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Sorry, my blog post is late today.  I tried to get it written last night but the server for the blog was down and it wouldn’t allow me in.  UGH.  Now today is a grandma day and the grand kids are rolling in so this will be super quick.

First off…I got some mail in.  Thanks so much to those who have sent things.  This isn’t all of it…but most.  I also got in some cards and money from a couple of blog readers who wanted to support the charity quilting fund but didn’t see anything on the auction that they wanted to purchase.  Thanks so much for that.

I had a few …cross-stitch goodies sent my way and I’ve had fun looking at those as well.

I can’t remember if I didn’t this over this week or last week…but, Craig’s quilt got an inner border!

I also got the letters for CRAIG finished.  They all need to be ironed and trimmed.

My other project is lined up to be VERY fast-paced.  Carver’s class at school has to make a project for the Education Foundation Gala.  It’s a big event with both live and silent auctions.  A meal is involved too.  Anyway, each class is asked to make some sort of project for the event’s auctions.  Typically the projects bring in decent money too.  Carver’s teacher sent out a note asking for volunteers.  Well…you know me.  You know Kalissa.  We volunteered.  The project is going to be a quilt.

A couple of weeks ago I cut out the 12 1/2″ squares.  The squares were given to another mom and she put the names on the squares.  Kalissa and one of my old childcare moms went to school one day last week and helped the kids put their handprints on the squares and on Saturday the squares came to me.

I am the final leg of the race to get the quilt finished.  Oh boy!!  On top of that, I’ve had family here over the weekend and scrambled on Sunday to get caught back up with things.  I did manage to get the block’s frames all cut…

…and I managed to get them sewn onto one set of blocks.  See, I am actually making two quilts.  There are two sections of kindergarten and each section needs a quilt.  There wasn’t someone to make the quilt for the other class so you guessed it, I volunteered.

On Saturday night I got the frames put on Carver’s class.

This is all a little complicated because I don’t have all the blocks I need for each class.  Carver’s class is missing the teacher, the associate, and the school block.  So, I can only sew the quilt so far.

It is all a little more complicated because the quilt needs 17 blocks.  I ended up with a layout as you see on the yellow note.  The next complication…the other section has a different amount of blocks so that quilt needs a different design.  SO…if you want to know what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks…I’ll be tied to my sewing machine and then the longarm until these are finished…because you guessed it.  The gala is the weekend of March 18-19th.

Also…I need to get my taxes done.  UGH.

In the middle of everything I did sew a few blue and white nine patches in between other projects.  Again, I have no idea what I’m making with these.  I just know I’m feeding them through a few as needed.  When I get 100 or so, I’ll stop and figure out what I want to do with them.

I have my grandson Anders here tomorrow so I’ll likely get some ironing done and a little prep work….anything I can get done to make my life and these projects a little smoother would be AWESOME!!

6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Stephani in N. TX

    What I’m Working On is my favorite topic on your blog. You’re always full-tilt busy but your pace and your projects are always inspirational. Your personal quilts look wonderful, and many of us can appreciate being caught in with those special school projects for the kiddos.

  2. Oh Jo! I bet every blog reader reading this-What I’m Working On is laughing and saying- Been there and done that! We just never get too busy that we can’t help if it’s for the gdk’s. You probably out did yourself when your children were going to the school that you built such a good reputation that they remember Jo Kramer. Sorry, I’m not closer and I could hang out with Anders and the puppies and you could just go to town on your project. I know you will do an outstanding job. Coming from a retired teacher I know how valuable these fund raisers are to the classrooms and the school.

  3. Jo your one busy woman! Just some heads up on the border on Graig’s quilt. I used some fabric similar to what you use and when I tea dyed the finish top it bled into other fabrics. So may want to put color catchers when you wash it.
    I was okay with the bleeding as I used vinegar to set it before I realize it bled so badly. It was just a use up what was in the pizza box project so all is good. Another box empty..

  4. The first comment above is exactly what I wanted to write. The busy person is always the best to take on another project. Anyway, how fun it is for you and Kalissa to make these projects for the class. I am sure you will share the finished quilts.

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