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I had a busy week with family and summer things. More garden got planted. I’m really close to being done with that. I have two shrubs to plant and that’s it. I’m kind of putting that on hold with the hope that one of the kids might be around to help dig the hole for one of them. There are rocks there and I’m not the best with rocks.

Kayla was home two days over the week along with Jasper…School got out…oh just lots of summer things happened. I somehow managed to have a slow weekend though so I took advantage and did some sewing.

I am on a mission to get this UFO further along. I think I have around 112 blocks done. I don’t remember for sure. I am making a commitment to get at least 10 done each week until I’m done. I’d really like to get this quilt finished. I looked at the pattern and it came out in 2007. I think I bought it at the time. That’s WAY to long for something to wait to be finished!!

I was happy that I actually got MORE than 10 done this week…13 in fact. I love these little blocks and love the quilt but I’m so slow with it. I think part of the reason I’m dragging my feet is that I don’t have the finishing fabrics. I took some time and shopped online to get them a couple of months ago…then I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted. I’m starting to think I might just make the center blocks scrappy and do my own thing with the quilt. We’ll see. I don’t have to worry about it too much yet.

I also made a commitment to try to get at least 6 of these blocks done a week. This is my Oregon or Bust quilt. It’s also on my UFO list. I love this quilt. I love the look of it. I’m happy to be working on it. I’m so glad that I finally got working on it again.

I know once I get close to having the majority of the blocks done, I’ll buckle down and finish it up quickly.

Speaking of finishing something up quickly. I got this project together. I’ve teased you a bit about it.

I filmed a video and my daughter Kalissa was so sweet and edited it for me. It went live yesterday and I’ve already gotten some great feedback on the quilt. I’m so happy. I never know if my ideas are good ideas!!

As always, you can push the red triangle play button and watch it here or you can so to Youtube HERE, save it, and watch it later on your television or device.

The project uses all of the leftover triangle bits from cutting out my oversized flying geese quilt. I saved all the bits after cutting them out with my companion angle ruler.

I hustled one day and got all the blocks made.

Then later that day I sewed the top together. It is in an 8 x 8 setting and is at 48″ finished. It will be perfect for a baby quilt.

On Saturday I even found the time to load it on the longarm and work on it.

I’m hoping by the weekend that I’ll be able to show you the finished quilt.

This was a fun one for me to work on. It was quick and easy and used up the triangle scraps.

I also worked on my Singer 15-91. It’s been acting up a little lately. The tension hasn’t been the best. I could just tell the old girl needed a day at the spa. I’ve been wanting to film the video on my orange peel quilt that you all have been asking for and I couldn’t do that unless I had a good working machine.

She’s sewing like a pro now and I’m excited that I’m one step closer to getting that video filmed. I know you all have been waiting. One of the delays is that I lost the tutorial piece and couldn’t find it so that’s found now too. YAHOO!! I’m heading in the right direction.

I can’t remember if I shared the link to watch the live video that Kalissa and I did a couple of weeks ago. You can find a recording of the live videos I’ve done HERE.

That’s what I have for you this week. If you do watch the video if you could hit the thumbs-up button, that would be so helpful for me. Before you go, let me know what you are busy working on…

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Just found your YouTube channel on my tv. Love your videos. For some reason or I don’t know how to subscribe or like on the TV , but I like it all. Thanks

  2. I loved the triangle video! Have to go back and give it a thumbs up. I get so engrossed in the video, I forget… I always keep all the little bits, but they usually go into a crumb block. I think this idea of making a quilt out of the leftover cut off triangles is awesome! Now you’re going to send me digging into my crumb bin for all the triangles… I’ll also have to rethink sewing them together when a do a flippy corners block.. I have a whole container of those from a quilt I’m working on right now. But, they should trim to 2.5”, so I might be able to just incorporate them into blocks just like they are. The brain is off and running and that’s not always a good thing.

  3. Susan from Michigan

    Hi, Jo, the link for the video that was live does not work. I’ve been working on sailboat blocks to go with a lighthouse panel. Trying to decide how to put it all together. Beyond that, I’ve been mending clothes and organizing fabrics but I’d rather be quilting. Also working on a long time embroidery UFO of Sunbonnet Sue.

  4. Great progress, Jo. I’m working on an all pink scraps quilt from Amanda Jean Nybergs, Saturday morning quilts. I’m done quilting, yay! On to the binding.

  5. You made a lot of good progress this week! I love your bonus triangles quilt from your flying geese. I’ll watch that tutorial later today.
    I used a lot(!) of my bonus triangles on Bonnie Hunter’s “Sugar Grove” quilt. It will be a baby quilt for donation.
    I’m also working on “Jewel”, a GE Design (Gudrun Erla). It’s made using 10” squares. I have all the blocks finished and need to do my layout. I love her stripology ruler & use it all the time.

  6. Your UFOs are all so pretty! I especially love Oregon or Bust. You are amazing to get so much done. I’ve been out in the garden too, and my quilting and quilt blog has been so neglected.

  7. Just love your scrappy quilts Jo! Just finished your “meet in the middle” quilt. It was my “Dirty Dozen” project for May.

  8. I can’t believe how fast your little triangle quilt came together. It will really be a great quilt. It was very fun watching your video on YouTube. I think I gave it a thumbs up since I met to. I took a detour from my quilts to make some things for family who will be visiting in July. I am making the double oven mitts, and also hooded towels for my great-granddaughters. All fun stuff to make.

  9. At present I’m going along on 5 “kits” that are all cut. Doing 1st because it has 56, &26 pcs each, than borders. Next is 2.5 sqrs, 8 packs of 42 2.5’s, equal #of white sqrs. 3rd is 84, 12″, wrench, hst are done. Started with 3 42 count layer cakes. 4th, is 3 layer cakes. 5th is a Gees Bend kit i bought for 15.00, ( i bought 3, from the 80’s I think). Than it’s a mid suze corrugated box of throw size “kite”. Early June i start tieing 54 tops for sale (inexpensive), gifting, donating, etc. Baby , only a few, youth, throw ( 50 wide+ to 70 long), [all left overs]. I love to make tops so they have to leave 1 way or another. The 5 l’m working will go to quilter eventually. She has 7 tight now. I just did binding on 3, I HATE BINDING! HAVE A GD WEEK, JO.

  10. Karin from PA

    I am making HSTs from numerous pinks, whites and pink prints left over from other quilts. Object is to make a baby quilt with several different blocks. 3 blocks so far! Also finishing quilting a brown, gold and cream quilt on my domestic machine. That should be done this week. Have the pieces cut for a 3 yd quilt. May start this week.

  11. Hi Jo! I love reading your blog! I feel like you’re a friend sitting down and chatting with me over a cup of coffee every morning. I’m always amazed at how much you accomplish. I go for weeks at a time without sewing because I’m being pulled in all different directions. I’m curious, with you making so many quilts, what do you do with them all? Thanks for being a “friend”!

    1. I give quilt away all of the time. I make them for graduation presents…wedding presents…baby gifts. I have five kids and 10 grandkids so they get quilts. I give them away for charity reasons, benefits and auctions to raise money. I never have trouble finding a home for a quilt.

  12. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    Would you please post the link to dirt road scrapper that you mentioned in the video? I couldn’t find it.

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