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Last week I missed the What I’m Working On post.  I’m sorry about that.  The blog is in the middle of transferring to a new server where hopefully things will load faster and we won’t have the picture problem we were having. 

It’s really okay that we missed the post as I didn’t work on much of anything…and haven’t done a lot this week either when it comes to quilting.  Taxes have ruled my life along with the newest foster pups.  I spent entire days on taxes with no fun relief.

My daughter Kalissa was over and helped load a video on how I made the Hand Print Quilts… I post that with the Hand Print quilt blog post but in case you missed it, you can watch that here by pressing play or you can go to Youtube by following THIS LINK and saving and watching it later on your television or device.

I did a little early morning sewing and then cut out strip sets when I was taking care of my grandson Anders one day.  He naps quite a bit so I often pull a project and work on cutting while he’s napping.  That way I can still work quietly and accomplish something.

These are for the…

nine patch leader and enders I’ve been sewing.  I have acquired a stack of 101 so far.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.  I’m just making some more…not idea how many yet.  For some reason, 101 doesn’t feel like enough yet so I’ll keep sewing.

I did take a little time and started sewing on more letters for my son-in-law Craig’s quilt.  You might remember that I am taking a UFO top that I had and finishing the border off by making some wonky alphabet letters.  So far I have his first and middle names made.  I started on his last name.  I want to make some other saying for the other side of the quilt…Hmm.  I still haven’t decided for sure what it will say and for now, I’m not fretting about it.  When the time comes I’ll decide.

I had a blog reader concerned that I made a lowercase “i” rather than an uppercase one. I just felt like making a lowercase “i” to change things up a bit…it’s not a mistake. It’s all good.

I was beating myself up a bit because I haven’t gotten much done in the sewing room lately.  Then I remind myself that it’s totally okay.  Sewing is a hobby and hobbies ebb and flow.  Speaking of ebb and flow…when I was doing my taxes I realized I hardly spent any money on quilting compared to last year.  Being committed to finishing UFOs, sewing projects others have sent to me, using sheets for backing, and using thrift fabrics as much as I can has really paid off.  I’d love to pat myself on the back big time…but, I can’t.  I still bought quite a few quilting books…and what I didn’t spend sewing, I spent on cross-stitch supplies.  UGH.  Buying linen vs buying fabric wasn’t as much of a trade-off as I had hoped it might be. 

This week my taxes still aren’t finished and the blog is working better but not perfectly. I’m hoping to get more time in the sewing room but I doubt it will happen with new dogs here too.  I’d be just thrilled if I could get Craig’s quilt top together…that’s the goal anyway.  I’m not sure what will be on tap besides that.  I haven’t looked at the calendar to see how many grandma days I lined up. 

Speaking of lining things up, I think it’s time for me to go through and reaccess my UFO list.  I was doing pretty good but then kind of got sidetracked on a few things…most were still UFOs but weren’t on actual the list.  I find it’s always good to periodically look at the list and see how far I’ve come and how far I have to go.  I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised that I have more finishes than I hoped…we’ll see.  Watch for that post to come. 

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. love your blog Jo. my problem for leaving messages may be solved with your new server. i hope so. i want to get in on the auctions. have a wonderful, blessed day!!! you’re the bomb!!!

  2. Jo, there was a quilt in the Oh Scrap quilt book (same book that has Amanda Jean’s two step quilt) that was shown in Red. It had lots and lots of 9 patches. You could do that in blue instead of red….but then you mentioned you loved it because it was done in red, so maybe you will rather wait for some red 9 patches. Just a thought. Ugh taxes. We finally stopped itemizing and that was wonderful. Saw a peek of your new foster dogs on Instagram and I am guessing they are Jack Russell terrier or Rat terrier mix. They can be wonderful, sweet dogs. We have had two Rat Terrier mixes. Oh they loved to cuddle!

  3. I know how taxes can take over your life! Since 2001 I have been a professional tax preparer . Even tho I tell myself EVERY year that I am taking weekends off and quilting it never works out. My best advice is to sit down for a few once a week ( or every 2) and sort your records and keep a running balance of things in a notebook or spreadsheet. Only 3 more weeks to go

  4. The one post that you had of your two new foster pups came up once, then it disappeared. Could you repost that one. I like reading about your fostering.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just left a comment and came back to check to see if it loaded. Not only did I not see it, but the second comment was missing also. Just thought that I’d let you know. Thanks for all that you do.

  6. Enjoyed watching your video showing how you framed the blocks for your school quilts. You asked about dog name suggestions. I’ve never had a dog but both sets of grandparents did. One was called Monty, the other Timmy. As a little girl I walked a neighbour’s dog, He was called Ricky (super dog, I loved him to bits!). My aunt had a beagle called Echo and my lovely quilting friend had a sausage dog called Bracken.

  7. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Curious where you are moving your blog to…I’m probably moving from SiteGround to Bluehoat as I need more space for less $. Good luck with it. Any expert helping or you sing it yourself…may be looking for one.

  8. I have a friend who quilts but has never cross stitched. We were bemoaning the cost of quilting fabric these days and I mentioned that quilting cotton wasn’t as expensive as linen for cross stitch. She innocently asked “well, how expensive can it be compared to quilting cotton?” Her eyes about popped out and her jaw dropped when I said a basic linen ran $80-$90 a yard and some of the over-dyed linens could go as high as $140 per yard. She had no idea. I then told her costs for over-dyed floss and the charts and she responded she didn’t think she could afford to cross stitch and would be afraid of ruining fabric that was that expensive while she stitched on it. I don’t know that cross stitching is cheaper than therapy anymore but it sure is a lot more fun.

  9. Bonnie Hendrickson

    My dogs names are Olaf and Margo. I’ve had Rolf, Fergus, Tallulah, Georgia, Bliss, Pita, Junior, Lenny, Gabi, Gretchen, Jill, Lacey, Rocky and Maddie. My kids dogs names are/were Leia, Mina, Roco, Oliver and Cash. Horses were Missus, John, Candy, Laurie, Popeye, Cara, Neiman, Bruno, Ed, Remi, Gunner, Jet, Nicki and Pepper.

  10. Dog names
    The girls. Violet, Darla, Jewel, Goldie, Jenna, Lindy, and Gypsy.

    The boys. Finn, Flynn, Milo, Eddie, and Petey.

    The twins and triplets.
    Huck and Finn,
    Thelma and Louise,
    Gypsy, Rose and Lee (Leigh).
    Turner and Hoouch
    Larry, Moe and Curly
    And Gemstone inspired for siblings. Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, etc.

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