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I had a little bit of sewing time this week. Well, it was enough that I was able to get three projects a little closer to a finish.

First up I got the backing ironed and I got my Tumalo Trail quilt loaded onto the longarm. I am really looking forward to seeing this one completely finished. I have my fingers crossed that I can longarm it next week. Loaded is one step closer!! I do have a big bunch of bobbins filled too.

I worked a bit on my square-in-a-square quilt. I got several more blocks done…more than you see in the picture. I got all the pictures taken and tonight after work, I’ll write the tutorial for the block. Watch for that post on Wednesday.

I also cut up a bunch of pieces to make more blocks. I had a couple of bags of scraps that were gifted to me by blog readers. I am cutting pieces for the quilt and then cutting the rest of the pieces into strips for my strip boxes. It’s slow cutting but I’m really doing two jobs at the same time so efficient in the end I think.

I finally got braved enough to tackle the borders on my Tribute to Judy quilt. It has been sitting here for a couple of weeks. I am not the best at diving into something I don’t normally do. I’m also not the best at fussy cutting and that’s what the quilt needed.

I needed to trim the fabric and then I needed to fussy cut strips like these.

It took longer than one would think because I needed four pieces the length of my fabric but had to cut the unusable portions out as well.

I was tempted to let it sit again but I was tired of having the quilt “hanging over my head”. It was time to finish it. This was my outer border fabric. I had to cut the width of the fabric. I putzed around and worked to match the border prints the best I could so it was “obvious” as to where the seams met. What I did isn’t perfect but it’s enough that a person’s eye won’t catch it unless they are really looking.

I was again tempted to set it aside but I didn’t let myself. I was nervous to see if I made the right choices with this.

Finally a finish…MANY thanks to Ila. She sent me the border fabric and the alternate block fabric. THANKS!!

I like it!! I think it turned out good. That’s 180 3″ stars all together in one quilt. It was a LONG time in the make.

I think this is my oldest UFO. I have another that’s close in age though. It’s time to get them done. 10 years is too long for a UFO…right??

I’m starting to debate on what I’m going to pull next. I typically like to have two projects that are at the sewing stage and currently with the finish of this and the loading of Tumalo Trail onto the longarm, I only have the square in a square project going. I’m going to go look at my UFO list…but wait.

In the redecorating I’ve been doing I ended up hanging this quilt rack here.

Technically it’s not a quilt rack. I was a plate and cup rack. I bought it at the thrift store over a year ago for $5. It was a plate and cup rack. I took the cup holders off and decided I’d use it as a quilt rack. The price was perfect and the wood matched my woodwork. That makes it perfect in my book. Well, that made me raid a quilt from a different spot and now they look empty so I’m going to try to make a couple of quilts to add to the decor. That means they only have to be wall hangings I’m going to try to sneak a few in between my UFO sewing.

So…I’m off to pull some quilt book and see if anything strikes my fancy.

Does anyone have any quilt suggestions for me…or is there a UFO of mine you think I should pull? I’m open to suggestions.

That’s all I have for you for now in the quilting department.

28 thoughts on “What I’m Working On..,”

  1. Your Tribute to Judy quilt looks wonderful. I really like the border. The Martha Washington corner caught my eye. It’s nicely decorated for fall.

  2. Brenda in Georgia

    Beautiful quilt! It must feel so good to have finished it! By, the way, I love how you made that piece into a quilt holder and I really love that stairwell! You really have such a good decorating eye!

  3. Carolyn Sullivan

    I have a BUNCH of 2 in blocks. I think I’m going to be working w them some are already paired w off white, some are in 4 squares So I will be looking to do something with those. I need to clear them out.

  4. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Beautiful quilts today! Love them both, and I’m really looking forward to that tutorial tomorrow. You’ve inspired me to not only move some quilts along, but to get things finished!

  5. Tribute to Judy looks great! I can’t wait to see it finished. The corner looks great with the fall decorating and the plate rack with the quilt. County Treads always had nice wall hanging pieces. Maybe there’s an idea there. Nice job!

  6. I have a quilt top to send to one of the finishers. I was thinking of the lady you met when you met Ray. She recently retired and was making bigger quilts for a women’s shelter. Would you please send her email address so I can contact her? Thanks.

  7. I love your decor in your home! I’m an antique country girl all the way, but my husband isn’t, so I just tend to not decorate at all. Would love to have a tour of your home on your blog or YouTube channel some day. As far as the small quilts, I don’t make them, but I know Edyta has a wonderful book on small quilts that are awesome! The one hanging in the stairwell looks like one of hers, so I thought you might have the book. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! As far as your UFO’s, maybe you could make a post of what’s left. No idea of what you have to choose from.

  8. Jody from Central Ohio

    If looking for wall size quilts I’ve made several from Carrie Nelson’s Schnibbles books (both). Great for precuts or scraps. Love your finished quilt.

  9. Jo, you might pull out your copy of Civil War Legacies II by Carol Hopkins. It’s a collection of 17 small quilt patterns for reproduction fabrics. There are soooo many good patterns in there. I am fairly sure you have this book…..didn’t you make Goober Peas?

  10. I always enjoy seeing your progress on your quilts. Your quilts always look wonderful. I really like the 3 inch star quilt but I can’t see myself making 180 of them. I am old enough that I need to make quilts I will finish in a timely manner. lol

  11. Your star quilt is beautiful!! You do such beautiful work. I always enjoy seeing parts of your house, I love your style of decorating. Hugs,

  12. Love the way you decorate…my significant other is not into country/ antique….but I love the look…so as someone else said my decorating is sparse. Jo Morton has a book on small quilts take a look I’m sure you will find something somewhere.

  13. I hope you do more of your UFOs. I think you’ve made a lot of progress this year and hope you can cross off 16 or more. I’m thinking you might have done 7 or so already?

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I was asked to make a desert flower quilt by my niece. It took a lot of time and I had my sister to help draw the pattern just right. To my surprise it came out beautifully. Then I was asked to make another quilt with flowers. It was fun to do. Any thing you choose will be a good choice.

  15. Judy’s quilt is such an amazing tribute to someone you cared so deeply for. It shows in the attention to detail you went to, to have everything just perfect. Wonderful!

  16. My goodness, you do make beautiful quilts. And just looking at your stairs leaves me breathless, it’s just gorgeous. Your decorations are spot on for your home.

  17. The Crafty Quilter has several mini patterns on her site. The one that she is running as a quilt along is a Nordic look, and it is one of the red ones that she has posted. It made me think of you.

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