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I don’t have a lot that I’ve been working on. I had grandkids much of the day and then Jerry my foster dog has been here. Izzy went to get groomed. I went one day with Kalissa, my daughter, to her son’s doctor appointments. Sewing just hasn’t happened much.

I did make some progress though and I’m going to celebrate that!!

I worked on my star blocks. You might remember that I’m making some 3″ finished star blocks.

I got my required 10 done…actually, I think it was a few more. I also started all of the remaining blocks. I got the first star point sewn on all of them but not ironed. My goal this week is to get those ironed and the second point added on…and also get my 10 blocks done. I think it’s doable.

I did film a Sew with Jo video. I was going to sit down to the machine and work on my star blocks and I thought I would just invite you along. There isn’t a tutorial with these…just talking and visiting. I did share a couple of my thrift store finds at the beginning. You might want to check it out. You can click the red play button and watch it here or you can go to Youtube HERE and watch or save it and watch it later on your television or device.

I’m so glad I’m in the groove of getting these star blocks done. I just need to find some reasonably price quilt fabric…The alternate blocks are supposed to be all one color but I’m thinking of just making them scrappy. I have plenty of fabric here to do that. We’ll see.

I also worked on my Oregon or Bust quilt. I got 11 blocks done. These aren’t ironed. I’ll do that today when the grandkids nap. I also got a bunch of strips sewn together for the start of the next set of blocks. I’m enjoying making these.

It makes for a pretty boring What I’m Working on blog post though. If I’m making the same thing all the time and that’s all you hear about…so I decided to tell you what I was doing on Sunday that kept me away from the sewing machine.

I also pulled out a bunch of the stuff I have gotten in the mail lately. It was my day to sort through all of the mail. Most items were for auction. Some were for me! I sorted and took all of the photos that I need to take. I measured, counted, and wrote up the items on paper. All I have left to do is edit all of the pictures and write the blog post for the auction. I hope to get that done this week and host an auction over the weekend.

In the mix, I found these blocks. I just love them. Does anyone know of a pattern these might be part of? They are so well pieced. I might even put these together as a quilt for myself but as is, I have no idea how to set them.

I loved these blocks. There were only two of them. I could easily see myself making more of them. I have a big bucket of 2 1/2″ strips…I also have Kaffee prints. I think I might even have a jelly roll of Kaffe prints. Hmm. I love the idea of making a quilt of all of these blocks.

There was another bag of things I decided to keep…these…

Be still my heart…these are totally “Jo style”. They are scrappy and fun and just the kind of scrap-busting sewing I love to do. I think these are going to be my next project. I’ll be doing a Youtube video on these and you can sew along with me if you’d like. I have a 52 already made but I’ll be making a big quilt so I’ll need a lot more. The blocks finish at 6″ but I’ll give you some measurements so if you want to make bigger blocks you can.

I’m just tickled about this project. My 2″ scrap bucket has needed some attention and it’s going to get it!! YAHOO! Thanks blog reader for sending these.

I also saved this… It’s just scraps from a fabric line that were all together in one bag of scraps a blog reader sent. I think these are going to become a low-volume baby quilt. There are lots of pieces already cut into squares so this will likely become my leader and ender project…

I like simple and easy. I love the soft colors…

You can see that I’ve really been blessed…stuff for me that I can share with you and stuff for you that will go on the auction and benefit the Community Quilt project. All good things. I’m so excited to dig into these new projects.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Christine from Ontario

    Hi, Jo. Your flower blocks are from Quilter’s Patch by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.

  2. The floral and cat blocks are from the book “A Quilter’s Patch” by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. It would be a fun quilt-along sometime!

      1. The small pin on the old drawer thing are probably for the small spools you purchased. Or bobbins from another size machine. The plastic ?, spool holder is probably a happenstance. Spray with the ‘for plastic spray’, black will make it work well.

  3. carol Stearns

    For the circles you picked up, get a solid blue and make the cathedral squares using the circles for the center. Never mind using denim, it will be heavy with all those squares and a solid on the outside will be nice. Or use a collection of different blue solids. I would probably go for the same fabric. If they are green, choose a green solid instead.

    1. Barbara Bennett

      Yes, it’s Gudrun Erla’s design but not from that book. The version that uses 2.5″ strips is her Strip Twist stand-alone pattern that she updated for this spring’s sew along. I made 3 tops.

  4. Looks like some great inspiration came your way! Can’t wait to see what you do with it all. Just curious, did you drop a cross stitch post last Friday? It’s one of my favorites of the week! No worries if you didn’t, I just don’t want to miss it if there is one. Thanks.

  5. The cat block is a very slight variation of an old design. Except for the tail, it’s #937.4 in Brackman’s Encyclopedia; she found it in Woodard and Greenstein’s 1981 “Crib Quilts”. It was also in Carol LaBranche’s 1985 “Patchwork Pictures”.

  6. I absolutely love your videos. Especially the ones where you chat and sew on a project. It’s like having a friend to sew with. I loved the Bonnie Hunter videos and still miss them but yours are just as good. Your style and methods are similar to mine but your ability to use scraps and pieces to make something beautiful and useful really inspire me. Please keep doing them just like they are. Wish there was a way to support your work with super chats or something like that. Good commercial free sewing videos are a real pleasure.

  7. I think the flower blocks would be cute as the backs of project bags if you don’t want to figure out a whole quilt around them.

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