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Happy Monday….
Hope you are doing well.  Before I get to today’s post I just wanted to put a reminder out there that there is an auction going on here on the blog.  It ends tonight at 6pm central time.  If you missed that or want to check it out, you can find it HERE.

I have a few things to show you that came in my mail this week…

This issue of American Patchwork and Quilting will be hitting the newsstands soon.  This is the 30th Anniversary Edition.  They sent me an advanced copy as I was supposed to have a quilt in the magazine but, alas.  The issue was too many pages and they had to take a couple of the quilts and put them in the following month.  Mine was one that got moved.  See the note they sent.

Look closely.  See the stack of quilts on the right?  There are three quilts in the stack and MY QUILT is in the stack.  It’s the bottom one and it’s touching Kim Diehl’s quilt.  Be still my heart…I am fan girling here.  I have long loved Kim Diehl’s work…and look my quilt is touching hers.  HA!!

Being it was an anniversary edition… they showed many quilts from the past.  It just happened that a different quilt of ours is shown on this page…It’s the one on the red charir….

Another of our quilts, On the Bright Side is shown on this page as the 2018 quilt.

So does that means we have pictures of THREE of our quilts all in one magazine.  What an honor!!  We have so loved working with American Patchwork and Quilting.  It’s always a good time with them.

On the last page of the book are my friend Mary and Connie from Chicken Scratch Country Threads.


It’s a good issue…by the way, here is Kim Diehl’s quilt…the one my quilt is touching.

Enough about that…I got some fabric in.  THANKS to the two of you sent it.  I picked a couple of things and boxed up the rest to go to the Cresco Ladies.  I keep a box for them here all of the time.  When they come and deliver tops, I sent fabric their way if I have some.  I did put one package together to sent to Patty too.

Donna, one of the gals who sent fabric, also sent some cross stitch charts.  I’ll show them to you in my cross stitch update on Friday.

So now to what I was sewing on…

ALL of my attention went to trying to Anders’ baby quilt finished.  That’s the free form one I’ve making with designer crumb blocks.  I actually got two videos made this week.  The first one showed how to make a few more blocks….The log cabin, heart, spool and nine patch.

Here is the video.  You can press play and watch in here or you can go to Youtube by following THIS LINK.  There you can save it and watch it later on your television or device.

After that video I made another.  The next video shows how I take all the blocks that we have made to this point and sew them together to make the center of the quilt.

You can press play and watch it here or you can go to Youtube by following THIS LINK.  There you can save it and watch it later on your television or device.

From there I started working hard on getting the center of Anders’ quilt together.  I decided to make his a little different.  The previous two I made for my daugther Kalissa’s kiddos were made before we knew if the baby was a boy or girl.  This time we knew Anders was a boy and knew his name so I decided to add his name to his.

I ended getting the center of the quilt done.  Next up I’ll need to iron it and get ready to shoot the next video on how to attach the border alphabet.

I might have had more sewn but between getting things together for the auctions, getting the quilt tops out and learning to edit the videos, that’s about all I had time for.  Did you read that?  Kalissa taught me how to edit my own videos.  I am both excited and nervous about that.  I’m hoping I can do more now that I kind of know how to edit them.  We’ll see.  At least I can’t use that as excuse.

My goal is to push for a finish for this quilt this week.  I’d like to get that area of the sewing room cleaned up.

BUT…I have another project in the wings.  Carver, my 1st grader grandson needs a class project to donate to the school gala.  It’s a fundraiser they do for the school to help with special projects.  Kalissa and I volunteered to help with the making of a handprint quilt.  All of the kids will do a handprint for the quilt.  It will be like this quilt that my childcare families made for me.

HERE is a link if you want to read more about the quilt.

Carver and I worked on cutting out the white for the blocks.

These will go to a mom in the class and she is going to put the kids’ names on the blocks.  Then the blocks will go to school and the kids will do their handprints.  Then another mom is going to add the paint details.  Then they will come back to me and I’m going to have to scramble to get the quilts together.  The Gala that the quilts will be at is in March.  It’s all a bit to coordinate.  I’m the last leg of the race to get these done so hopefully everyone before me will be timely with their part of the project.

That all reminds me that I better get a quilt together and finished for the fireman benefit.  That’s in March too.  At least if I have that one finished, it’s one less to worry about.

That’s what is going on in my world…how about yours?

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love Anders’ quilt! What a keepsake. Fun photo with Carver. I’m finishing up Christmas tablerunners that used up some charm packs. Yay!

  2. I revisited a hand quilting project that needs to be finished. It’s making me very happy to work on it! Anders quilt is awesome—can’t wait to check out the new videos! Thank you!

  3. I got my grandson’s quilt quilted with (mostly) straight line quilting! It’s the first project for which I used my Davis treadle and I loved it! Now for the binding…

  4. wouldn’t it have been a hoot if she sent in cross stitch charts that all of your readers have been looking for – Accept what is and “When we do what we can god will do the rest.”
    Yes, I’m still looking maybe one day soon they will show up somewhere.
    Like your hand print quilt.

  5. Anders’ quilt is so colorful and cheery! I’m working to finish 5 smaller quilts that I started last year, 2 to donate to Project Linus, and 3 baby quilts to donate to our local pregnancy center, Loving Choices. I recently sewed together 15 burp cloths for donation, using your tutorial Jo. I love that method for making them!

  6. The handprint kids quilt is super lovely and what a wonderful project. I think that Kim Diel should be super happy that her quilt is touching your quilt! I can’t wait to get my April issues of American Patchwork and check it out. I love all of your quilts and Country Threads.

  7. Over the weekend I finally found my sewing room. Today I embroidered a bench pillow, hand sewed the embellishments quilted it and sewed the backing on and it’s finished!!! A long overdue Christmas present but it’s done Just have to send it on its way!!!

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