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I had another busy week. I didn’t hit the sewing room until Saturday. First on my list of jobs was to get my son-in-law Craig’s quilt bound. As always I used my third hand binding tool to make my binding. Oh, I really love that thing. If you aren’t familiar with it you can read a review of it HERE.

In the picture on the left you can see that my binding was matching up exactly to the fabric on the back of the quilt…what fun!

I am so happy to have this quilt finished….

I didn’t get pictures taken of it yet. I’ll show those to you in another blog post.

After I was done getting that quilt bound I looked all around to see what I should work on next. Here are the choices…can you guess what I picked??

I picked cringe…what a messy sewing room. I actually patched the dog bed first.

Then I cleaned up all of the shirt scraps. I made that whole border and the box didn’t get any smaller. No surprise I guess.

Then I decided to tackle the Frolic quilt. A blog reader had given me her UFO of the mystery quilt Frolic. I worked on it a lot when I initially got the project and then I let it sit while I squeezed in the handprint quilts and then Craig’s quilt. Now it’s time to get reacquainted with it.

I really had ZERO idea where I left it and of course, I didn’t leave a note with it either. I started out ironing the stack of finished blocks. I counted and they were all there…then it was onto finishing the sashing units. In between I worked on nine patches as my leader and ender project.

I made all the borders after that. I have it all nice and neatly laid out now…MUCH BETTER.

The only thing I have left to do before I can assemble the quilt is to make the setting triangle units. Sadly, I only have one done. I don’t remember how many more I have to do.

As I was cleaning I also came across these hourglass blocks. I inherited these from my daughter Kelli. She originally made these when she first started quilting. They were all sorts of wonky and the edges were totally uneven. Kelli was going to throw them away and I said NO. I told her I would take them and used them somehow. That was almost two years ago.

I did bring them home and then I squared them all up. I always planned to do something with them but was never sure what.

Then they sat. Apparently I had pulled some other fabrics about put them in the container with the hourglass blocks. All of the fabrics are Fig Tree fabrics but the hourglass blocks are more earth toned and the other ones that a blog reader sent me are brighter. THANKS BLOG READER!! I finally have an idea on what to make with the fabric!! I wondered if they could work together. I still wasn’t sure what I could make with it all…

Then it hit me. I had an idea and I was going to test it to see if it would word…and it did!!

These scrappy oversized flying geese blocks were exactly what I had envisioned…It’s been so long since I had time to play and experiment in the sewing room. I was so happy. I even made a few notes so I can come back to this at some point.

I think these would make a great charity quilt. I will get back to this at some point.

Right now I think I’ll be switching gears from all of these projects and working on a wedding quilt for my great niece. Right now I am leaning towards designing a picnic quilt for her. Her wedding is at the end of May and I think that might be appropriate. I messaged my sister to see if she knows of anyone making a quilt for her. I don’t want to step on any toes or anything…

Before I do any of that I need to pull some fabrics from yet a different project and send them to a blog reader that I promised to share with. I’m hoping to do that yet today. We’ll see.

That’s what’s happening in the sewing room. What do you think of my oversized scrappy flying geese blocks?

23 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Like everything else I see of yours, I am going to LOVE it! What a great idea and wonderful way to incorporate the hourglass blocks! And who on earth doesn’t love flying geese?! Keep up the good work, I love it all! Hugs,

  2. I like the blocks you are making with the hourglass squares. You are so creative! Hopefully you will have time to do more of these in the near future.

  3. I love the flying geese, and the fact that you are willing to take something wonky, trim it up, and use it! That’s how I quilt. Who cares if the points don’t meet exactly…. If someone is looking that closely to criticize, I say…”make your own quilt”!

  4. Jo, did you get a new sewing chair the one pictured in this post? Been looking for one in the near future. Is this one good on your back/lower back?

  5. Martha Henrichs

    I spotted your bias tape birds towel/tablecloth in one of your photos. Those are my favorite. I have a small collection and I’m always excited to see another one. Yours has three birds. The most I’ve ever seen before has been two. I’ve never seen directions or a pattern and I’ve always been curious where the designs came from.

  6. Susan from Michigan

    Love it! You are absolutely brilliant!! I like flying geese and I have some hourglass blocks that I had no idea how to use them.

  7. Hi Jo, Love everything you do. Really enjoy your style. I discovered that I am probably a no-reply commenter and even though I followed the latest instructions about how to correct that, still haven’t been able to do so. I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, if my comment doesn’t come through right my e-mail is janice(at)passionforperfume.com I am amazed at how much cross stitching you get done as busy as you are! I used to cross stitch and have been tempted to start again looking at your beautiful finishes but I need to prune down my fabric a LOT before I think about doing that. I realized after my last Craigs List purchase of fabric that I have a problem and need to start reducing my hoard of fabric. I need to get rid of most of it except for the Civil War repro stuff. Love that!

  8. I have the frolic mystery instructions printed but I never made it. I think I’m gonna do a straight setting instead of diagonal. Then I won’t have to make the fill in triangles. I just don’t like sewing the diagonal rows. Kudos to you for doing diagonal!

  9. What a great idea you had making the scrappy flying geese blocks. This is a great way to use one inch blocks made from my small scraps.
    You are very creative.

  10. I love how you’ve used the hourglass pieces to create the flying geese blocks. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of this one!

  11. Great idea with all those bits from other quilts and quilters. Use them up and make more room. I’m busy making 2 quilts for a friend who has 2 new grandchildren. Love playing with baby prints.

  12. Love the flying geese blocks! Would love to hear your thought process on them. I rescued some green batik hour glass squares from a friend because who doesn’t love green batik? Still sitting around…I may have to borrow your pattern.

  13. That’s a really great idea using the hourglass blocks to make the large flying geese blocks! I had never thought of that idea before. You could probably incorporate other small block designs in the same way. It will be interesting to see what you do with them.

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