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Sadly, not a lot of sewing happened this week.  Between being at Mayo Clinic for two days, read about that HERE if you missed it, and hosting company over the weekend, there was no time to sew.

Also, I am hosting the auction here on the blog.  You can still check that out.  HERE is the post you need to go to for bidding.  There is some hot competitive bids happening for a few of the items.  Even if you aren’t bidding, it’s fun to watch the bids rise. The auction closes at 6 pm central time.  It’s important that you remember central time zone.  The last I looked there were over 130 comments with most of them being bids.  So Fun!!

I’ve also had extra work with getting things together for the Villa Rosa blog hop. You can read about it HERE if you missed out.  There are great prizes to win so you will want to go to every blog and leave a comment for your chance to win some great prizes.  When you leave your comment I just love when you say “Jo sent me” in your comments.  Here are the blogs that will be featured today.

Cheryl at https://cherylsteapots2quilting.blogspot.com
Leanne at https://www.devotedquilter.com
Quilts of Valor at https://www.qovf.org

Before I get to what I was working on, check out these.  I found the photo when I was browsing around and sadly forgot to record where I found them at.  They are sewing machine legos.  I sent a picture to my kids and grandkids and said they nee to make these for me.  So CUTE!!

I pulled this quilt top out and made a backing for it.  This is what will be loaded next on the machine.  I think this will be finished for an upcoming benefit…maybe the Fireman’s Breakfast. That’s in March so I need to keep this moving along.

In the picture above you can see…Some pink and blue border strips for the Frolic quilt I am working on.

That’s the only other project I worked on this week.  All of the pink borders are done…I have two of the blue borders done.

I have 18 of the center blocks completely finished.  I made seven more but they need to be ironed.

I managed to make one setting triangle block.  I sewed some sashing pieces too.

I’m hoping that in a week I’ll have everything ready to start assembling it.

If you remember, this was donated to me by a blog reader and I’m finishing it up.  I love that she sent it to me.

That is all the sewing I finished.

OOps.  I filmed another Youtube video but Kalissa hasn’t had time to edit that for me yet.  Plans are she will do that this week.  Her time is a little limited now too though.

If you count playing Patchwork, a board game, then I guess I did go more sewing.  HA!!  Karl and I played several times this week.  It’s our current game of choice.  I highly recommend it.

On Sunday night we played three games.  I won three of them.  You can find the game HERE on Amazon.  It’s really easy to learn how to play.  We love it.

That’s all I have to share with you in the sewing department.  This week my focus is to get another video filmed…dare I hope for two more?  We’ll see.  I also want to make some progress on my Frolic quilt.

25 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. My kids made me a lego sewing machine. I included a picture in the comments on your post in facebook. They also made a gardening grandpa for my husband.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The patchwork board game is right up my game alley. Something I would like. A Two for one treat. I hate having to take time for the dr.s visit it takes so much of a day. You’re in my prayers. Enjoy each day as it arrives.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful, and I love the Lego sewing machines. I don’t think Legos were around when I was a kid.

  4. Hi Jo, I love the quilt thats hanging over your longarm frame. Could you please tell me again the name of the pattern. Many thanks.

    1. Denise, the quilt is Brothers and Sisters designed by Jill Shaulis. It is in the book Kindred Spirits by Jill and Vickie Olsen of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. You may be able to find a used copy if you chck some of the on line used book stores or go to Yellow Creek designs web site.
      A quilter. Barb K.

  5. Ohhh, that quilt that you’re finishing up for a benefit is stunning!!!! Bet that one brings in the $$$$. You really got a lot done in addition to all the other stuff that takes up your time.

  6. My grandson made me the white lego sewing machine a few years ago after I showed him a picture I saw online. Proudly, still have it displayed. It’s so cute.

  7. Dear Jo, You have me spoiled. I have been reading the Villa Rosa Hop Blogs and I must be behind times, because try as I might, I am unable to leave comments on some of the participants’ blogs. Your blog is so much easier to navigate.

    1. I’m having the same result as you, Helen, on some of the blogs. I have no idea what’s going on lol. They are still fun to visit.

    2. I am so glad that you mentioned that. I have found the same thing on some of the blogs. It makes the work that you and your daughter do to make your blog run smoothly so appreciated.

      1. I agree too. Can’t leave comments on some of the blogs. I am not about to post my email so everyone else posting can see it.

  8. I LOVE the quilt that may be for the Fireman’s Breakfast! I would love to take a chance on it…any possibility?

  9. Sherry Hawbecker

    Jo, I didn’t read of this years experience at Mayo Clinic, and I couldn’t open it where you had indicated a link. Hope all went fine.

  10. I just read about your trip to Mayo, and had not had the privilege of reading about it before. For some reason, I can’t receive anything from you except the above blog, which is Jo’s Country Digest. The other one, which incorporates other womens’ blogs too, has disappeared from my computer. I thought I had done everything right to sign up again when you switched your websites, but I haven’t had your longer blog since then. Can you tell me what I need to do to get back with you? Also, the “here” in the above blog wasn’t underlined so I couldn’t site it again to find out why you were having medical issues. I REALLY MISS the other blog!!

  11. That quilt you are working on is gorgeous!! I finally got my longarm set up although the sewing room is still a mess. My long arm is manual so is still a learning curve but I would love do some of the smaller quilts for the “Unwed Mothers Shelter” here. So, if you still have some smaller quilts, I would be glad to take them and finish them to donate.
    Lots of rain here in SC, and no snow….although I was wishing for the white stuff!!! I love snow!

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