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It was another week of no sewing. Seriously I didn’t get to my sewing room at all. I had big plans. I had planned on spending most of the day on Thursday sewing. I know I had told you that last week I really had the itch to sew and I was planning on sewing. That didn’t happen.

I spent Thursday on the phone trying to get my PET scan to go through. Thankfully it did. Then Friday I was either trying to get a hold of my email or writing blog posts or making the two-hour trek to get my PET scan. There really was no sewing time after that.

Over the weekend I had family here. My daughter Kayla and her son Jasper came late Friday night and left on Sunday. I had more family here over the weekend too.

So you can see…there really was ZERO sewing time. I’m thinking this weekend I will get some time. We’ll see. I remember last week I was sure that it would be the week I finally got to the sewing room and here I am thinking that again. I’m going to try not to count my chickens before they are hatched.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have any sewing news…I do, but just a little.

Last week I told you I had some things in my laundry room that were waiting for me to get some time to pay some attention to them. Well, I have seven shirts there. I’ve been collecting them from the thrift store and finally got to them. I had stopped looking for them but I’m finding that they are so much harder to find now. So many shirts have a small percent of spandex in them. So I keep an eye out for them.

A sweet blog reader sent pins…these are mostly for Gannon, my grandson. He loves sorting pins and repositioning them in pincushions. These were sent a bit ago but I finally got them all out and to the sewing room this week. I’ve been slow at getting things done lately. I just haven’t had time in August for anything…MANY thanks for these. They are so cute and what a great variety. Every pack is different!!

The benefit that I always give quilts to was this weekend. Along with the Frolic quilt, I finished that was sent by a blog reader, I also asked the Cresco Ladies if they wanted to donate any. They ended up giving me this cute top…

…and this one too. I think this one might be one of those 3-yard quilts.

Both of these were completely finished by them. I told you those ladies are prolific.

That’s all I have for quilting news…Not much. Sorry.

I did remember two other things that kept me from the sewing room…this girl. You might remember her. This is one of the last fosters I had at my house. I had named her Simone…my friend Connie adopted her. She is here and I took care of her while Connie went to a quilt retreat. She was pretty shy but did okay. I was reminded how good it is that she was adopted into Connie’s quiet house vs my crazy house. Connie named her Sophie and that fits her perfectly. She does just fine with me but gets reserved when all the grandkids show up.

On my evenings after work I made these bags of yard sauce. I froze six bags. The bags are likely 3/4 of a gallon in each bag. It’s the size I need when all the family is here and I make a HUGE batch of spaghetti. Besides these I made more so I could have spaghetti that evening and then had a quart jar leftover that I gave to Karl.

I really shouldn’t make any plans to be in the sewing room this week and just be pleasantly surprised if it actually happens. I have some more gardening to do but that was cut back after the terrible week of excessive heat we had last week. That coupled with our lack of rain this summer put a kibosh on the plants. I think I might have one more harvest but that might be about it for the tomatoes.

I also talk to my doctor today so we can make a plan for my cancer treatments. I don’t know if that will upset my sewing plans or not…we’ll see.

In the meantime…I’m dreaming of the sewing room.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I guess sometimes “Adulting” has to take precedence over other things. :-/ These things are important – not necessarily good for the creative soul but you’ll find that when you are sewing, the adulting can stay in the background without you feeling “guilty” that other things need to be done.
    Praying the doctors and you come up with treatments plans soon.
    Praying you get some creative time in soon.
    Love and prayers

  2. You mentioned yard sauce and I can’t resist commenting! I used your recipe for yard sauce and my husband and I just love it. We have stopped buying any type of spaghetti sauce at all since yard sauce came into our lives. It always tastes great! I freeze it in freezer bags flat like you suggested and make it weekly during the summer for eating all year long. Thank you again for sharing the recipe!

  3. I picked up “seconds” tomatoes at the local farmers market this last Saturday and made yard sauce this weekend too! So far only 3 bags and a bowl in the fridge for dinner tonight! I am hoping to get a large box of seconds this Wed so I can make more! To avoid heating up the kitchen I used foil pans and put mine on the grill – worked great! Hope your dr has a great plan for your treatment.

  4. I’ve been hoping you were getting some cutting done at your counter while on hold for all those hours. Also thought of you when I was at the thrift store this week as there were tons of men’s shirts, usually $3 each. I love your shirting quilts, but don’t think I’m ready to commit yet. And almost all the shirts were blue. Blue plaid, blue stripes, blue blue blue.

    My machine is at the garage for a tune up. I’m a little stir crazy.

    Hope you hear good news. Thankful your family is so helpful to you. Keep making them sauce and they’ll keep coming by.

  5. Such a bummer not to have any sew time, but life is more important some times. Hopefully soon you will get a day or more to sew. I think we readers are as anxious as you are to hear what your doctor says. In the meantime, I keep praying.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    We make plans then life happens. It’s not all fun and flowers. Still praying for you.
    Keep on trusting the Lord Jesus He will see you through everything.

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