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I decided to rip the house apart and tackle my next big reorganization project so not much got done in the sewing department. I’ll tell you about that in tomorrow morning’s post.

Sunday afternoon was about the only time I had in the sewing room. I did make good use of my time though. I worked on my Smores blocks.

Oh, I love making these. I don’t know that I’ve had so much fun with a ruler. Seriously, if there are other rulers out there that make blocks this easy, please share your recommendations with me. I love this one.

I managed to get a stack completely finished. The stack on the counter needs to be trimmed and there are more in various stages on my sewing machine.

I went to visit my friend Gloria and she had a copy of the Smores pattern and asked me if I’d like it. I said sure!! I still don’t know how I’ll be laying these out. We’ll see. I need to make about 100 more before I worry about it.

And before I worry about it even a little bit, I need to concentrate on finishing this quilt. It’s my Tumalo Trail quilt. I started quilting it thinking I’d try to put an hour into it…I ended up putting two hours into it. I’m still not done.

This week is busy for me workwise and the weekend is busy because the family is all coming home. I’m going to have to try to sneak upstairs a couple of evenings after work or I won’t have any forward movement on these projects…and you know me. I like to see at least a little bit of progress.

I was in town on Thursday of last week. I needed to get a Covid booster and a flu shot so I rewarded myself with a stop to the thrift store. I didn’t get much at my favorite store. I really needed to be getting home but decided to run into Goodwill. I found three packages of fabric.

Altogether it was $10. At a quilt shop, I wouldn’t have been able to even buy a full yard of fabric so I was curious about what was in the bags. The one far right was the first I opened. It was a great bag. There was a really big stack of cut squares. All of them are about 15″ square. There is a great variety of fabrics. It will be great to grab this and easily cut out a scrappy quilt.

The next bag had goodies I’ll likely pass to the Cresco Ladies…at least part of it. There are large four-patch blocks on the left and fabrics in the middle that will all go to them. I’m keeping the marbled fabrics on the right. They always work great for binding.

The last bag had the polka dot fabrics. I’m keeping the green and white stripe and the yellow polka dot. The rest I am passing on. I can’t use it all and I’m sure the gals will appreciate something to work with as well.

The green striped fabric was 4 yards worth…the yellow polka dot two yards…that alone made the purchase more than worth the $10.

That’s what’s new here in the sewing department. How are you doing on your projects??

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’ve been cleaning my sewing room too, by finishing little projects, mending, going through previous finds and cutting or sorting them. I really need to make some pet beds so I can use up some of my overflowing scraps that I’ve kept for that purpose.

  2. Meredith in Cincinnati

    You are really inspiring me to focus on unfinished projects rather than starting another new one. Ooops, except for the S’mores block.

  3. I love seeing your thrift finds; that was an amazing amount of fabric! I’ve been catching up on various mending projects – I’ve replaced 3 zips and patched my husband’s work trousers and mended a hole in one of his work shirts. Nothing exciting haha!

  4. I was at my parents house for a week taking care of my dad after surgery. Came home with my back out of sorts. 3 trips to the chiropractor has just about got it back in place. But, sewing makes it tight, so I’ve been avoiding the sewing rooms. I need to finish the hems on a knit dress I made, but for now, I’m wearing it as is. Also need to patch a pair of hubby’s work pants, but the machine is set up to finish the dress, so I don’t want to retread it and have to put everything back again. So, basically, nothing is getting done. I have been doing some hand hexi’s while I’m resting my back. Maybe this week I will feel up to doing something productive…or not…

  5. The rulers I have found wonderful is the square up ruler by Deb Tucker. I have the larger one . They do multiple sizes of the block as well. Includes measurements for a slight overcut to trim down. I have always found this is a deceptively easy looking block! But one of the most difficult blocks to get right.

  6. I’m glad you were able to sneak some time in the sewing room. You made wonderful progress while you were in there! You had a good find at Goodwill. I’m getting some bags ready to go a local thrift store. I’ve been working on my scraps and not sure if I’m doing it in a good way and then will I use them! I need to get to a “real” quilting project.

  7. Jo I finished a fall panel that I added borders to hang outside. I decided to use an old mattress pad for the batting. I figured it didn’t really matter. It worked out well. Trying to get the windows cleaned, did some of the insides of the windows today and work on the outside when the weather is a little warmer towards the end of the week.
    Have a great work week!

  8. I went to a thrift store and found 2 packages of fabric. Both were $2.59 and both looked to be brand new Joann fabrics. One was 5 yards and the other was 3 yards. I felt like Christmas just arrived for me! I love when you share what you buy at thrift stores, please never stop. I would have bought that dresser too, it’s going to be gorgeous. Right now I’m thinking about what quilt I want to start next. I’ve been sick with severe allergies/sinus stuff and I’m just resting a great deal. But I’m ready to start looking seriously at what to make.

  9. I have so many rulers. I’m a gadget girl for sure. My favorites are the creative grids flying geese ruler and now the square in a square ruler. I have the s’mores quilt cut up to sew at a retreat in a couple weeks. They also have log cabin and pineapple block trim tools. One of the ones I use the most is the bloc loc rulers to trim half square triangles. Yup, a gadget girl for sure. Anything that makes life easier is for me.

  10. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m getting my Bountiful quilt sewn together. It was the sew along charity quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop this year. One of my most useful rulers I own is the Deb Tucker “Tucker Trimmer” ruler. I always shied away from quilts with quarter square triangle units. I could never trim them right with points in the corners. I saw the Tucker Trimmer ruler used on Fons and Porter. Game changer! It’s fun making a quilt with blocks you once could never trim up nicely. A whole new world of quilt designs opened up to me.

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