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WOWZA!! I was a crazy fool working in the sewing room this week. I think I was in a mood that I wanted to get lots done as I know I’ll be gone several days this week and won’t get much done this week. I always feel bad when I don’t get much sewing done. I just love sewing…

Anyway, here’s what I was up to. Last week I told you that I got the Tea Party quilt loaded on the longarm.

I got the longarming on it done. Here it is rolled off the frame.

I actually got it bound too but haven’t had time to take pictures. You can see Sadie in the picture. She went to her furever home on Sunday. I’m currently dogless except for my own dogs.

After that was off the frame I decided I wanted to keep the momentum going and get another quilt on the frame. I have three of my own all here waiting for me to give them some attention…but I opted to work on the Frolic UFO instead.

I worked really hard with the hope that I might get it into a top…

…and I did get the pieces into a top. YAHOO!!

If you remember I am not a fan of sewing on point quilts together and this girl was on point.

I decided to take it directly to my cutting table at this point. I am TERRIBLE at stopping right here because I hate trimming edges like this. It’s for sure my least favorite part of making a quilt.

There I had it. It was a trimmed center.

I almost quit there but I didn’t. I wanted it done and finished. YAHOO!!!

I almost stopped there but nope. I loaded it on the frame and did the longarming. I even bound it but again, I didn’t get pictures of the finished quilt yet.

Those UFO quilts are getting done. YAHOO!!

I was even a good girl and put away all of the leftovers. If you remember the Frolic quilt had a lot of leftover pieces. I added these to what I already had. I had a couple of blog readers tell me that they were going to send me more of their leftovers…FUN!! I’ll add theirs to mine and hopefully, I can come up with another great quilt design.

From there I thought my momentum in the sewing room would come to a screeching halt. I got grandkids on Thursday and they were staying overnight until Sunday.

But the stars aligned and I was able to get a few more things done with much thanks to Karl, my son. Friday morning I needed to get the wiener dog foster that was here to the vet. The dogs have to be at the office by 7 am. I didn’t want to get the kids up that early. Karl sweetly offered to take the wiener dog to her appointment. It looked so funny. Karl is a big guy and the wiener dog is just tiny…but back to my story.

Being I was up early, I snuck into the sewing room and started doing every quiet job I could think of. The needles got changed on all of my sewing machines including the longarm. The blade in my rotary cutter got changed.

I made binding for my Oregon or Bust quilt.

I found a backing for this little quilt and I made the binding. It’s a quilt I designed using Frolic leftovers. It’s on my UFO list of quilts to finish…So after the kids woke up they wanted to hang out in the sewing room. I ended up loading the quilt on the longarm. It’s ready to go as soon as I find some time to do the longarming. YAHOO!!!

Friday afternoon over naptime while 6 of the grandkids were here, I ended up cutting out the pieces I need for the quilt in this book I want to get made.

I also got a video filmed. I had a blog reader ask how to cut up shirts being mindful of the straight of the grain. Kalissa hasn’t had a chance to edit that yet…soon I hope.

I did film a video that I forgot to tell you last week. I was filming a Sew with Jo and the battery died. I had only filmed for about 30 minutes or so. I was going to not use the video but Kalissa talked me into using it. You can watch the video here by pushing the red triangle arrow button or you can go HERE, save the video and watch it later on your television or device.

That’s what I was up to this week…busy-busy but all in fantastic kinds of ways.

What were you up to?

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Oh my goodness. Great finishes. I was working on quilting a quilt on my midarm but im away from home for the time being so I’ll work on piecing some new quilts that I already have cut out

  2. Wow! You are Super Woman! You got an amazing amount done ! I wish I could get half as much done as you do. Have a great time at the retreat.


    My Frolic has been sitting for several years at that point because I’ve been too afraid to do the trimming. I have some more experience and confidence now and need to just do it. I just love mine and would like to have it done. I think I even have the backing hanging out waiting on it. That doesn’t usually happen with me. Thanks Jo!

  4. Is that three crossed off your UFOs already? It’s only July 10! Good job for you. (and I think 2 were my favorites, the American Jane and the Frolic that needed the quilting and binding.

  5. Ginny Andersen

    Beautiful finishes! Boy, you WERE on a roll! Frolic is such a gorgeous quilt. I really like the Tea Party quilt a lot. Your Oregon or Bust is just gorgeous! That colorway just works!

  6. You certainly got lots and lots done and had the grandchildren besides. Wow! I didn’t get much done in the sewing area because my daughters were in the state for a reunion with their father’s family, but thankfully I got to see them all for a day and actually I was invited to the reunion for part of the 4th. So wonderful to meet my great-granddaughter (one of the three I hadn’t met yet), and see all of the others. I love family and wished they lived in the same state as me.

  7. Ginny Bumgarner

    First third of the post, the one with the grandkids, just showed code again. I know you had fun with them, hope it works next time!@

  8. Read (and loved this), but tonight’s was just code both on my desktop and phone. First time this happened to me

  9. Thank you for sharing so much inspiration with us! I look forward to reading your posts daily.

    I too am unable to see anything but code on the “grandkids” post tonight. In case it helps as you try to figure out this issue, which I’m sure is frustrating on your end! I’ve tried viewing it on my Iphone12 using both the link in your email, and going directly to your website by searching on Google and on Safari. All have the same response.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Jo your post about having your grandchildren is messed up. Somehow every ,,4th or 5th post does not come through. Tonight I decided to read it anyway the post is there but there’s a lot of individual letters and numbers and mixed in with the post. I understand it’s not your fault at all. If you could have your daughter check it out to find out why I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t like missing your posts.

  11. Jo, I too am having trouble getting your posts. I’m subscribed to a lot of blogs on a Reader and it’s your’s Chicken Scratch that lately I don’t get the photos at all or get pink and blue script and jibberish (the Grandkids post this week). I have unsubscribed and resubscribed your blog, have tried to open it with google, same thing.
    I also hate missing any of your posts!

  12. I wish I could be an ant on your wall, just to see how you get so much done. Feels like either you’re either the flash or I’m a snail in a human body. My son is 10 and wants to learn to sew. I was wondering if you could give me any tip about the best way or project to start.

  13. One more thing, thanks for the video. I usually only read your blog so it was really nice watching a video.

  14. Susan from Michigan

    I am so impressed. I love all the Frolics and the American Jane. Reading about each finish, It seemed like the commercials that say, “But wait, there’s more!”. You are like the Energizer bunny. Enjoy the stitching retreat!

  15. I almost laugh when I read all your sewing accomplishments. Can this be real? All of the quilts are so beautiful, and you always have just the right backing. I think God blesses all your endeavors because you posses all of the 7 heavenly virtues, (and you don’t have to be catholic to live them). Thank you for your inspiration.

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