What I’m Working On…

I had the best intentions but the squirrels kept me away!!

I had so many plans that this was the week I was really going to get some quilting done. Granted, I did get some done but wow…not nearly what I had hoped to accomplish. In my defense, I voted on Tuesday and then caught up with my son Karl over supper out. Family tradition is to go out to after voting. We checked out the new Mexican Restaurant in Calmar, Iowa. It was good but a little spendy.

I got a new foster puppy on Saturday. I will tell you all about him in the evening post. He’s a sweetie for sure!!

I went to another of those “junk/vintage” sales I got to and yes, I bought something that had me rearranging my bedroom. There went a big chunk of quilting time. I’ll tell you about that in an upcoming post as well.

I also made a big salad and 24 eggs worth of deviled eggs for the church fundraiser.

But…you’re not here to hear all about that. What was I sewing?

During the days I worked I made a big effort to try to squeeze in just 20 minutes either at the machine or at the cutting table trimming blocks.

I managed to get a stack of blocks sewn. I also cut out a few more of the neutral pieces to make more blocks. I have made enough that I think I need to stop and see how many I have and make some sort of decision about how many I want to make. UGH. This is the part I hate…decisions.

I pulled some backing fabric for my Tribute to Judie quilt. This is a piece I picked up at the thrift store some time ago. There wasn’t a price tag on it but I think it was only 50 cents. There was exactly the amount I needed so I’m making it work. The rusty brown is about the same color as the setting blocks. I got that seamed together and ironed.

I got the quilt loaded onto the frame too.

I got the bobbins loaded but no actual quilting yet. Soon I hope.

The other thing I got done was…I bound my Tumalo Trail quilt.

I never declare them a finished quilt until I have the finished pictures taken, the blog post written and I hit publish…So I’m REALLY close to a finish…just not quite.

So next week…
I hope to get my Tribute to Judie quilt finished…and bound.
I also hope to make a plan for my square in a square smores quilt.

Dare I hope to also pull another UFO and start working on it? I’m hoping to but who knows what will happen?

What are you busy sewing? Is anyone else working on Smores/Square in a Square blocks?? How many do you have done?

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  1. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m putting the ruler for the square in a square block on my Christmas list and am thinking of making it my next leader-ender project. So it will be a while since I am still working on Bonnie Hunter’s leader-ender 860+ twosies from a year ago July. But I can cut out pieces from scraps as I finish projects for the square in a square blocks as I am sewing along now. I’m looking forward to seeing how you are going to assemble your quilt. Thanks for starting me on another scrap project. :)

    1. Your beautiful pictures convinced me to start a s’mores quilt. I bought the ruler with some birthday money and have made just one block. But, it’s a start. I will pull fabric for it as I cut kits to take to take to Florida with me for the winter.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I am making a quilt called “Sparrows.” I am trying to only use things I have. I cut out the backing and the birds’ beaks and tails and sewed as much of that together as I could. I have a bunch of fabric out for the birds’ bodies and I CAN NOT decide whether or not to make each bird in three wildly different colors (I’ve seen that and it looks great) or each bird in three different fabrics from the same color family. I need to decide so I can get going on it.

    1. I’m about to start “Sparrows”. I plan to use a variety of brown prints for the bodies. I’ll mix them up so the bodies are all scrappy.

  3. Quilts for Kids is doing a push to have a lot of quilts for Shop with a Cop in early December. doing what I can to finish up at least three.

    1. Can Jo post info re: quilts for kids/shop with a cop in a post? My cousins are cops in Milwaukee …… and I have lots of cop material that might be fun! Thanks

  4. I’m working on the s’mores squares. I loved the pattern.
    I did think the ruler was more that I usually spend, but I did purchase it and I love it. It has been worth it. Thanks for the great advice.

  5. Christine Jernigan

    I’m trying hard to finish an inspirational wall hanging, a quilt for the reading corner of a classroom, and a Jewish quilt for a synagogue…all gifts for the holiday. Then, my slate will be my own again!!

  6. I’m making some some square in a square blocks too Jo. They are rather addictive and so easy with that ruler. Mine are scrappy using batiks and they are going to be somewhere in the borders around an autumn panel i’m working on. I’m making both 6” and 3” finished size. Have around 30 so far. Will have to lay them out and do some figuring soon too! Have a great week!

  7. I’ve gotten on a serious crochet kick lately! Crocheting prayer shawls, Christmas gift card holders/ornaments and a couple sweaters.
    I did get a Halloween wall hanging cut out in October, but never started sewing it. Oh well, it will be ready for next year. Ha!

  8. Hi Jo, What’s happening with Karl and Buck’s houses? I love to hear about how they’re making those houses their own.

  9. I’m working on trying to complete 14 quilts by Dec 10th for families adopted by my daughter’s place of emoloyment for Christmas. I have 7 completely done, 1 that needs binding and 2 that are tops. I will get the binding on the one today and get another loaded on the long arm.

  10. All my UFO’s are in the “waiting to be quilted” stage. However, I messed up my knee last week, so for 10 days I’ve been laid up, icing and keeping the knee elevated. I can stand for 15 minutes at a time, so that time is spent doing necessary things like fixing food or laundry. I did cut part of a small quilt out over the weekend and it’s up on the design wall. But, I can’t sit with my leg down long enough to get much sewing done. So, I’m working on the never ending hexi project. I’m have made some small progress on it, so that’s good. Love hearing about what everyone else is working on.

  11. Those quilts are looking great so waiting to see the pictures when you declare them finished. My sewing machine was in for a maintenance so gone almost three weeks which made me start sorting some of my scraps. Now I have machine back and made a quick two fabric lap quilt to use when showing a friend how I quilt. I am binding it but I do it by hand. Tomorrow should be finishing it since I had to clean house today.

  12. Your Tribute to Judie quilt is gorgeous as well as your Tumelo Trail quilt! I love them both and I am so tempted to start making more stars if I could just find some time to sew. I haven’t done any sewing/quilting for quite awhile now and I really miss it so much. Hopefully, I’ll get back to it soon.

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