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We had a busy week and nothing really happened in the sewing room.  We were gone for two days at the waterpark.  Christmas was in there and New Year too.  Plus I had committed to some cross-stitching starts.

More than that…I wasn’t in the mood to clean.  I’ve gotten most everything cleaned from all the other rooms but the sewing room never got completely cleaned and then it became a dump at Christmas.  It’s not terrible but I really need to spend about an hour in there…maybe two of real cleaning for me to really feel good about sitting down to sew.

This is the remnants of various leftover projects.  My new camera is at the end of the table.  I need to learn to use it and I’m terrible at that.  I keep hoping Kalissa might have some free time and help me with it.

A wonderful blog reader sent me… two UFOs that I’ll likely finish and donate to charity…but they need to find a home in the meantime.   I’m super excited to have them and can’t wait to dig in but I have other projects that have to come first.

CeeCee a former foster dog chewed one of the dog beds and I need to repair it…UGH.  I hate repairing but I hate paying for new ones even more!!

I don’t have my grandson Anders’s quilt finished.  That really needs to move up the ladder.  I need to have some free time to simply sit and sew.

When I moved things around so the woodwork trim could be finished, I moved some things around.  Now, these don’t have a nail on the wall so they can’t hang.  I just need to remember to bring nails upstairs with me.  I already have a hammer.

I did iron my leader and ender blocks and found I have 23.  I have no idea what I’m going to make with them.  ZERO.  I just know I wanted a leader and ender and I had a bunch of blue and white 2″ strips.

I did sew the first part of the flying geese for these little star blocks I’ve been working on…but that’s the only real sewing I did this week.

I quickly sewed them one morning thinking I’d iron them in the afternoon when the grandkids were here sleeping but that never happened.  So they are waiting for me too.

I want to get into my sewing room and finish cleaning so I feel better about sewing.  I am someone who doesn’t go and sew if I know there is cleaning that should be done….so then I don’t go up to my sewing room because I don’t want to clean.  Please tell me I’m not the only only one to do that!!  How about we all set our minds to cleaning in our sewing area for two hours this week?  You can do it with one big push or you can do it in 20-minute segments….whatever works for you.  I know me, I’ll feel much better if I just DO IT!

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  1. I need to clean my sewing room too!! But I’m still working on Barbie doll clothes for a Christmas gift exchange on the 7th!! I so wish I was done !!!

  2. Right there with you Jo, I need to clean up my room but it’s so much more fun to just keep sewing, LOL. Guess I’ll try to get it a little cleaned up as soon as I finish the top I’m working on.

  3. I don’t have a room – just a closet in the RV but everything gets thrown in there from puppy pads to dog and cat food to old papers. I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying t arrange things. It still isn’t what I’d like but it certainly is better than it was before!
    Good luck with cleaning your sewing area. You truly will love your space or at least be able to see what you have like I can now! LOL!
    Love and prayers

  4. I don’t have a room – just a closet in the RV but everything gets thrown in there from puppy pads to dog and cat food to old papers. I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying t arrange things. It still isn’t what I’d like but it certainly is better than it was before!
    Good luck with cleaning your sewing area. You truly will love your space or at least be able to see what you have like I can now! LOL!
    Love and prayers

  5. I went into my room early today and carried dog toys out and straightened up a little. Later today I will do more cleaning even though I don’t have a very big mess. My big issue is that I have a raspberry colored carpet and every single thread shows. We are pulling it out this month and I think the floor is a tan tile, I sure hope so. Good luck in getting your room back together. I like things neat too.

  6. I am one who don’t want to sew if II need to clean. Also one who did the Christmas dump. Been sick, so didn’t get it done by the new year. Now, it is time to get it done. Not going to get sidetracked. Going to do it, 30 minutes at a time. Knowing I am not alone helps a lot. Keep me updated.

  7. I had started a few days ago but took yesterday for teaching a quilting lesson to DIL and grandson’s bride. Back to a bit of cleaning today.

  8. Beth Culbertson

    I actually ended the year on a good note, finishing up 3 UFOs for charity and doing some odd mending. We’re headed out tomorrow for a week of vacation. When I get back home, I can resume my “work” of making tshirt quilts. I am booked solid till the end of February!

  9. My sewing room is also an extra bedroom which isn’t used. I have a basket of fabric that won’t fit in with it’s like colors that sits in front of drawer. But on top of that is ano5her basket with miscellaneous fabrics that is beginning to bug me. I have several totes with fabrics that new purchase needs to be addressed, that is beginning to bug me. I made quilt kits for charity quilts for mr guild which weren’t taken so they are in a bag and I am sewing them up. I put things up genetically after I cut something out, or finish sewing for the day or new purchases. If I kit something up, it goes in a tote next to my machine to sew. I am kind of put it away person. Leaving stuff out bugs me. But that’s just me. I don’t have a whole room which is probably a good thing so with my limited space everything has to be put up.

  10. I’m with you Jo, can’t sit down & sew if my room needs cleaning, hope to do it today! Happy New Year!!

  11. I would never get any sewing done if things had to be clean!! Lol. I cut fabric on my kitchen counter. Scrap pile was pretty big. On Saturday I was able to cut it up into the sizes for my scrap users system. Also one pile that was in my sewing room. I have one more pile of scraps I hope to take care of this week.


    Hi Jo
    I am with you too, cannot sew if the room needs a clean, I was told years ago, its known as a sufferer from Visual Noise syndrome! Once cleaning is done I sit there in an air of peace and calm around me. Just love that feeling

  13. Great idea to challenge us this week. I’m also one who avoids my room if it’s too messy, so I will join you and try to have it done so I can spend Sunday sewing.

  14. Hi. This is just a note about the Spice of Life quilt book. I have developed a habit of putting things that I would “like to have” on the list in Amazon. When I am doing an order that I “have to have” and it is not quite enough for free shipping, etc, I indulge in one of my wants. I went to select one for a Christmas order. Amazon had put up a notice of several used copies of the Spice of Life book. They were all in the $20-$30 range. I found one that said it was like new for almost $27. I took a chance and ordered it. It came Sat, and it is perfect. It even feels like a new book when you turn the pages. I am so happy with it. I wanted share this in case others wanted the book but like me are unsure about ordering a used book. Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2023.

  15. Virginia Grenier

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about not getting stuff done. There’s ALWAYS more cleaning/organizing/straightening, etc that can/should be done. I could never seem to get the house done enough to have guilt-free sewing until I made a schedule and since I have a bad memory I decided to do the first letter of the day of the week association to remember what to do on what day. For example: Monday is 1) microwave 2) mirrors 3) make up a bed – basically change the sheets and Tuesday is 1) toilet 2) trash 3) towels, etc. etc. etc. Once I get that day’s chores done, I’m free to have some guiltless fun!

    I’m participating in Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts YouTube channel’s 2023 Declutter Challenge. Each day, for 21 days, she gives a different thing we are to focus on. So far, so good.

  16. My sewing room is on main level of house so I have to keep it somewhat clean. If somebody is coming who might come in my room, out come laundry baskets and some things are put into them so my room doesn’t look so bad. The baskets are then stashed in my closet. Thankfully I don’t have too many visitors! I straighten up often, but not necessarily cleaned.

  17. Jo- I too am a person who hates clutter and mess. I can’t do anything, in sewing room or house, until things are clean, tidy and organized. (That’s one of my excuses for not being very productive in the quilting studio!) I love my home and studio, but need order around me. I am so amazed at how productive you, and many other quilters are! I am older, (72,) so am a bit slow moving. I have made many baby quilts, wall hangings, pillows, teddy bears and dolls, but only three full sized quilts, two throw sized quilts, and have approx. 75 UFO’s from taking classes and not finishing projects! (GULP!) I have a baby quilt top needing quilting and binding on my sewing table, a full sized row quilt 1/4 done, on my display wall, and a king sized pastel, floral, and birds quilt, just started for me. I’ve given all my other creations away, usually to family. I’ve been working at sewing/quilting since expecting my 2nd baby in 1975. I love creating, love color, and love quilts. I always back mine with flannel to keep them from sliding off the bed! My Grandmother made quilts, which I cherish, but she didn’t share the process with me. Love your blog!

  18. Thanks for all the responses to cleaning, some of the ideas I can use. I am managing fabric more than sewing and using up. I do like to organize. Every project makes a mess.
    I collect strips to braid into rugs and I have been overwhelmed with strips recently.
    I’ll make written plans.

  19. Redo ???!!!, jo, your studio looks pristine compared to mine… mine is 12 x 14, mobil home. I spent xmas eve to today …sorting, culling, throwing, rethinking, planning, trying to figure out how to store, culling books & 4 3 ring binders, putting together “kits”, I create for future projects
    , oh yes, vac etc. I still can’t move much. I’ve called a moratorium on any fabric…PERIOD. I have iver 100 “kits” after culling about 30
    Packed to be sent to best in Florida who also q’s, she’ll likely sell them at her guild. No guild here for me, only 1 is not “user” friendly at all. 1 shop in the same category. Oh well. Still more to do.
    You can pull your room together , I have confidence in your skills?!

  20. Like Virginia, I’m participating in Karen Brown’s De-clutter Challenge. I did it last year and found it very helpful. Some days the task for the day took me 15 minutes or less but one task took me hours to complete. It was refreshing when it was done last year, so here we go again!

  21. Same here– want things to be clean BEFORE I start –whether it is in the sewing room or the kitchen before I start a meal–I CLEAN —kinda crazy but—sure is hard to change the habits of a lifetime. And I can’t clean my sewing room, cause I’m not home yet. Right now glad I am not–because there is Ice storm warnings???
    Good luck in your endeavors though JO!!!

  22. I cleaned and vacuumed my space yesterday. I almost always cut the scraps up after every quilt so I never have an overwhelming task in that regard. I also spent about an hour cleaning my sewing machine, that needs cleaning too! I too feel better sewing and enjoy it more if my space is tidy.

  23. I’m still cleaning /clearing up my quilt room – it needs another 2-3 days to finish it. I literally had stacks of fabrics, scraps, books, printouts from internet searches, etc EVERYWHERE. Keeping fingers crossed I can get it done this week! Regarding your hammer & no nails….I’ve always kept a small hammer & nails in my quilt desk drawer. You can easily use a washed Altoids tin (which I had dozens of before I started giving them to my sewing/quilt ‘students’ at a local senior center that I teach at). I keep a variety of sizes of nails, some push pins, etc . I have easily 2 1/2 dozen that are marked: thimbles, hand needles, bobbins (for each sewing machine), tiny trim pieces, and others. That has come in handy lots over the years! Happy New Year to you, Jo! Deb E

  24. I’ve been moving my stuff into my quilt room, had a longarm arrive last month so “trying” to get it going. Badly need a quilt finish and am finding I have to learn all over again, but at least it isn’t so painful on the shoulders! Currently putting off going in there to do anything because I did get the tension just right and now the thread breaks somewhere in the middle – methinks I may have some thread awol in the tensioner. All other boxes ticked – ugh! Then I will get cracking on finding better places for things. I have room, just organised chaos! Then the cats come in to keep me company – I need eyes in the back of my head (developed those with the children) and at the sides too!

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