What I’m Working On…

I tried my best to squeeze in some sewing time.

As you know, I’ve been working on the square in a square blocks.

I can’t seem to decide what I want to do with them. My friend gave me the smores pattern.

I really like it and am tempted to make it but I also have this picture nagging me. See the solid-colored quilt that is tied. That’s a square in a square block with a framed border on the block with big chunky sashing. I really liked that quilt. Hmm.

That led me to EQ…

That led me to this…

Then to this…

Well, this was supposed to help me make a decision. It didn’t help me. All I know is that I’d need 121 blocks for this version. I would need 113 to make Jo Morton’s Smores version. Hmm…

I ended up counting my blocks. I have 86.

I guess I’ll worry about what I’m making with them after I have at least 113 blocks made. HA! I told you I hate making decisions. I’m also going to see what I have for sashing fabric that might work. Maybe that will help prompt me to make a decision.

I had my Tribute to Judie quilt on the frame last week. This week I finally got the longarming done.

It was wonderful to be working on this. It’s finally getting finished. I think it was my longest-going WIP.

I don’t have matching binding for the border so I’m going to have to do some looking to find a good binding.

I told you all about my thinking I might try to do a wool project. It was prompted because many Flosstubers were talking about having Wool Wednesdays. It’s been so long since I’ve done a wool project…yet I have wool and have patterns. It’s time.

I picked my project. I found the wool I’ll be using. Now I have to find the Steam a Seam. I know I have some but I used it so rarely.

I’m happy with my progress this week considering I put in a full work week and worked 5 1/2 hours of overtime. I didn’t think I’d get any sewing done!!

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    You’re doing very good and lovely work. Plus holding a hard worthwhile job. I admire how much you manage to get done.

  2. Jo, I love the Tribute to Judie! May I ask how you longarmed it? Is there a stitched design or a free motion meander? I can hardly wait to start on mine. My pattern is in Michigan and I am in Florida for the Winter. I am looking for a new copy. You inspire me!

  3. What do you use the SAS for in wool? Assuming you are using 100%wool? I love square in a square quilts, used to make and teach Jodi Barrows method with her rulers, was very easy and made beautiful quilts! Love the large sashing, has gotten me thinking…

  4. Love your s’more blocks! I looked and looked at your’s compared to mine and thought they were different- it wasn’t until i zoomed in and saw your ruler is larger than mine. Mine starts with a 2” centre. I know you’ll find a fabulous setting that speaks to you for your blocks. Sometimes when i get to a big decision stage in a project I have to set it aside and let ideas percolate for a while. It’s not a race. Enjoy the journey.

  5. That tied square-in-a-square quilt almost looks as if it’s made from wool. Not felted wool, just regular wool fabric. I’ve made several small pieced quilts from thrifted wool skirts, not felted but carefully washed in cold water with Orvus paste, to remove the dry-cleaning smell, and hung to dry. They are fun! The main hint is to press the seams open to reduce bulk.

  6. I really like the Tribute to Judie, it looks like a beautiful Persian rug. I like the
    solid spacer blocks and I picture the square in a square with spacer blocks, wouldn’t like the white/off white sashing but I did like the grayish sashing in the square in square quilt. My opinion.
    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

  7. Personally I like the original s’mores quilt. To me, the square in a square blocks get kind of lost with the bigger border/chunky sashing. The original setting seems to let them shine. Just my two cents. I’m sure whatever you decide, it’ll be beautiful!

  8. Jo I like your version from EQ the best but I like the smores quilt too. If you do your version will you release a Pattern? I was going to do S”mores nut I like your version better.

  9. Jo, That is a beautiful finish on your “Tribute to Judy” quilt. I just love it. I have one that has been hanging out for ten years. I am hoping to dig it out after the new year, or not. You have encouraged me to get more done. Thank you so much. -Jeri D

  10. Another great finish, Jo! Such a pretty quilt! I agree with one of the commenters above who stated that the square in a square blocks kind of get lost with sashing around them. I know whichever way you choose it will look great.

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