What I’m Working On…

I have been pushing and struggling trying to squeeze in time to sew. I’ve really been in a quilting mood and when that strikes, I go with it.

If you’ve been reading the blog lately you know I’ve been working on little star blocks. This is the project.

I got the push to really work on these…part of the reason is that my friend Ila had read the blog post from last week and read that I was struggling to try to figure out what to do for setting triangles and alternate blocks. I never buy yardage of fabric…never so I didn’t really have anything in my stash.

Ila is such a sweetie, she took a picture of her stash and told me to pick what I wanted. WHAT? I knew better than to question it. Ila will do what Ila will do even if I said no. (I love that about her) I ended up sending a picture of the star blocks and fabric requirements and told Ila, she could pick. I didn’t mind whatever she picked. So I guess now this has turned into a mystery quilt. HA!! I have seen Ila’s quilts and know she has a great sense of color!! I’m not worried a bit about what she’ll pick. I actually think it makes the quilt more fun. THANKS, ILA!!

Ila’s help was enough to put some fire in my britches in wanting to get the star blocks finished.

One day this week, I did all of these…

The next day, I did all of these…

And that my friends got me to 180 3″ finish-sized star blocks. Whoot Whoot. I’m so glad to finally have this project moving along. All of the star blocks are finished. I wondered if that would ever happen.

From there I moved on and got working on my Oregon or Bust blocks.

I ended up getting eight blocks finished and seven more ready to put together.

I have more to make…I think the original pattern called for 50 blocks but I’d really prefer to make more so the quilt is bigger.

I also designed a new scrap quilt. I’m hoping to host a two-part sew along-maybe three, we’ll see. I’ll be doing some work on that behind the scenes getting things ready to share with you. I will give you one hint…get your 2 1/2″ strips ready, we’re going to need them!!

As we get closer to July first I’ve been looking around the sewing room trying to see what I can finish before July 1st. That’s the day the Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge ends and the new one starts. I keep wondering if I can get one more UFO finished…I don’t know if I can. We’ll see.

Watch for my UFO Challenge update coming at the end of the month. I always like going back and revisiting to see how I did over the last year.

That’s what I have for you. I had company over the weekend and have grandkids here today so Tuesday is going to be a catch-up day for me but fingers crossed I can squeeze in some sewing time too.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m excited to see the new scrap pattern you are working on. I’ve got a load of 2 1/2″ strips that need worked up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so happy for you making 180 of those little star blocks! You got a lot done in the sewing area. I’m trying to decide which UFO to work on since I have a couple projects finished, well one needs to be sandwiched and quilted, but I’m waiting for inspiration. Since I wasn’t sure which project to work on, I opted to clean my sewing room, so today I washed the windows and screens and moved stuff so it was cleaned. Now it’s too clean to mess up! lol.

    1. I adore the scrap quilt WIP with the 3″ stars, would be interested in making that quilt as part of a SAL. Friends making 180 blocks together make happier, seemingly faster work. All the. Readers of this blog seem so friendly! Please keep us posted about your plans and give us an idea of what the finished quilt looks like. Best Wishes to All and special thanks to Jo!

  3. I was going to read Community Quilts from Barbara, but when I clicked on it, it opened up in a code like across the page so it unreadable. I read from the webpage on chrome.

  4. Bonnie Hendrickson

    Half of your blog posts are unreadable for me. I posted about that when I was unable to see the auction post (a long with others), but so far I have seen no comments regarding the jibberish posts.

  5. Deborah Rhodes

    I too am having issues with some of the posts. Today I can’t make out the first two posts in the email. Finally found this one I could get into.

  6. Just letting you know I am still having trouble reading your blogs on occasion as they are not opening in a readable format – just coding. This one worked fine, the June 13 blogs did not. Other than that, I always enjoy hearing about your family and the happenings in Iowa.

  7. The blog about Kayla and Jasper and Quilt tops anyone ? opened to the coded page and unreadable. I hope you can figure out what the problem is so we can enjoy all of your blogs soon. I am sure it is stressful for you to solve the problem.

  8. I really do enjoy your blog but, unfortunately, it has become impossible to read. For a while now, the first topic, when I click on the continue reading, which normally takes me to another page, now takes me to a page of code. Today, the first and second topics are code. Good luck with this. My son is going through a computer nightmare so I have some idea of what you are experiencing. I don’t know how you manage to watch kids, cook, sew and do all the things you do. I wish I had half your energy. If I could choose though, I think the dog poop story was probably the most entertaining post yet.

  9. I don’t know what’s been happening lately but more than 1/2 of your posts aren’t coming through. When I click on them I get a bunch of jibberish. Both “Kayla and Jasper In The House” and “Quilt Tops Anyone??” were jibberish. The only one that came through just fine was this one “What I’m Working On”.

  10. Loved reading this post…
    Since you asked folks to tell you when we can’t read your blog, here a bit of info…
    I couldn’t read “Quilt Tops Anyone??” when it came via e-mail, so I went to your website and couldn’t read it there either. However, I could read the one about what you’re doing… so it’s hit or miss….
    It’s worth it to me though, despite all that! I’ll keep reading! :)

  11. Not getting all your blogs in a format that I can read. Some come through and others do not. What can I do

  12. Hi Jo
    This is the only post I can read from the email I receive. The others are just code. This has been happening most days lately. Sometimes I can’t read any of it. When I go to the website it is often the same situation. Kind regards Julie

  13. Lo, this is unrelated to this post, but the 2 newest posts are little letters & symbols that make no sense to me. I am totally computer illiterate. Am I doing something wrong, is this only available on a computer? If so I’m sorry that you have to answer, just this once text & say not available. Thanks. I enjoy the posts I can read. You are such a caring, creative, fun person. Wish I could shake you hand or laugh with you. A bit too far a drive from south eastern Connecticut.

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