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I got quite a bit of time in the sewing room this week. It was completely unexpected. I had Saturday plans and they fell through so I made a date with my sewing room instead. It was wonderful!!

The first on my list was to get the border on this quilt…

This quilt was in a holding pattern. Several people had poo-pooed my choice of the paisley fabric for the border so I started second-guessing myself. It’s totally okay. I asked for suggestions. Finally, I didn’t listen and put it on anyway.

I am SO GLAD I did. I really like it. Typically when I make quilts the colors are really bold that I gravitate to. I’ve been wanting to make more mellow quilts and I think the paisley border mellowed this one out. I really like it…it’s not my typical choice but I ended up really liking it.

I have a backing figured out for this and hope to get it on the longarm soon.

From there I was kind of in a funk mood. I’m so frustrated with the vast amount of UFO projects I have. I haven’t redone a count but I know it’s too many for me. I’ve been plugging away at them but I want to do more than just plug away. So what’s the best remedy for that…FINISH UFOs. The first thing I did was put this quilt on the longarm. I had to make a backing first and it involved some piecing as I was trying to use up every little piece.

I did get that done and did the binding. I didn’t get the pictures taken though.

From there I pulled up my UFO list. Was there something on the list I could just quickly check off to make myself feel better? Yes…this project. It was to be a baby quilt. I could quickly finish that up. It was small. It was started. That would give me some momentum. But could I find it? NO. UGH. I had thought about sending it to the Cresco Ladies. Did I send it to them…did I send it to Jazz? Hmm. Where in the world could it be?

Instead, I found EVERY OTHER UFO I have which didn’t help my mood of wanting to finish UFO projects. UGH.

One of the UFOs I came across was this… It’s my Biscuits and Gravy fabric. In this mess was a quilt top that was started. I just loved the colors of this fabric line and still do. Some time ago a blog reader saw that I was working on this and sent me extra ABC panels. I ended up sorting it all out. I decided to get realistic and saved out two panels for me. Then I took the rest and will donate them to Pat and her group. They make preschool quilts for kids and ABC quilts would be perfect for them. I packaged what I was keeping all up but did pull out the quilt top.

The quilt top was just the center only. I added some borders and made a backing so it’s ready to go to the long arm. That made me feel MUCH better. That was the quick fix I needed.

In my digging, I found this. It has never even made it to my UFO list. I started making this MANY years ago. I’m pretty sure we still lived at the farmhouse. I got it this far and quit. I decided that I would pass this on to Jazz. I’m guessing she might add a border and put it together to donate to the children’s unit at the hospital in Houston. It would be perfectly bright and cheery for that.

This was my first dive into crumb quilting before I made the first grandkid quilt. I’m guessing this is 12 years old. It’s time to move it on out!!

I have my Tribute to Judie quilt and it’s my goal this week to get that top finished. I also want to pull something that requires a bunch of piecing. I’ve gotten several requests to film a “Sew with Jo” episode. I really don’t have a project right now that is “in the right spot” to do that. I really need something that is more of block building project. I’ll look at the UFO list and see if something falls into that category. I know the UFO for October was #11

My #11 is Floribunda and my #23 is my English Paper Piecing project. Admittedly, I’m not in the mood for either one. UGH.

I have it in mind to pull this…
It’s the Smores quilt. Hmm. I have to learn to use the tool and how to make the blocks. This was a UFO from a blog reader so it’s all new to me. Hopefully, I can find some time to experiment. We’ll see.

I should probably just concentrate on finishing my Tribute to Judie quilt. Oh Jo, just concentrate!! HA! Please tell me I’m not the only planning two, three, or even four projects ahead!!

Happy sewing!!

22 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It must be the time of year! I am also frustrated and overwhelmed by the number of UFO’s I have. I stated a donation bag and in the next few weeks plan to fill it with no longer loved UFO’s and fabric.

  2. I just finished a quilt top, but have 6 Christmas quilts to bind. I have 2 UFO’s and one leader ender project. 2 baby quilts planned for January and March, but my mind goes into overdrive thinking about all the different quilts I want to make.

  3. My problem is I plan my quilt, buy the fabric, and never get it started. I have some fabric at my daughter’s that I’ve been storing. I even made an inventory list. Unfortunately I can’t find it now – only half the fabric. So, I’m revising…again. I have 6 months to start and finish these…
    Love and prayers

  4. You have some very nice looking UFOs and I know you will finish them as you want to. I have a few UFOs to work on and I try not to start anything new, but then I see something that I just need to make, and you know the ending to that story!

  5. So many projects! Just finished binding a quilt that’s a wedding gift and my head is swirling with which UFO to tackle next. I don’t have a list…can’t bring myself to make it as there are dozens between quilting, needlework and paper crafting.

  6. You are not the only one with many UFOs. I quit counting. I decided to just work on them as I find them. I also have S’Mores as a project. My ‘to be quilted’ pile is so high I will be busy all winter working on them. Love seeing all your projects.

  7. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I have two quilts to bind. Currently working on one particular project, but have MANY UFOs around! Plus – a bin of what I call “coordinated fabric for projects,” which is fabric that goes together but I don’t know what pattern I will use for the project. Unfortunately, this is harder than it seems because invariably I will find that I need a bit more than I have for a particular pattern, ha!

  8. Oh Jo I’m so glad it’s not just me!!!! However, I do have someone coming to look at my Jewel this week and I’m off next week so hopefully will get many of my ufo projects done. I’m hoping to get all the tops done sent from you and your bloggers, then quilts for Sleep in Heavenly Peace quilts, then I have 5 that need to be completed then a graduation quilt and then the rest!!!

  9. Join the part of people with quilting ADHD….My UFO’s are in the quilting category right now. 5 are in line for quilting. Hate that part! I wish I could afford to send them all out!!! On the other front…I have 1 backing I’m stressing over, quilts for my mom, my dad, and my son to do, plus one for my bed. I can’t land on a pattern for any of them! Ughhh….
    Glad to see you got some off your plate. Was so excited to se you post the picture of Tumelo Trail this morning! I was looking for it yesterday and couldn’t find it anywhere. I think I may use this one for my dad’s quilt. I love your version in all blues! Thank you so much for all you do and post for us. I’m looking forward to the Sew with Jo, no matter what you’re working on. I actually have one playing in the background right now…

  10. I hear you! While I don’t have as many UFOs as many people do, I do have four bindings to sew once the quilts come back from the long-armer, and I’m forcing myself to finish hand quilting/binding a small “Log Cabin” before I start cutting triangles for a horse-themed “One Block Wonder”. These will all eventually go to The Linus Project. And I’m slowly building blocks for a king-size “Simply Woven” for me, and thinking about what I should do next year. My goal is a dozen Linus Project quilts big enough for teens, mostly using my ever-growing stash and scrap box.

  11. Can you tell me the name of the pattern of that first quilt with the paisley border? It looks like a Bonnie Hunter pattern, but I went to her webpage and didn’t see it. Thank You.

  12. Your Tumelo Trails quilt looks fantastic with the paisley border! Love it! Between counted cross-stitch and quilting, I can’t even think about the “want to’s” and the UFO’s…it’s too overwhelming! We just have to take one at a time.

  13. While I’m sorry you’re in a quilting pickle, Jo, I’m relieved I’m not the only one overwhelmed & unmotivated by all my UFOs. Argh! Looks like we’ll both have plenty to keep us inside & busy when the snow flies up here in the frozen tundra! Good luck with your list!

  14. That orange and blue plaid quilt is amazing…I just love it! I’m glad you’re getting it finished up for someone to enjoy! I, too, have a multitude of UFOs…I have started getting them to someone else to finish…if I don’t love it, it goes! It feels good! I am of an age where I need to get rid of stuff and I actually don’t mind doing it at all. I have lost my love of quilting, but I quickly picked up cross stitching again after a break of about 30 years. I have more projects than I will ever be able to finish, but I sure enjoy the stitching! Don’t be so hard on yourself and take time for your stitching, too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

  15. Lynn in Waverly

    Your quilts are beautiful. I retired a couple months ago and finished 3 UFOs since then. I am not letting myself start something new until I have a few more finished. Some are tops needing to be quilted and others in various stages. A S’mores quilt is on the list. I’ve used the ruler. It is easy and the blocks come out perfect. I bought the pattern but have to do a few more finishes before I can start it. Hopefully soon. Happy sewing and finishing. I know I am in good company with all of you.

  16. Your Tumelo Trails quilt with the paisley border looks terrific. I think the paisley adds texture to the quilt.

  17. It looks like we’re all in the same fix, UFO’s everywhere LOL! “I’ve got to crack down and finish some of these before I start anything else”, says myself often and I haven’t done it yet!

  18. Count me in on the ADHD list. I have over 25 quilt tops done that need quilted and bound. My problem (excuse) is I don’t have a place to lay them out to sandwich them. My sewing room in this house we moved to a little over a year ago is a small bedroom and I don’t have a dining room table to use, either. I have blocks finished in different sizes but don’t know how to put them together. I didn’t have a “plan” when I made the blocks…I was just sewing. I’ve been feeling like a ping-pong ball bouncing from one thing to another and I can’t seem to settle on anything….AAARRRGGGHHH!

  19. You are taking them down one at a time and that is a good thing. I have a terrible squirrel problem and don’t accomplish near as much as I wish I did. LOL You are a good example to follow!

  20. I finally stopped counting my UFOs – it’s mind boggling! I feel the same as Tammie in that I have lots of quilt tops that need quilting but I hate doing the machine quilting on my DSM and I can’t afford to send them out to be done. I can’t afford to rent time on a longarm either as it costs about the same, and the noise is so annoying to me. Also, I can relate to what Colleen said about having too many tops that needed to be sandwiched and no room to do it in. I am in a very small apartment and do my sewing on the kitchen table, which is in the dining room, as it doesn’t fit into the kitchenette. Also, my back has arthritis in the lumbar region which has been steadily getting worse, and I have bursitis in both of my hips – and I am going to stop right there as I could go on forever in that vein. Besides, if I got down on the floor, I wouldn’t be able to get up again anyways!

  21. This time last year I took pictures of quilts waiting to be quilted, 10. Last week I counted new quilts I made in the last year since, another 11. All still waiting to be quilted. I have a sit down HQ16. Also, I have a large quilt layered that I started quilting, but I put a hold on it to quilt a baby quilt. So, that makes 22 quilts. Yet, hear I am pulling fabrics and cutting to make another quilt. Dare I count the quilts in progress? I think 3, but I’m sure I’ll unearth more. I REALLY need to quilt a few and give them away.

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