

I by far prefer machine binding. It’s mostly three fold…
1-If I am sitting down and doing handwork, I prefer to cross-stitch
2-The machine binding is more sturdy and will withstand lots of washing.
3-I am always anxious to be done with one project and get to the next project.

Being I had family home, I really didn’t get anything else done. Sorry for such a short report. I’ll likely not have a lot for next week either. Family is coming this coming weekend too.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Family is important! Thanks for sharing what you were able to do – so pretty! – and have fun with the family!
    Love and prayers

  2. Lovely finish! Family time is important so don’t apologize for the short post. I’m anxious to hear about the medallion you showed on the long arm on Facebook.

  3. Love the quilt! I often do machine binding but I prefer to stitch to the back and top stitch the front. I just don’t like the flap on the back. Do you hand stitch your corners? That is something I always do.

  4. Family first…hope you will post pictures! I love to see how your babies have grown.
    I love the quilt and the brown on the border is perfect!
    We didn’t have family over but were invited to our niece’s on Thanksgiving day, which was awesome as we got to visit with Jays brother and most of his family. The food was awesome too. Then on Saturday our daughter hosted our family for Thanksgiving. Our son and family in Michigan hope to come Christmas. The rest of the clan was there, plus a new girlfriend! Yay! Again, the food was delicious! Pretty traditional type menus although our nephew did use the smoker for his turkeys. They were really good.
    I did start a new quilt this week. Hubby asked what I was doing…I said I cut up perfectly good fabric and now I’m going to sew it back together! Heehee!
    Have a good week.

  5. We all understand that your family comes first, then your new job next. It’s because you are so organized that you get to sew and cross stitch too. It’s such a busy time of year. I wanted to get my little 4’ tree up this weekend, but I crocheted instead. Lol. Today, first up, I’m hoping to get a donation baby quilt bound.

  6. looks like a great choice. I have forgotten whether you mentioned to whol the atribute for Ju/ody quilt will be going , Is this a pattern that your niece expressed interest in or did you design it expecially for her ? This is such a really gorgeous quilt. thanks for sharing.

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