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Last Sunday I was in the sewing room and did more string piecing in an effort to work on the Spider Web string quilt I’m trying to make for the great niece’s wedding.

On Monday I had grandkids here so over naptime

I trimmed the blocks and pulled papers.

I’ve told you before that I typically work on about three projects at a time. Most are in different stages so I work on whichever one is convenient for the time and place I can work. So on Tuesday when I had Anders, my grandson at my house, I switched projects.

Do you remember I was working on the scrappy oversized flying geese? Well, I cut out everything I could for them.

On Wednesday I had some free time so I was in the sewing room. I got all of the Spider Web String blocks sewn.

I also sewed a bunch of the Scrappy Oversized Flying Geese. I sewed lots and then stopped. The next day I ironed everything I had sewn again at a convenient time.

Sunday I had machine time again. I got the center of the Spider Web String Quilt together. I kind of wish I could make it bigger but I am out of the black fabric and don’t know for sure what brand it is. I have inner borders and outer borders to add yet. After they are on it will likely be about 70″ x 70″. My goal was more of the picnic-sized quilt so, I think it will work.

I was able to work on the Scrappy Oversized Flying Geese too.

I have a stack from that I will need to iron. YAHOO!! I’ve kept this project moving along nicely this week as well. I’m so happy about that. I’ll iron these today over naptime while the grandkids are here. I’m getting close on this one and might be able to have this be a top by the time I report in again with you. I’m really liking this one!!

That’s what I was up to this week. I stayed pretty focused compared to my usual self. I really want to see both of these projects finished…the spider web string so I can gift it and the scrappy flying geese because I want to see how my idea for the quilt will work out. Both reasons are great motivation. What are you busy doing?

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  1. I really look forward to Mondays (well, I am retired!) because What I’m working on is my favourite post of the week. I love to see what you have achieved in the limited time you have and how you squeeze the most into every one of those available minutes. Your two projects have bounded along this week – congratulations! The Spider Web quilt is looking great!

    1. I completely agree with everything Linda has said!
      As for me, I didn’t get any sewing done as I was so busy in the garden, beating the rain showers!

  2. Like Samantha, I was working in the garden. Actually two gardens, one at my house and one at my mom’s house. All that outdoor work meant very little stitching of any sort was accomplished. Hopefully this week. I’d like to finish my crosstitch piece before July 4, and I’d like to make a throw size quilt as a wedding gift. Fingers are crossed!

  3. I have been quilting a Halloween quilt and I hope to finish this week. Then I’ll be down to 4 quilt tops in the pile.

  4. I’ve been working on the recent pile of quilt tops to get them quilted. Tried out a new thread on the current one and I hate it! It’s thicker than my normal thread, even though they are supposed to be the same weight. My machine doesn’t like it. I’ve broken the thread twice from the thread having a thick spot or a knot or something…the thread just shreds. It’s supposed to be good thread, but my Bernina is hating it! Hoping to pull up my big girl panties today and get it finished! But, I do have 3 in the hand binding stage and in I’m trying to get at least 2 of those finished this week to gift to a pair of young sisters in our congregation.
    I’m with everyone else…this is my favorite post of the week. Might we see a “Sew with Jo” on these projects soon?

  5. Joy in NW Iowa

    What and I doing? Well, Farmwife is priority…. Ring on call to get hubby from the field with the side by side. It’s cold here this morning with a cold northwest wind that that will call for something warm in because the side by side is open except for a windshield. Second, I need to make some graduation cards and third cook something or make sandwiches, I may sit by the sewing machine if I get that far.
    Bad thing, I am out of coffee! Ugh! I have some decaf but that’s not going to cut it for the morning!
    Jo, I enjoy your blog, and have a great week!

  6. I agree with some of the other commenters that your Monday post, “What I’m Working On”, is my most favorite post of yours of the week. I love to see your progress.
    I’m making some blocks from Bonnie’s most recent pattern “Sugar Grove”. I’m using all my bonus triangles in the blocks. I also made some zipper bags with SewCanShe free pattern.

  7. You really accomplished much in the sewing area this last week. Everything looks so good and I can hardly wait to see the finished spider web one complete.

  8. I love to see what you’re working on. You always seem so productive. I’m machine quilting a quilt from Kim Diehl’s book Simply Samplers!

    Not really simple, lots of wool appliqué and even the pieced blocks are quite complicated. I’m getting there!

    I want to make a quilt from all my miscellaneous scraps. Still thinking about what that’s going to be!

  9. I’m with Judy, I really, really love those flying geese! Do you have a pattern for it or are you just winging it? I can’t wait to see the finished quilt! I’d love to make one just like yours:)

    1. I’m going to see how the quilt turns out and if I like it, I’ll submit it for publication. I did film a youtube video, still being edited, that will give you an idea how I made the blocks.

  10. Love it! Love it! My friend calls me the ADD quilter as I flit from one project to another but I am getting things done. Had our oldest grandson here for the past 10 days – less sewing time but too precious of a time to not spend with him. Did sneak down to the sewing room a few times and finished my scrap snapper blocks, 72 in all – now to trim, layout, and finish. Grandson even brought an old Singer Merritt he found on the curb as trash. We got it running but couldn’t get it out of reverse. Will have to let this one go. My best machines are curb rescues – my fave, an aqua Singer 338 made in England. Thank you Jo! You continue to inspire me!

  11. I’m working on a king size scrap courthouse steps quilt for a dear friend facing medical issues. I have the center part complete and now I’m working on the four pieced borders. I easily have enough scraps to do ten more, LOL.

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