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Sunday I had hoped to sew…didn’t happen.  Being we were gone a couple days the garden needed some work.  I did 9 quarts of pickles, 9 quarts of sauerkraut and I have a batch of pickle relish that soaked overnight and has to be put in jars this morning.

That leaves sewing on the back burner…UGH.  I haven’t just barely started the Quilt Square Quilt Along block for August…see…nothing to show but the pattern.

Tomorrow I have to find time to get the new block done.

While we were traveling in the truck last week I was busy pinning.  These are my Perkiomen Daydream blocks.  We have more things scheduled and reasons to travel in August so I want to get these all sewn so I can take them with and pin the next strip on.

Once I get the blocks sewn, I am going to talk Kelli into helping me get the tops sewn together.

I got about five more Scrappy Mountain Majesty blocks sewn early last week when I sewed two Pineapple blocks….I wish I could get these tackled.  They say slow and steady wins the race.  I hope that is true.  If I can get five a week done, I’ll be done by the end of August.

We have another busy week on tap…heck we have three busy weeks ahead.  Then I am hoping for more time with my machine.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. How do you stayed organized, both physically and mentally, to work on so many quilts at once? Any tips you can provide would be appreciated.

  2. Are the PD units pinned so you can keep the color sequence in order? That would be the only reason I would pin postage-stamp-sized pieces.

  3. I love your scrappy quilts! They’re fun to work on whenever, hope you manage to squeeze in some time in between all the gardening chores!

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