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I happened to have an “off week” in the grandma department. I just didn’t need to watch kids very often. This next week, I’m going to have kids and family here every day and I know I won’t make it to the sewing room much at all…so I decided I better make the best of it while I didn’t have a lot going on.

I am REALLY trying to work on UFO projects and par down the projects that are just hanging around so I decided to do the whole snowball effect of working on things. That means anything I could finish quickly, I was going to finish. I had a goal to finish four projects…and I did. I’m so happy with myself. (Anything to avoid doing my taxes. UGH)

I started out with the easiest project. Kayla gave me a quilt top that I had machine quilted for her and the she didn’t bind it. She decided that she didn’t want it. I ended up cutting out binding, making it, and getting that bound. That was easy and that started me on my roll.

I didn’t get pictures taken of it but will show you that soon. Next up…

I pulled my red bow tie quilt. A blog reader gave me the blocks and a few pieces. Later on, another blog reader gifted me more red fabric to match the red for the alternate blocks. I made a backing for this, put it on the longarm and machine quilted it.

Oh, I love this quilt. I decided that I’m keeping it for myself. I could use another quilt for the living room.

I bound this one too. I really was on a roll. No pictures yet though.

I loved the roll I was on so I stuck with it. I really took a HUGE leap on this project. It’s been sitting here for almost two years. A friend of the family asked me to finish a quilt top that she had that was her Grandma’s. Oh my. It was in bad shape. This has been hanging over my head and I wanted it gone so not time like the present, right??

The top was thin. It was in rough shape. I don’t want to say anything bad about the maker so I think I will politely say I think she picked a pattern that wasn’t suited to her ability. I had talked to my friend and she said to just do what I thought best. I started out by re-seaming some of the seams that had come loose. I ironed it. It was still a wavy mess so I made a backing and did my best.

Everything that could go wrong, did. But I stuck with it. NINE hours later it was off the longarm and bound. I’ll tell the whole story on it later in the week.

Even thought working on that one was a trying experience I decided not to let that get me discouraged, after all…It was FINISHED. So picked up the next quick finish.

This is another piece that has sat here for a long time. Kayla made some spool blocks and sewed them together but never finished it. She didn’t want it so she gave it to me. I pulled out my tote of 30s fabrics and tried to figure what I had and how I could finish this.

I cut an inner border, outer borders and onto the longarm it went.

I got that one finished and bound too. It was a whirlwind weekend in the sewing room. I got four projects COMPLETELY finished and out of the sewing room. Sadly now there are all stacked up on the dining room table waiting for me to take pictures and write up the blog post telling the whole story about each of them.

WHEW. It feels so good to have them out and finished. I’m kind of an odd duck. Sometimes my way of “cleaning” is to finish projects rather than find a spot for them in the sewing room. I’m so glad these are all finished. It has me wanting to tackle the stack of charity flimsies I have in my sewing room. It sure would be nice to have them finished should someone ask me for a top.

It won’t happen this week. My shoulder needs a break. Longarming and binding that many quilts all at once takes a bit of a tole on my shoulder…not enough that I’m not going to keep longarming but enough that I know I need to give it a bit of a break.

Anyway…I’m a happy gal to have accomplished so much. It will be awhile before that happens again though. Between family and taxes, I’m gonna be busy this week.

20 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It’s a great feeling of achievement when we clear things that have been on our mind for ages, isn’t it? I bet it’s a relief getting your friend’s Grandma quilt out of the way!

  2. Wow, Jo. What a lot you accomplished. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and posts about your finishes. I think your idea of actually finishing the quilts instead of stacking them up on a shelf is exactly the right approach because they are the done and out of your hair. Enjoy a break for resting your shoulder and being surrounded by your beautiful family.

  3. You really outdid yourself this weekend with all your finishes. Good for you!
    I love that spool quilt! But I love those 30’s fabrics!
    Love and prayers

  4. Jo, do you have a pattern for the spool quilt? I love it and I have a stack of 30s fabric that would be perfect for it.

    1. The spool quilt looks like one from Mary Quilts. Made from strips, but could be cut from scraps. Go to maryquilts.com and scroll down to “Spools”.

    2. I will do a tutorial and video for the quilt. If you’re patient I can hopefully get it done after my family is here.

  5. You really outdid yourself with your finishes! I can hardly wait to see the pictures . The spools quilt is especially beautiful! Great job!

  6. Great job ,Jo. I always get inspired by your quilts. I set a goal this year to get one flimsy a month quilted and work on one UFO every month. I look forward to your blog posting every day.

  7. Yea you for tackling the “troublesome” head on. A wonderful achievement and gift to the owner of it. And a happy quilty time for you to hit your goals and get 3 more DONE DONE as well. I know you love Grandma/Mom time the most yet I’m happy you got some “goal time”.

    Wishing you a fabulous family week!

  8. Jo you accomplished a lot and got some projects done that have been simmering for awhile. I pulled a pizza box that had some pieced blocks in it. They were leftovers from a project I completed in 2010. I did not say it was started then,lol. I made a similar wallhanging and have just completed quilting it. Now for the binding and label. It was a friendship star block so lots of HST.
    Before I quilted I tea dyed it to make it look more antique.
    My goal this week is to get the binding done.
    Have fun with the kids this week!

    1. I love the spool one. The now tie too as a matter of fact I have some antique ones I’m going to do that way since I see how nice they look

  9. Great job!!! Glad you got the lone star done. I had someone call me to quilt one but haven’t heard back. Maybe they didn’t like my prices. Thought of you when they called.

  10. Beryl in Owatonna

    Wow!! You get so much accomplished. I so need to get into a sewing mood. I have so many things I could work on but just don’t have the incentive.
    I too, like the spool quilt and the 30’s one.
    Your trip to Osage looks like fun!! I am not a stitchery person but could maybe get into doing Crewel work, I enjoyed that. I wrote to them to see if they ever get any kits in. Osage isn’t that far from Owatonna, may have to make a trip down there.

  11. Two easy wins to build momentum, tackling a monster, and then treating yourself with another easy win sounds like it really worked for you, Jo. Happy dancing for you here in North Carolina!! I can’t imagine being that productive in a single weekend.

  12. Wow, Jo, you got a LOT done! I bet that was such a good feeling. All beautiful quilts you were working on, but I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the vintage quilt turned out (saw a sneak peek on FB with the pups!). That had to have been a challenge, but worth it, I’m sure!

  13. I’m in awe! You finished so many things in such a short time! Tackling that lone star was quite a feat!
    You’ve inspired me to work on getting some UFOs done before I start any new projects. I’m easily distracted with the ever-tempting new pattern or fabric.
    I look forward to your new tutorial. Thank you for all you do for the quilting and stitching communities!

  14. Know what you mean about the taxes and doing something else!!
    I tackled a project that had several blocks the wrong size, at least I now have them all sized to fit. Whew…. Good job you. I usually just read a book.

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