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I didn’t get as much sewing time as I had hoped for being I was at doctor appointments on two of my days off. Considering that, I still got quite a bit accomplished.

Rather than mull around until I made a decision on what I’m going to do with my Tumalo Trail project, I decided to just let it ruminate and move on to a different project. Goodness knows I have enough of them!

Next up I did something easy…I pulled this project. This is a smaller quilt top made from leftovers from my Oregon or Bust quilt. I purposely made some extra blocks thinking I was going to make the quilt bigger but had forgotten that I was making extra borders so ended up not needing the blocks. I sewed them together to make a small lap-sized quilt top. I never did finish it though. I figured I’d add some type of border but never did decide what.

I hang all my quilts that need to be quilted over my sewing room door. When I took my Oregon or Bust quilt off and longarmed it, this was there taunting me. I decided being I wasn’t making a decision on my Tumalo Trail quilt how about I make a decision on this one? HA!

I thought about a scrappy border…No.

I thought about this…no. Too light colored.

Then I found some Grunge fabric that was dark blue and decided that had possibilities. Then I opened the piece of fabric and there were already cut strips of the fabric. Well, that decided it. I was planning a 3 1/2″ border and the strips were 3 1/2″. Oh I love when decisions come easy.

Yep…that would do it. Now it’s ready for the longarm. I think I’ll piece together that light-colored fabric together with something else and make it into a backing.

I’m happy to have that one step further.

Speaking of steps further…I worked on my Tribute to Judie quilt. I got this far early in the week and wanted to kick myself in the hinny. Why had I let this project linger so long? This was so cute!!

I think I started this in 2010 (that’s a wild guess). I believe it is my oldest UFO.

My hope is to stick with this one until it’s finished. It’s time. Many thanks to my friend Ila for sending me the fabric to bring this one to a finish.

I had worked on this through the week and finally on Sunday I told myself, I am going to sew until this center is all together. Being these are 3″ finished blocks, that’s no small task…plus there are 180 of these little stars!!

In typical “Jo fashion,” I was one block short. I ended up making another block.

I finally got it together!! WHOOT! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about this! I’m in love.

I’m not a fan of sewing diagonal, on point, settings together so I’m impressed with myself that I didn’t stall out on this longer than I did. HA!

I now have the three borders to figure out. Yes, three. We all know how terrible I am at borders but I’m bound and determined not to let this get put by the wayside.

For anyone curious, the pattern for this is called Tribute to Judie. You can find it in this book, Vintage Legacies by Carol Hopkins. You can find it HERE on Amazon. It’s the last quilt in the book.

I have two quilts, Tribute to Judie and Tumalo Trail that are so close to being finished. Fingers crossed I can get at least one of them finished and maybe a backing ready too. One can hope. I am excited though. These are coming down the home stretch!!

27 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. To say you didn’t have much sewing time, you made amazing progress! How exciting to see your UFOs so close to being finished! They all look great.

  2. Fantastic! They both look great and how exciting to get them finished…you always inspire me with what you get done.

  3. Mary Ann Mettler

    Nice work there!! Amazing that you can get so much done. Isn’t it fun to finish projects though, and so beautiful.

  4. Jo you are amazing and an inspiration. I am in a sewing slump right now. I think it is because my sewing room needs some cleaning up and when I go in there that’s all I can see. I have several projects in the UFO phase and need to get moving on them. It will be a long winter so hopefully my “mojo” will return.

  5. Glad to find I’m not the only one who isn’t fond of on point settings and adding borders. I have a couple of each in my UFO pile right now.

  6. All three quilts are beautiful! I know you’re excited to get the stars out of your UFO pile. I wish I could get that much done when I don’t have much time to sew…

  7. Jo I like to see what you could accomplish if you had all the time you needed to sew, I bet you wouldn’t be able to get out of your sewing room because of all the finished quilts, LOL
    I cut out some squares to add as borders for a panel. That’s as far as I got.

  8. They are Beautiful Jo. I love all of them. My favorite hockey team is blue and orange – that’s a combination I often thought of making. I do have to say your tribute quilt is gorgeous. I’m glad you got some quality time in – it always makes you feel better when an old project gets its second wind.

  9. You managed to get lots more done than me. I have that book with Tribute to Judie and I love yours. I find quilts much more interesting if the background fabrics aren’t always cream or black. The blue border is perfect on the other quilt and will be a nice finish soon.

  10. both are great. The blue trim really accented the internal blues just right.
    Of course the tribute to Judie just sparkles. One would not think those colors would do that but I think you would be so pleased by how it appears in an email. It sparkles.

  11. WOW! You may not have had as much sewing time as you had hoped for, but you certainly made progress when you did. Every quilt is so beautiful! It totally amazes me how you manage to make such beauties from scraps.

  12. Barbara Firesheets

    That dark border frames your Oregon Trail lap quilt perfectly! Really shows off your blocks. Your Tribute to Judy is stunning! I love your Tumalo Trail quilt too!

  13. I absolutely LOVE, Tribute to Judie, but I would never attempt 3 inch blocks. Your a better woman than I am. I love all the other quilts you are working on also.

  14. Just lovely! Your tribute quilt for Judi is wonderful. Tumalo Trail is one of my favorites. I know how much you were looking forward to the OR or Bust being done and you’re almost there! Great colorway, for sure. Maybe seeing all thins in print shows you just how much you did accomplish. Kudos!

  15. You amaze me with everything you accomplish and your knack for putting these beautiful quilts together. That blue and orange quilt is stunning and the dark blue border is perfect! I am dabbling with quilting, and I am so much more comfortable when the instructions tell me to precisely sew which pieces together. Even though I’m several years older than you, I want to be like you when I grow up! LOL!!

  16. I have been searching every day all summer long for a new you tube video. Hope you are still doing these as you have inspired me so much with your scrappy quilts. Please, please, please show us on you tube your projects. You had said you had gotten a new camera. You are a gifted lady. Thank you for sharing and inspiring with us all!

    1. Between my new job and my return cancer, I’ve had trouble fitting videos in. Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be able to.

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