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Carver was at my house one day and he wanted to “quilt” with me. If you remember back when he was little Carver and I did a video together and I talked a bit about how we quilt together. It’s this video…Rosie was just a puppy then.

Well, Carver and I decided to do an updated video of us quilting together. My hair is grayer…Carver is noticeably older but we had the same amount of fun. Carver, I think, is a hoot.

You might find the video entertaining…we sure had fun making it. You can push the red arrow play button and what either of the videos here or you can go to Youtube HERE and HERE, save them, and watch them on your television or device later.

We got all of our scraps worked up. I have 206 4 1/2″ squares all ready to go. I plan to sew them together to make a simple charm quilt. It will make a nice leader and ender project. This is how it was when I started and here is the pile all finished being trimmed.

I’m happy to have these and very much thank the blog reader who sent these. I have piles of 4 1/2″ pieces, 3 1/2″ pieces, 2 1/2″ pieces, and 2″ pieces.

I plan to make a low-volume quilt with the pieces. I think it’s only going to be a charm square quilt but I think it will look great being the colors all go so well together.

I really didn’t get much time in the actual sewing room and when I did, I was busy doing a lot of organization. Some time ago two different blog readers sent me some fabric…lots actually. It was meant for me and I hadn’t gotten to really putting it away. I folded and sorted it all. I got it put away too. It all needed to ironed so that kept me busy.

While I was organizing, I pulled out smaller pieces and scraps. They are now all in this container. My hope is to get them all cut down and put into my scrap users system. Fingers crossed that I don’t let it all linger and actually get right to it.

In the mail was a box of fabric from Ila. Do you remember I was working on the star quilt and needed some brown reproduction fabric? Well, Ila to the rescue. She sent this whole box. I’m in love.

It was the best pick me up. It came on the day I was doing the testing for my eye issue. I couldn’t have been more surprised or shocked.

Part of the reason I had to do some organizing was that there wasn’t room on my sewing room island to lay the fabrics out and pick which ones to use. That’s embarrassing to say but it’s totally the truth. That’s also why I didn’t get a video filmed this week. My sewing room was too much of a mess.

I’m hoping that this week I get a decision made and get back to working on the quilt.

I did get these blocks done for my Oregon or Bust quilt..only seven but I’m happy to have that many done.

I did get all the remaining strip sets needed for the blocks sewn together. That’s good progress. I have grandkids here most days this week so I’m hoping that I can get them ironed and cut out over naptime one of the days.

I also worked on the checkerboard border. I am not following the original pattern and am instead making mine like Mary at Chicken Scratch Country Threads did. She added them to the border and I loved the look so I’m on a mission to get one made.

I am out of 1 1/2″ strips that are orange so I had to pull some fabric, see it in the photo above so I can cut some more strips.

I didn’t get a lot done that you all can see but the organizing I got done was so needed. I was also busy with foster dogs, my eye issues, grandkids, and graduation parties.

People always talk about how busy Christmas and December is…I would by far say that June is the busiest month for me. I was so hoping to pound out a couple of UFOs yet this month but I can easily see that I won’t get any more quilts finished yet this month…but I’m going to make some progress and I’ll take that!!

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. So fun to watch these videos. I didn’t get all through the second one, but hope to finish watching it later. Carver is such a fun helper! You create many good memories with your grands.

  2. So fun watching how you get Carver involved…cutting and counting. Carver will have great memories of this time with you.

  3. I love this fabric line. It’s an older one called Garden Notes by Moda. Kathy Schmitz designed it. So much fun quilting with Carver!!!

  4. Marlene Clausen

    These will be such fun videos for you and Carver to watch when he is older and if he has his own kids! My grandson was also very interested in my quilting and, much to my surprise, picked out the fabric and designed his first quilt when he was five. For a long time, he’d stand next to me and “run the gas.” When he was 10, he asked me to teach him how to sew. He really got quite good at it and even quickly picked up and stitching. These days (now he’s 26), he is still interested in my quilts and fabric, loves all the quilts he’s accumulated over the years; but, does little sewing. I think that he knows what to do and how to do it, should he need or want to is a big reward in itself. He also knows if he wants something special, just ask Gramma and it gets done!

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