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I’ve been slowly working through my UFO’s this year.  I needed a new one so I grabbed this project.  Technically it isn’t a UFO by some people’s definition….It was my project from my late March retreat with Bonnie Hunter and the gals from Moline.

It’s my Scrappy Mountain Majesties.

When I left Moline I had most of my blocks sewn into half square triangles and only three blocks finished.   Saturday night Hubby and I were watching TV in the kitchen so I grabbed the small cutting mat and the project box and before I knew it I had most of the blocks cut into segments.  Then today I sewed and have almost all the blocks sewn together.

I project is really coming together FAST!!  I am making mine from recycled shirts and so far it’s been fun playing in plaids and strips.

I started ironing the blocks but Kelli quickly reminded me that Bonnie said to figure out how I want to lay them out before I iron.  Now the blocks are sitting there patiently waiting for me finish the last twenty blocks and to come up with a layout.

I know some people say projects aren’t a UFO until they have sat for over 6 months….some people say it’s not a UFO unless it’s been packed away….for me, a UFO is anything that has been set aside and I am haven’t sewed on it for a month.  How do you define a UFO??

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Sew on, Jo! Love all your shirt fabrics. This will be a fun quilt!! Great memories of our time together in Moline.

  2. Recycled shirts make the softest most comfortable quilts ever. I don’t count it as a UFO unless it gets put away and not worked on for at least a couple of months in a row.

  3. Can’t wait to see the finished top. I try not to label my works-in-progress as UFOs because I have every intention of finishing them — some just take longer than others. So, something gets the UFO definition based on the rules of the UFO Challenge I’m participating in.

  4. In the challenge that my mom and I have going with each other, a UFO is anything that is cut into. . .I have several quilts that I have cut and ready to sew, just ready for a retreat or snow day, so they are on the list. However, maybe I want to go back and re-define. . . :)

  5. I’m with you on the UFO definition. If I have set it aside and gone on to something else whether it has been sitting a week or a year (or ten) it is still someting that needs to be finished; therefore, it is an UnFinished Object. Of couse that might not apply in a challenge.
    I love your plaid and striped blocks.

  6. While my daughter and I were cleaning my sewing room a few years ago we decided after a project is cut out until it has a label attached it is a UFO. Fabric and pattern in a basket is not a UFO because I could put the fabric back in the stash or use it for something else. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished Scrappy Mountain!

  7. oooh, that Scrappy Mountain Majesty looks like it’s going to be soooo much fun! Can’t wait to see it!
    For me, a UFO is any project that I once started, then let it ripen on the table in my quilting room, & oopsie!, got started on something else…Most UFO’s then get packed away, but I’ve had one out for the last 6 months, to “remind me”. *sigh*

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