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I had some time but not a lot of time in the sewing room…mostly two afternoons and that’s it.

I told you last week that I was in the mood for a quick fix. I needed to quickly chop something off of my UFO list. I added the borders to this and it was a finished top. I was in need of a finish after that so this quilt went straight to the longarm and I got it moved along one step forward…

I immediately bound it. I was so wanting to bring this one to a finish!!

Technically it’s not completely finished as I haven’t taken pictures and blogged about it here but it’s very close. It’s been raining here all day every day for the last four days so I haven’t been able to take pictures. Maybe tonight when I’m home from work.

From there I started roaming the room looking for the next UFO to tackle. I ended up picking the Smores UFO. A blog reader sent this to me. I was immediately on board wanting to keep this UFO but it’s sat at my house for over a year…likely close to two. There wasn’t much here and only a note that said smores on it.

I typed “Smores Quilt” into Google. After some looking, I think this is the original pattern by Jo Morton. I also learned their was a ruler to help make the blocks. I bought the ruler for this HERE on Amazon.

The pattern can be purchased HERE.

I had a little bit of time so I decided to start putzing with this…

The ruler packaging had decent instructions and the ruler was pretty self-explanatory. I had put this project off because I was nervous about learning to use the ruler. That was so silly.

I ended up VERY much enjoying the process and this project has moved to the top five projects for me to work on.

I’ll do a tutorial blog post on how to use the ruler next week. If you want to join along as I make my blocks, you sure can. Again, you can find the ruler HERE on Amazon. The ruler makes both 4″ blocks and 8″ blocks plus the Monkey Wrench block.

I saw this quilt at a vintage sale over the weekend. This is a square in a square block and I love the layout with the framed blocks and the wide sashing. I’m so glad I snapped a picture of it.

I really love the ruler and even though it was spendy, I think it will be worth it. I love having accurate blocks in the end.

When I was working on the blocks, I needed more 3 1/2″ squares to make more blocks so I opened the scrap box and in jumped Rosie. HA!

I ended up making more blocks. I’m trying to decide how I want to lay this quilt out. Do I want to buy the Jo Morton Smores pattern? Do I just want to set these up side by side? I ended up making some with neutrals on the outside. Do I want to alternate them? Do I want an on-point setting? Do I want a straight-on setting? Do I want to make it like the quilt I showed you from the vintage sale? I just don’t know. In the meantime, I’m just going to start making more blocks with dark prints on the outside.

I am thoroughly enjoying this project. I’m excited to get back to it and write up a tutorial for anyone who wants to sew along.

I didn’t leave my Tribute to Judie project completely in the dust. I had every intention of working on that too…but Sunday rolled around which was going to be my day to work on it. I ended up getting in this big “overhaul the house” mood and ended up going with it. If you’re like me, when the mood strikes, you just go with it.

But…during the overhaul, I hung a quilt hanger, and more than ever, I REALLY want this quilt finished as I think it would look great on the quilt hanger. I’m more excited than ever to finish it…and start a few more smaller quilts.

The plan is that this week I’ll try to get the borders cut out one of the days after I work. Then on Thursday, I hope to get them sewn on. Then maybe I’ll have some time over the weekend to longarm it. We’ll see. I don’t want to make too big of plans because who knows if some other mood is where I’ll land.

The decorating redo is just what I needed. I’m so happy I decided to go with the mood and leave the quilting behind, at least for Sunday.

Did the house decorating redo bug hit anyone else? I’d love to hear about it. I’ll tell you more about adventures in redoing in an upcoming blog post.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The smores pattern is really cute. I’ve been working (in my mind of course) on a quilt very similar to the one you took a picture of.
    I’ve not gotten into the cleaning part yet – I’m sure that will come up after we’ve settled for the winter.
    Love and prayers

  2. I like the alternating light/dark blocks for the smores quilt. She’s going to be a beauty! I need to switch quilts hanging in my house, that’s happening this week. I haven’t told my husband that plan, it takes both of us on ladders to make the switch. Happy stitching!

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Jo, I get in the mood sometimes to change things around…put this chair in that room, change the sofa pillows, etc. Mostly I get the urge to organize a closet or something like that (which I enjoy!). I know that if I get the urge to CLEAN, I should do it, because I don’t get that urge often!

  4. Sally A Marshall

    Today the postman is coming with a package to you, All civil war material plus a few cross stitch pattern. Some of the material would look great in that quilt. Friend from Oregon

  5. I get the cleaning/redo bug every fall. More so than in spring for some reason. This weekend I focused on my kitchen. I may not have time to do all I would like to do, but I have to get a handle on the “has to be done” stuff. I always feel better after, and I even felt better about taking the time to cut out blocks for a quilt I’d like to have as a gift by Christmas. I’m glad you’re feeling well after your treatments, Jo. I’m guessing we are all sharing a sigh of relief and thankful hearts!

  6. My husband bought me that ruler for Christmas last year. I’ve done one project with it and now i see your blocks i want to make another! I look forward to sewing along with you.

    Lol, the cleaning/reorganizing bug usually only hits me when i know i have company coming!

  7. I like your quilt that you finished and looking forward to seeing the pictures when you post them. I also like your S’mores quilt. I really like the look of how you alternate the light and dark corners, but both ways you have shown it (on point or straight) form the secondary pattern. Beautiful!

  8. Jo… the SMORES QUILT – I have that one too!

    Well, ummm… except that all the fabric (Civil War reproductions, sashing, and pattern in the magazine) is sitting “aging” in a special tub in my Happy Place waiting for its turn!

    When it finally comes outta the tub, I’m thinking of maybe making life a little easier on myself by using my Accuquilt cutter to cut everything even if maybe the size of the blocks wont be exactly the same as the magazine directions. I actually dont know for sure that the block size WONT be the same, I’m just telling myself in advance that its ok if it isnt. Sometimes I just gotta talk myself into certain things ahead of time!

    Thanks for letting us know that we arent the only ones with projects on hold for one reason or another!

    April in Iowa

  9. Jo, I saved that S’mores pattern when it came out in a magazine several years ago. I collected all the fabric and it is still sitting in a box. After you mentioned it on your blog, I ordered the ruler and it arrived today. Now I am motivated to finally work on the quilt! Looking forward to your tutorial.

  10. I like the blocks alternating light and dark and no sashing. The on point setting sounds really good too. I started something similar a few years ago and need to get back to it. Mine had 3″ finished 9-patches in the middle. I have a bunch of them made but I don’t have a design wall either and I wasn’t sure how to set them, and the blocks are kind of small so I’m not sure if I need more. Also, I don’t have a pattern. I’m just making it up as I go along. It would be great if you had a tutorial or quilt along.

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