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As predicted, I didn’t get very much sewing time at all this week. In fact, I think 2 1/2 hours was about it. That’s not much at all for me.

Our adult kids and my grandkids were here Saturday and Sunday. Plus I worked a lot more than I typically do. They are short of help so I’ve started picking up Fridays…and I am still covering some maternity leave on Saturday mornings and this was one of those. It’s all good. I love my job. I appreciate the paycheck and I don’t NEED more quilts. I’d still love to make more. I’m sure you understand!

On Sunday I was down to my son Buck’s kids and Kalissa’s kids. All of the adults had things going on and I kept the kids…that meant six of them. At about 1:30 pm Craig, Kalissa’s husband came to pick up the three boys. I offered to keep the older boys so they could play with cousins if they wanted to take little Anders home and nap him. That worked perfectly.

Then at about 3 pm, Buck came and packed up his three, and headed towards home. That left me with Carver and Gannon. I told them, lets go up and hang out in the sewing room. They LOVE going to the sewing room. So, Carver watched television.

I don’t know why but for some reason, he likes the upstairs television and begs to watch television in the sewing room.

Gannon played with the pins and pincushions. He is in love with a batch of pins a blog reader recently sent. They are “Diamond Topped” pins. At least that’s what Gannon calls them. HA! He asked me if I got them at the real jewelry store because he thought they were real diamonds. That made me giggle. (Many thanks to the blog reader who sent them. I had no idea they existed!!)

While they were hanging out, and I was busy at the longarm working on this…

I was thrilled I got the longarming done.

Happily, Kalissa and Craig came about then and took the boys home. I was able to go back up to the sewing room, and get it trimmed and unrolled. I’m so happy with this quilt.

I’m really hoping that this week I have time to bind it. I’d love to see it all the way finished.

I had a few more minutes so I ran a few more blocks of the Smores or Square in a Square quilt through the machine.

I did stop by Chicken Scratch Country Threads blog and saw that the UFO number that was picked was #2. That’s these red hourglass blocks. Hmm. I have no pattern or plan for them. I had thought about making them into some sort of flag quilt…but then I thought about making some sort of Christmas wall hanging with them. Hmm. Any ideas??

I also have this UFO sitting out on my table. I have yet to lay it all out and see what needs to be done with it. I think most of the blocks are finished. It just needs to be put together. This is in contention of being the next UFO I tackle as well.

I’m hoping that on Thursday I can sit down and get some sewing done. I’m ready for a good long session at the machine. Fingers crossed that something doesn’t come up and thwart my plan.

That’s what I’ve been up to in the sewing department…how about you? And, any ideas with the hourglass blocks?? Please leave a comment.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I am drooling over your Tumelo Trails quilt – it’s so beautiful! Those red and cream blocks would make a nice border for a quilt.

  2. I have been wanting to make some hourglass block and create the quilt that was on the cover of an old American Quilting special publication Sew Scrappy. I bought the magazine (pricy!!) because of the cover…lol. years later and still not made and the scraps are taking over the sewing room…at least I have lots to work with ;)

  3. Katy at Katy quilts is working on an hourglass baby quilt. She inserted some striped squares between the blocks and turning out nicely, yet so simple. Just a thought. Dotti in CT

  4. Lay out the sampler quilt, leave the red hourglass blocks till you see or think of something that they will be just right for.

    1. My thought as well. You’ve got a plan for the sampler so just need to get to it… and then problem solve any gaps. May give your brain time to for red hourglass inspiration

  5. It sounds like you had a great weekend with the family. Good to see Carver and Gannon again – miss seeing pictures of your grands. The quilt is so close and looking forward to seeing the completed quilt. You have made so much progress with all of your UFOs.

  6. The red hourglass blocks don’t speak to me as either patriotic or Christmas. I would lay them out with red alternate blocks (or maybe black) and see how that looked. For the time being, go with the sampler kit.

  7. I’d save the red hour glass blocks for a Valentine wall hanging or table topper. Just putting them together right side up and turned 90 degrees alternately would be pretty and simple or maybe around a larger heart block? As for me, my only sewing machine has been in the shop for two weeks. They are overwhelmed right now and haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m going crazy!

    1. i so empathize with the machine being at the sewing machine hospital and being totally out of control on the issue. Feels like an extention of ones arms are missing.
      Hope you get it back in time to get your Holiday projects finished in time.

  8. I have been cleaning in my sewing room. The Singer machine, in a cabinet, was given to a church. I hope the ladies get a lot of use out of it. I bought a portable machine at an auction. That went to the repair man for maintenance. Then the Pfaff went to the shop for regular maintenance. Yesterday my serger decided it needed work too! No LWR baby gowns until it is safely back. It is 20 some years old! I may have to break down and get a new one. I get a little anxious if I can’t serge.
    Jo, I think of you and pray for you often. Have a great holiday season!

  9. Barbara Firesheets

    Hi Jo. You mentioned getting your quilt trimmed and unrolled. Do you trim it before you take it off the long arm? Would love to see how you do that.

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