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I didn’t get as much done in the sewing room as I had hoped but I did get some progress and admittedly, my goals were pretty lofty. I had some silly notion that I could tackle about four quilts on the longarm. That definitely didn’t happen.

I did accomplish some at the sewing machine. Again, my goal was way too high. I thought I was going to get 41 blocks sewn together. Instead, I got 23.

These are for my Tumalo Trail quilt. This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II. By the way, this book is currently being offered for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I would have had more blocks completed but I ran out of nine patches and had to stop and make more. I’m an “odd duck” quilter and I just started making blocks without taking time to count and just sewing instead. HA!

I have another stack of nine patches made and will get back to making blocks this week.

I did finish and bound the tumbler quilt a blog reader had sent my way. It’s the one you see in the background of this picture of my grandson Gannon. Sadly I didn’t get pictures taken of it yet. He was busy playing with my pincushions last week. Many thanks to the blog readers who had sent pins with fun heads on them. He loves them!!

I got a backing together for my Oregon or Bust quilt. It is in the same book as the Tumalo Trail quilt I am working on. This version is a little different. Mary at Country Threads Chicken Scratch made a version like this with blue and orange and it became a bucket list quilt for me. Finally, it’s in the home stretch and I’ll get it done soon-ish!! YAHOO!!

I found a duvet cover at the thrift store. It is a woven striped print in blue and will work great as a backing. I got it ripped apart only to discover that I needed the fabric of the hem so it was wide enough. That had me seam ripper in hand. A quick ironing and I was ready to longarm the quilt.

I had planned to longarm it this weekend but ended up with company…all three of my daughters were home with their kiddos. So…no quilting time. That’s okay…we had a nice time.

I did get a couple of cross stitch projects finished so watch for them in the upcoming weeks…and watch for an upcoming post of my finishes on the charity dog quilts and the Tumbler quilt. So many fun finishes to look forward to!!

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished quilts, Jo. I enjoy keeping up with your progress on them, seeing them come together in the different stages.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Sometimes you don’t think you did a lot…but I’d be happy at my house if I’d accomplished what you did! Love all your projects.

  3. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Gannon’s camera smile cracks me up every time! He’s the cutest little guy. Love your Oregon or Bust quilt. The color combo is perfect

  4. Awe what a sweet grandson. He just might be a “quilter” too one day. He’s growing so fast. Glad that you’re getting your sewing time in. Hope you are doing well. Think of you all the time.
    Prayers and Blessings, june

  5. I am a sort of “sew as I go” gal, too. Don’t know how many I need or how many I’ve done. Just keep sewing. OR or Bust is such a pretty quilt. It was so worth the time it took to find the orange shirts.

  6. Jo, I was able to read about your “guest!” But the other two topics in the Newsletter from 09/12/2023 is garbled! It’s been awhile since I’ve encountered that, but I will see when I can!

  7. Would love to have read about Scotty but the text was in computereze. This happens with your blog once in awhile. Any idea why?

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