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Hello and Happy Monday!!  I’m going to tell you what I’ve been working on but then at the end of the post I’m going to announce all of the winners from the giveaway we had here in conjunction with the Villa Rose Blog Hop.  The giveaways are all closed now but if you want to read the post about it, you can find that HERE.


I really had little time in the sewing room this week.  Between Izzy going to the groomers, having new foster puppies, hosting the auction here the previous weekend, and taking care of the grandkids, there was just zero time.  I’ll tell you more about the dogs in tonight’s blog post…yes, there’s a little drama.  But, onto today’s topic, what I’ve been working on.

I managed to get to the sewing room twice.  YES, only twice.

My goal for this week was to get this quilt top through the long arm.  Sadly, that didn’t happen.  I am going to celebrate the progress that I did make though.  I got it loaded and I emptied one bobbin of thread.  Oftentimes, that’s the hardest part of getting a quilt longarmed.

I debated for a bit on what to use as a quilting motif.  I ended up only picking a stipple.  There are two reasons for that.  One…I know that at this point, me finding a big chunk of time to dedicate to getting this finished isn’t in the cards.  I need a motif that I can easily pick up and go back to.  I’m guessing that I will try to put a couple of bobbins worth of thread into it every morning until I finally get time to just finish it.  That means I will be having several sessions in order to finish it.

When I’m at the longarm and I pick a quilting motif, there is a little difficulty with stopping and starting.  I’ve found that I might start out and my swirls motif is only about 2″ x 2″.  Then when I start at the next session my 2″ swirl has morphed into a 2 1/2″ swirl and by the time I am done quilting the top, the swirl has grown even larger.  Being I do all of the quilting free hand, it can easily happen.  I find it’s easier for me to regulate the stipple design.

The other reason I went with a stipple is that this quilt is so pretty.  It doesn’t have a universal block either.  I didn’t want the quilting and design to fight each other.  Sometimes if I put too fancy of quilting motifs on a quilt, I start to feel like the design and the quilting try to fight each other to be the star of the show.

I did take some time and filled bobbins too.

The other thing that was on my priority list of goals was… to finish my grandson Anders’ quilt.  That didn’t get done.  This project is a slow go because I’m wanting to film videos of all of the steps in making this quilt so people can see how to make it.  If it wasn’t that I needed a chunk of time to do it, I might already have it done.  I really only have one video left to do but before I can film it I have to finish getting all of the alphabet blocks trimmed.  Mine are going to be about 8″ high.

I was a little sad because I found these letters that had already started to be sewn together and thought I would just use them.  NOPE.  I can’t.  The reds of the letters don’t quite match.  That’s okay.  It looks like I have the start of the next batch of letters for the next quilt.  The only problem…I have to make sure I find a good red that matches these next time!!

This is only a partial set of letters.  I think I started these when I was going to make my granddaughter Georgia’s baby quilt but then mid-project decided that I wanted to use purple for the letters and make the quilt in pastel colors…or maybe I thought Kayla wanted a quilt like this for Jasper and then changed her mind.  I just don’t remember why I abandoned these blocks.

Now part of me wonders if I should find the matching red and finish the alphabet before I completely pack all of this away.  Hmm.  For now I better just concentrate on getting the projects that have to be done, done.  For me, that is the quilt on the frame as I believe that one will go to the fireman’s breakfast…and Anders’ quilt.  My goodness, he is already 4 months old and I don’t have his quilt finished.  People, it’s time.  Hopefully this week.

That’s the beauty in making goals, if you don’t make it one week, at least the next week you don’t have to think up a new goal.  HA!!

I will have my puppies that are here through Friday.  These guys really really whine if they can’t see me so if I go upstairs to sew, they just howl.  UGH.  That makes me feel guilty and then I end up back downstairs and sewing doesn’t get done.  If they continue that, I’m hoping to grab a project, bring it downstairs, and hopefully get one cut out.  That’s my idea anyway.

I hope those of you reading were able to tackle a project this week… and that you had better luck getting to the sewing room.  Before I go…the giveaway winners…

I had 381 comments.  Here are the winners.

1.  1 winner for the VRD Blog Hop Pattern Collection
Karen Hockom- kdhockom@gmail.com
Comment:  I love Villa Rosa Patterns!  And thank you for the chance to win a binding tool in purple for 2.5 inch binding.  I have followed your blog for years and feel like I have a friend who loves all the things I do!  Thanks for sharing your life.

2.  2 names for the Grand Prize drawing
Comment:  Wonderful post, Jo.  Izzy is photo’ing much better in some recent pictures…..was a sweetheart.  I’m a green girl…….2.25″ :)Sadie Webb-Bajasadie@yahoo.com
Comment:  Jo, thank you so much for the binding video-loved the cute baby girl quilt. Also the Kaifeng quilt on the porch is gorgeous. I’ll be back to your site, you’re kind & very down to earth, I ❤️ that about you!
Thank you, any color works for me! Cheers, Sadie3.  3 people to win Sponsored Prizes
Comment:  Wow Jo so many comments! Happy to see so many happy stitchers. Love the quilt it was the one that stood out for me, probably as  I was gifted 20 Kaffe Fassett fat quarters, lucky me. Would it be easy to enlarge the 3 blocks to create a much larger quilt? Would love a lime green 2.5 binding tool if I am the lucky one.
My husband was watching me reading your blog and he wanted to know what turned my smile into a grin? Well it was Rosie and Izzy of course. Both of them looking very happy to sit and pose.JD-sewmore49@gmail.com
Comment:  Nantucket was my favorite pattern of this group. Glad to see your version as it is so cheery and bright. I don’t have a preference for color and use 2 1/2″ binding. Thanks for the discount code. I love the Villa Rosa designs because they fit on a post card so I can put them in a photo album to keep them all together and they are simple and fast to put together. I already am a reader of your blog and enjoy it very much.

Patti McGarry-patti.mcg@verizon.net
Comment:  Hi Jo! I’m new to your blog, I’ve just become a new follower. I love your Kaffe quilt, it’s so bright and happy. I really like the third hand and would love to try it. Normally I’m a 2.5 girl but so many people lately are using 2.25 so I think I’d like to give it a try…in yellow, please!

4.  Winner of Quilty Notecards from Kalissa
Linda Heckathorn-Lheckathorn@charter.net
Comment:  When the blog first started, I did not choose the Nantucket pattern. But you have sold me on this pattern for my stash. I really like your quilt. I have used sheets before too. Thank you for all the additional information you have provided. If  my name is drawn, I would like a red, 2.5 Third Hand Tool. Thank you for the links also.

5.  Winner of Third Hand Binding Tool from Purple Hobbies
Gayle in Tennessee-sgtroccoli@gmail.com
Comment:  Love the quilt done in Kaffe fabrics! I would love to win an orange 2.5 inch binding tool. Thanks so much for your blog. Love reading it every day.

Someone should be contacting you if your name was selected.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Hi Jo,

    Last night I watched two of your latest videos on making blocks and how to put the blocks together for Anders quilt. Your videos are great to watch while cross stitching. ;-)
    Some day I hope to make a free form quilt like that.

  2. Hi Jo!
    Thank you for your videos! I know if we lived close, we would be friends. You are so down to earth and remind me of why I love quilting in the first place. It is an art, a way of expressing myself and the best soothing therapy. The impromptu quilt for your grandson has inspired me to create one also. Thank you, again, Jo!

  3. The quilt on the long arm is so pretty, can hardly wait for the finished pictures. You make such great letters. Too bad about different reds, but I’m sure you will have another quilt that will need them. If I read right, you took Izzy to a groomer. I thought you did such a great job grooming Izzy.

  4. Like you, I’ve had some quilting goals that seemed to get pushed back and pushed back again. Better luck this week, Jo! It CAN happen… How do I know? I just pulled a quilt of the frame tonight (after longer than I care to admit!)

  5. Jo, i would like to make an offer for the quilt presently on your longarm. if you are willing to consider, please use my email. It’s patthooks69@gmsil . Com. I’m negotiable. Thank you.

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