What I’m Working On…

I finally dove into my Oregon or Bust UFO.

This is on my UFO Dirty Dozen list.  I know a lot of people wouldn’t count it as a UFO but I am because the quilt has been on my brain ever since I saw Mary at Country Threads Chicken Scratch, make hers…but I really haven’t cut a single piece of fabric for it yet!! I guess most people would say it’s a bucket list item rather that a UFO.

This is the original from the book…

The book that the pattern is in is Scraps and Shirttails II.  I’ve made so many quilts from this book.  I’m thrilled to be making another.

I liked it just fine but then I saw Mary’s version (Mary from Country Threads-Chicken Scratch). This inspired me to really get serious about making the quilt.  Mary made her’s a little smaller than the original.

Mary and I go back and forth making fun of each other…she often makes her quilts smaller than the original and I make mine larger. Here is Mary’s version…

I adore it in this color scheme. I’m just thrilled to be finally making it!!

I spent this week…

cutting out the quilt. I had my grandson Anders here for three days last week so when he was napping, I was cutting out this quilt. I ended up getting all of the blocks cut out. I made extra which I’m totally fine with because
1-I planned on making the quilt bigger
2-I have a couple of babies on the way that I’ll want to make quilts for. I’ll use any extra blocks for a jumping point in making the quilt.

I just get happy when I see a little pile of trimmings…

I tested and made two test blocks before I cut everything out…I’ve learned to do that over the years.

The blocks go together pretty quickly. That makes me happy!! I don’t think it will take a super long time to make.

I still have to cut some setting triangles, borders, and sashing. I’ll try to get to that this week. In the meantime, sewing these blocks will keep me busy. I do want to ask Mary what she used for sashing. If you’re reading this Mary let me know. Was the fabric sashing all the same color or shirt prints? I love what Mary did and want to copy her.

I pulled my Hawaiian Sunset UFO too. I put it in the cabinet in my laundry room. I’ll cut more of that out one day when Anders is napping.

I am also going to pull the oversized scrappy flying geese project that I pulled and played with last week. These…

They need some cutting done too. I know I always pick UFO projects that are ready to sew and not ones that need prep work. So, if I can move the cutting along on these two projects, I think I’ll get to sewing them much quicker. I really don’t care that I have UFOs but I do like to see some progress on them.

I also started working on another project. It has a long story that goes with it. I’ll save that until I show it to you all finished. Here it is on the quilting frame. It’s not my typical project, but once you hear the story, you’ll know why I am working on it.

I pulled this project back out and put it on the sewing room island. I want it there so I can grab it whenever I’m in between things. I did get a couple more blocks made and about 12 more started. This is on my UFO list too.

I started working on a completely new project too. It’s been on my bucket list for some time. For now, it’s not anything I can share about…

and I looked at the calendar and did a little panic. My great-niece is getting married at the end of May. I plan to make her a quilt but STILL haven’t decided which one. I talked to my sister last week and got the all-clear to make her one. I didn’t want to make her one if my sister was making one. I have this started…I was thinking about finishing it for my great-niece. It’s a spider web string quilt. I only have enough started to make a 4×4 setting at this point and don’t know if I have enough black to make more. UGH. I might have to come up with something else.

Right now my priority is to figure out what to make my niece for a wedding quilt. I really need to figure that out. The wedding is on May 20th and that’s only a month away. WOW.

True to form I have too many irons in the fire!! I have a busy week ahead with company and other plans…and I got new puppies to foster. More about them in tonight’s blog post.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Cheryl Randleman

    I made Hawaiian sunset quite a few years ago and it’s still one of my most favorite quilts. I think I’ll get it out today and hang in my living room for a few months. At the time I made it it was a little challenging as the pieces were smaller than I was used to working with and I hadn’t been quilting for long.

  2. Jo, I’m right there with you! It seems to me if I have multiple things going I get more done. Currently I have a crazy quilt to tie, hanging sleeve to apply, 10 donation tops to make backings for, quilt & bind, 2 quilts to trim & bind.

  3. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    I love the last photo of your quilt with the black background, it would be a lovely wedding gift. I am working on a block of the month called making waves, it is a lot of work for sure, but I am determined to get this done. A lot gropes into that 6 month block of the month class. It has ended, it I am a late starter for sure. I am giving a couple of my mothers fur coats to the theater department at Southwest today. Both were coats my dad gave to my mother. I hope to find a picture of her wearing the full-length beaver coat he gave her in 1949. It was so beautiful on her. Too small for me, and we don’t dress like this today. My other project is sorting pictures of my children when they were growing up, and other family photos. I do not want them to be lost in an old box like they have been for me. (Whether they want them or not). And…organizing recipes as well, I think they will get put in a spiral book that I will get printed at the local print shop. A book is easier than sorting thru recipe cards anyway.

  4. I had to giggle reading your post. I was hyperventilating at all the projects you have pulled out to work on. I can only handle a couple at a time. More than that, and I go on lockdown. Right now, I have a top on the frame, half quilted, and my machine started skipping stitches for some bizarre reason. I can’t figure out why, so I’m at a standstill till I do..‍‍. With that stalled, I mentally don’t want to finish anything else to put in line to quilt. I hate when the machine acts up. It’s so frustrating! I’ll tackle it again this afternoon. Maybe it will be in a mor cooperative mood today.. Can’t wait to see what your working on in your next “sew with Jo”!

  5. Your quilt on the frame looks like squares from cut-up aprons. My mother had quite a few gingham aprons with black cross stitching on the pockets. I like your blue and orange shirt fabrics.

  6. I really like the test block of the Oregon or Bust quilt. You always pick such great fabrics to put together. Sometimes it is so hard to decide on a pattern for a quilting gift. I am sure whatever you decide to do, it will be super. You do have many UFOs! I have more than usual right now and last week I couldn’t decide which to work on so cut out a new one!

  7. “Couple babies” on the way. Did I miss an announcement about more grandkids OR was I reading a part of an old post?
    Happy Quilting

    1. I make baby quilts for lots of people…not just grandkids. On my side of the family I have 15 nieces and nephews. Some are still of childbearing age. I have 54 great-nieces and nephews. They are all starting to get married so I’m guessing babies will be on the way. I also make baby quilts from close friends…and even my kids’ friends. There is always a reason to have a quilt going.

  8. Wow you seem really organised with starting on the UFOs; I’m looking forward to seeing Hawaiian Sunset!

  9. Jo, I wanted to thank you for that scrappy flying geese idea. I couldn’t figure out how to comment on that post. I have a bunch of economy blocks. That’s what I make when I am not sure what to do next. I have a lot in different colors. Where you used the hour glass blocks, I will start using up those economy blocks. Thank-you for inspiration!

  10. Love all your quilts – that Hawaiian quilt is and will be gorgeous!
    Good luck with your finishes!
    Love and prayers

  11. Love love love your blog! Have been following you for years but have never written. You seem like an ol friend to me. Anyway I am wondering why you have so many ufo’s?? Don’t you get stressed with so much to do! LOL! I admire how you can do soooo much!! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I so enjoy your blog. Love hearing about your family! Kids & grands are the best!!

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