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I didn’t get a lot done this week as I was at a cross retreat on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That doesn’t give a lot of time to sew and be at the sewing machine. I did manage to get a bit done though.

I have slowly been working on my Tumalo Trail quilt. You might remember me saying that I have three quilts left in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails yet to make. You can read my blog post about that HERE.

This is the quilt…mine will likely be a little different. I’m leaning towards not having a piano keyboard border…maybe more blocks. I’m not sure yet and happily, I don’t have to know.

I’m making all the half-square triangles blue. I had a bunch sewn by not ironed. I got that done.

I’ve been getting up mornings and sewing a few nine patches each day. I finally got them all ironed.

So here is where I am at…

I haven’t taken the time to see exactly how many of what I need yet. I’m kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl and don’t do a lot of counting and planning until I have to. It’s a respectable start and I’m happy with that.

I did check to see what the August Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge Number was. It’s 10. I have a long list of UFO projects so in this case for me, I’ll check #10 and #22. I let myself choose either number…or if I’m ambitious, both. This is my number 10…Yahoo!! It’s already a top. All I need to do is the longarming!! My month of August is VERY busy and might get busier (more on that soon).

I already have the backing picked out but not ready. That’s next on my list to do. I’m excited that this number was pulled.

The number 22 project is this…A blog reader sent this to me. It’s a snail’s trail quilt. I don’t know what’s here and what isn’t here. I don’t think I’ll get to this one.

I really love it but I’d rather go back and finish the July project that was pulled…
Sadly the UFO number for July was number 7. That was this project. Ila, my friend and blog reader even sent the fabric to me to finish it, yet, I haven’t finished it. July was a terrible month for me as far as sewing goes. I still want to get this one done!! I will and hopefully this Fall yet.

The other project would have been these…
This is my Wild and Goosey blocks. It’s another Bonnie Hunter quilt. This one is paper pieced.

It’s for this quilt. Realistically I know I won’t finish the quilt this year but I would love to get 25 or so more blocks done towards a finish. I might set this up at my old Singer and try to sneak in a few blocks.

Of the four projects whose numbers have been called, I’d most like to finish the Tribute to Judie with the star blocks and the Oregon or Bust quilt.

Oh for more time in a day!! I know you all can relate. So many projects, so little time. Currently, I need my grandkids to back to school and then maybe I’ll get a little more time…but who knows. There is always something to distract me. I’m sure you can relate to that too!!

Have a great week sewing!!

3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It’s inspiring to see what you are working on and how you break down the work into manageable parts. These are my favorite posts (other absolute favorites are the family and dogs). We know how crazy busy your life gets, but you still get so much completed! I thought of two topics that maybe you could chat with us about sometime. First, how do you save your triangles from other projects and then use them in another quilt? How do you organize them so you can find them? Do you throw them all in together (all sizes and colors?) or separate? In a bag, a box? Do you size them down to what you need or do you put all the ones cut from 2” strips together? I have mine here and there and everywhere. Another question is when do you stop to square up your blocks and press them and when do you let that go until the block or quilt top is finished? You have talked before about sometimes not ironing pieces as you complete each step because you can fit them together better if they are not pressed and also because all the stopping/ironing/trimming interrupts the flow of work too much. At some point, you set pieces aside for ironing or trimming (while the children nap) and I wonder at what point do you usually feel this needs to be done and not put off any longer. I find as I am working, I also want to stop less to iron/trim and keep sewing. I find myself asking “what would Jo do?”

  2. I love your blog. You accomplish so much in a day and do so much for your family and friends. I really thought that you must have been blessed with more than 24 hours in your day. Now you are starting a get out of bed, get dressed, leave the house job? I admire you.

  3. Right, most of us have several projects going at one time. You might have a few more than some of us! Like you, I have so many I want to do, but trying so hard to finish some I have started. I think you are smart to set a goal of 25 blocks for that one quilt – breaking down a project helps me so much and then if you can do more, feel so good! I am looking forward to hearing about your cross stitching retreat. Hope all goes well with your checkup.

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