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I am like an old broken record telling you I didn’t get much done in the sewing room again…UGH. I keep thinking things will slow down and they don’t. This week I worked Monday-Wednesday. Thursday I ended up doing errands. Originally I was going to do them on Friday but my aunt passed away so Friday I spent in Minnesota at the funeral and visiting family. Then Friday evening I had company and had company through noon on Sunday. So…the weekend snuck away from me as did sewing time. It’s all good though as even though there was a funeral, we were all able to get together and it was nice. I’ll tell you more about that in the evening blog post….lets get on to sewing…

I FINALLY cut out the fabric Ila gave me for my Tribute to Judie quilt.

I’m so happy that there was another of this print. I really like it. It’s all cutout, now I just need to get sewing and get the center together. I already have all the star blocks made. This is the oldest UFO I have and I’d really like to get it finished…SOON??!!

I think I’m going to have to make some commitment to this or some deadline for me to work towards. I’ve just not had time. But, one step closer is one step closer.

I’ve REALLY been in a cleaning mood. I guess maybe more than cleaning…maybe an organizing mood. I had a blog reader sent me some Frolic leftovers along with some recycled shirts. Originally she planned on making shirt quilts but decided it wasn’t for her. She passed her shirt to me. YAHOO!! Best news…they are the colors I happen to be currently collecting. I want to make a white, yellow, and blue quilt. These are all those colors.

Here they are all cut and ready to be used as fabric. I’m so happy and excited to have these. Thank you so much to the generous blog reader. These made my day!!!

I also finished the longarm work on my Oregon or Bust quilt. Here Rosie and Izzy are showing it off. So cute!! The plan for this is to get it bound one night after work. I already have the binding strips ready to go. It shouldn’t take long to finish. This has been a bucket list quilt for me so I’m extra excited to see this one come of the finish!!

I did some organizing in the garage and had all of this ready to go to the Cresco Ladies. They picked it all up one day when I was gone and left me with a bag of quilt tops. Does anyone need some? I’m hoping so!!

I have a few others besides the one that they sent as well. I like to have the quilt tops out to finishers and not languishing in my garage. I have a goal to keep the garage more organized and having these out to finishers would be great!! Feel free to drop me a note at joscountryjunction@gmail.com if you are interested in finishing some quilt tops and donating them to your favorite worthy charity.

That’s all I have for you this week. I’m slowing plugging away. Hopefully, soon I’ll get more sewing time!!

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. If no one close to you takes them of course I would take some Jo but mailing is so expensive these days. I have 32 children’s ready to go out the dor and 21 went to Oncology a couple of weeks ago. I’m making progress.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Progress is progress, even if it is just a little bit. I think you did well! Cleaning and organizing do make future forays into the sewing room more productive.

  3. Having to work is a bummer! Puts a crimp in our fun time… Glad you found a job you love, but here’s hoping you will get some “me” time to do what you love…sew. Cleaning stuff out always leaves me feeling better. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Your Oregon or Bust quilt is beautiful, worth the wait. And your stack of shirt fabric is an accomplishment for sure; they look quilt worthy, that’s for sure. I’m amazed at how much you get done Jo, considering your work and have close family ties as well. Enjoy seeing what you accomplish. Inspiration is what keeps me viewing blogs and stitching keeps me balanced as a personal investment.

  5. Always love to see your pups sitting on a quilt finish for a photo. They seem to take their job seriously! Beautiful quilt–love the colors.

  6. So sorry to hear that your aunt died. Hopefully you had a good time seeing some relatives in spite of the reason for gathering. Your progress might be slower than usual, but there is still progress so that is good. I am looking forward to seeing more progress on you Tribute to Jodie quilt.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your Oregon or Bust quilt! The colors are fantastic and I know you’re thrilled to be finished…that’s for sure a keeper! So sorry for your loss, Jo, but I’m glad you had some good quality family time. Continued prayers for your health.

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