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Before I get to today’s post I want to tell you that Kalissa and I are doing a LIVE video later this week. Here are the details.

You can got to Facebook and sign up to be notified when we go live or you can just set your clock for 7 pm on Wednesday the 17th. Please leave any questions you might have for us in the comments below or on the Facebook announcement that you can see HERE. We’ll happily take requests for topics to talk about. If you miss it, no worries. We’ll make it so you can rewatch it.

Now to today’s post.

I had a busy week but I’ve been determined to work on something sewing related every day even if it’s only for 15 minutes. It really adds up when I do that.

I worked a bit on a UFO…not a lot but enough to get some blocks done. These are star blocks for UFO that needs 180 of them. I have a chunk of them done but not nearly enough. I think I got 18 of them finished.

I’ve told you before that I often work in the sewing room and then bring things down to iron while I’m watching the grandkids. These little clips are so handy to keep the pieces together. One evening I sewed on a bunch of star points, clipped them all back together, and then the next day took them apart, ironed them, and clipped them all back together. THESE are the clips I use.

I’ve been doing some playing with the leftover pieces of my Oversized Flying Geese blocks. You can see my video about the Oversized Flying Geese HERE.

These are the little pieces that were left after I cut the strips using my Companion Angle and Easy Angle Rulers. YES. I keep all of that. I’ve been playing with a layout for the pieces.

I plan to film a Sew with Jo with these pieces to show you what I’m doing.

One thing that is hard with filming videos is that I have to have some of the “prep work” done before I film but not too much so there is still enough to show you how to do it. HA!

I am LOVING this project so far. Really loving it and I can’t wait to share more of it with you. It probably doesn’t look like much but I’ve been really plugging along on this. It’s to the point that I might have a finished quilt top in two weeks. I have no idea how big it will be. I still have to count all of the pieces. It might be just baby quilt sized. We’ll see. I might dig to find some more fabric I can mix with it. I have to do some major counting to see where I am at.

I want to do a bit shout-out and thank you all for the wonderful response I got to last week’s post about my Piccadilly Circus quilt.

I have filmed a three-part video series on how to make the blocks. I shared part one HERE.

Here is part two…

You can push the triangle play button to watch it here or you can go to Youtube HERE, save it, and watch it on your device later.

This time we are working on the star points…that also means we’re starting the sashing and border pieces too. That is done all at the same time. It’s a little trick I have to share with you.

I’ve had an overwhelming response that is all good from the first video. I so appreciate everyone who has taken the time to give me a thumbs up or like. I appreciate all of the comments you’ve been leaving there too. Those likes and comments really help my channel be seen on Youtube. If I get lots of likes and comments, then Youtube suggests my video to more people. I’m trying so hard to grow my Youtube channel and your help is SO APPRECIATED.

I didn’t get a lot of other sewing done this week..but enough to share and enough to fill my “happy tank”. I had family here over the weekend. I’ll tell you about that in an upcoming post!!

Oh…one last thing. If you missed Kalissa’s new T-shirt designs, please go and check out THIS BLOG POST.

There is a dog version of this and other shirts too.

I just want to remind you before ordering closes later in the week.

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  1. I originally bought the “real” wonder clips and liked them just fine but gosh they were a bit expensive (you really need a lot of them). You gave a recommendation and link a few years ago like you are doing today for a larger quantity (about 100, I think) that was less than $10. It even included a tin for storage. I can tell no difference in the quality of the product. The less expensive ones had three sizes of clips in the pack, too!

  2. Please, please, please, put the live video on Youtube also. It can be done easily. I do not have or will I use Facebook and I would dearly love to see your video! Thank you.

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