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You all know that sometimes I accomplish a lot of sewing and the next week I hardly get anything done at all…Well, this week I got A TON of sewing done. I had my grandson Anders here for a couple of days but decided to pull out the sewing machine Ila gifted me and put it to work.

When I last left you I had the center of the spider web quilt finished. I had the borders cut and ready to attach but ran out of time. I figured that would be the perfect thing to do while Anders played on a quilt. He was really good and let me sew a bit.

Here it is as a top. I’m pleased with it. I would have made it bigger but ran out of black fabric. This is good!!

I went on and made a backing right away…my polka dots even matched up.

While I was at it, I made another backing for a charity quilt.

Later in the week I got it on the longarm, quilted and even bound. I didn’t get pictures taken of it yet. I’ll do that and write a blog post about that soon.

I didn’t stop there. I kept working on my scrappy oversized flying geese blocks too.

Can you believe those got sewn into a top too?

This is one of those quilt tops that needs to be quilted for it to really look good. I’m not sure of what I’ll do for quilting…hopefully, I’ll get brave and do some custom quilting on it. This was a UFO and that’s great progress on a UFO project. I’m so happy about that. If you missed my Youtube video about how to make the blocks, you can find it HERE.

I didn’t quit sewing there either…You might remember that I’ve been sewing some 9-patch blocks as a leader and ender.

I pulled them, counted them, and found I needed to make a few more pieces to match the few pieces I had. I got those made.

I currently have 132 done. I’m going to stop there until I decide what I want to make with these. I really have no plans. I just like to have something I can quickly grab if I need a quilt for a gift. If I have short notice that I need a present, these will come in really handy.

So it was time to pick a new leader and ender project. I have something in mind but I’m not positive yet. I think it’s going to involve these little leftover pieces from my Scrappy Oversized Flying Geese project.

Yes. I saved all of the little triangles from when I was cutting out the quilt. They are all in this bowl waiting for me to be inspired to work with them. I think there are enough there that I should be able to make a baby quilt from them…or perhaps something even larger. Who knows?? I have this at the kitchen island and will probably cut something out this week.

I also played with these scraps…and I filmed two videos about what I’m doing with them. I’m not going to tell you more about that just yet. You’ll have to tune in Wednesday and I’ll fill you in on more of the details. It’s a sew-along…I’ll tell you that much.

As you can see I was really busy in the sewing room.

Originally I was supposed to have the grandkids much of the week but one by one, things fell through and once they did…I ran to the sewing room. I know my sewing time is somewhat limited once gardening hits. Right now it’s about time to plant but it’s rainy here so no planting now. I’m guessing next week.

I had a great time in the sewing room and that’s where I’m headed as soon as I schedule this blog post!!

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Wow! You got loads accomplished! I like the spider web quilt, and I’m looking forward to seeing the flying geese quilted. We’ve had some good days here, weather wise, so I’ve been in the garden, but now the rain is back so I’m catching up on my sewing!

  2. You did it! Finished your wedding gift quilt in time and another top as well. You always amaze! Love the colors and setting of those flying geese— such a beauty! There is never a photo of Anders where his eyes aren’t twinkling

  3. Beautiful work, and Anders is just the cutest little guy! Pulled out my Bonnie Hunter books. You’ve reignited these patterns for me. Thanks Jo!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    You’re doing great work. Love seeing Anders smile. Enjoy your gift of sewing as much as possible while it’s raining. ‘m looking forward to seeing your garden again when you get it started.

    1. WHAT?!!!! You did ALL of that in a week? That’s more than I accomplish in a year! That is so wonderful that you got so much done and I LOVE the spiderweb quilt (and all the others, too). Little Anders is too cute.

  5. Are those 2-1/2” strips that we need to be ready for Wednesday sew along? I’ve always liked the spider web quilt. I need to get my BH book out that has that one in it. Thanks!

  6. Oooh…a sew along! Can’t wait! I have tons of strips in my stash. Been looking for a new project that will be for me! Everything I’ve been doing lately is to use up a boatload of precuts I purchased over the years…some of them bring up the question…”what was I thinking?” Most of them have been donated, but I’m in the mood to make something for me. So excited!
    I like this spider web quilt, but I love the one you made for your son in law. Sadly, that is one of the Bonnie Hunter books I don’t have. Will have to search for a used copy since it’s out of print.

  7. Wow you were “cooking.” How fun to get so much accomplished. I’m looking forward to seeing the blog with the finished quilt. Anders is so cute and seems like a very happy little guy.

  8. Yolanda Sager

    Hi Jo! I love watching you on YouTube and reading your blog. I’m curious to know what size unit strips did you use for the piano border you put on the Spider web string quilt?….. Thank you

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