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Before I get into today’s post, I want to let you know that I will be doing a Facebook/Youtube live on Wednesday the 28th at 7pm CENTRAL time.   I sent out an event notice on Facebook.  If you have questions that you want me to ask, feel free to leave them in the comments or email me.  If you leave a comment please say:  “Live Question” and then ask it.  That way those can easily be flagged so I can answer them.  This will be recorded and you’ll be able to watch it later.  Now to today’s post…

I was super busy in the sewing department last week. Part of the big push was in an effort to get a few things cleaned up and put away so I was ready for Christmas.

I got my Iowa Hawkeyes quilt top ironed and ready for the longarm.  I have backing fabric courtesy of a blog reader.  Thanks so much.  I need to piece the backing together and get the project’s machine quilting done.

I am finishing this just in time.  Kalissa, my daughter, let me know that a fundraiser is being held in February to raise money for an all-inclusive park for children in our neighboring town.  I think it’s an amazing cause and I would be so happy for my quilt to go to help raise money so they can get some fun equipment for kids of differing abilities.

Although my grandson Gannon is okay physically and can use regular equipment, his differing needs have really made me more compassionate and want to support others who can use this equipment.

I’m also happy because Kalissa specifically talked to me and made me aware of the fundraiser.  She asked about the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt as she’s seen me working on it lately.  She asked if I have a place I was donating it to and I said, I do but I don’t.  I was planning on donating this for a fundraiser in August…well I have plenty of time to make another quilt by then so YES…I’ll donate this one.

If anyone has anything they would like to donate, feel free to let me know.  I’m sure they would take other donations.

You might remember that my foster dogs got my hourglass quilt and chewed four blocks.  I got replacement blocks made and the quilt got repaired.

I ended up finding one more …along the edge that needed repair so that one got fixed too.

I ended up adding borders and even got this one through the longarm.  YAHOO!!  I didn’t get it bound yet though.  That is on this week’s agenda.

While I was at the longarm, I loaded this quilt for the upcoming Villa Rosa blog hop.  This one is off the longarm too.  This one also needs to get bound this week so it’s all ready for the blog hop that will be coming at the end of the month.  I might donate this one to the benefit too.

I’ve been casually working on these star blocks in between other projects.  I’ve been trying to sew 10 or so each week.  Most weeks I’ve been getting a few more than that done.  Well I was out of cut out pieces so I cut more.

Sorry, the picture was dark.  I’ve been clipping each blog together.  I love wonder clips for these.  I got my little tin with the clips HERE on Amazon.  They were only $8.  They work so well for this!  I have 77 done.  I need 180.  I think I have the rest cut out.  I lost track of the count.

I also started working on these as leaders and enders.  After I made my True Blue quilt, I had a bunch of leftover white and blue strips that were 2″ wide.  I decided to start making nine patch blocks with them.  I have no idea what this quilt will be.  I haven’t designed it at all.  I just know that it will use some white and blue nine patches.

There is no deadline for this…no plan other than to make some nine patches.  I might partner something red with them to make a patriotic quilt.

It seems to me like every time I’m going to make a scrap quilt, I pull all the pieces out, make a quilt and somehow, it seems like I have more scraps than when I started.  Well…I have a solution to that.  Have Izzy lay on the scraps!! She squishes them all down and I finally feel like I used them up.  HA!!

That’s all I have for you this week.  I have some family things going on and I also have some free time.  I’m sure some of that free time will be spent in the sewing room and hopefully, I’ll get a few more videos made!!

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I like all your quilts! How you get so many done when you’re so busy with family and friends is amazing. Thank you for inspiration to get up and do.

  2. The date listed at the beginning of your blog today says December 20 for your Facebook live event. Shouldn’t that be December 28th?

  3. Susan from Michigan

    Live question:
    Do you have sewing goals for the new year? Is there any advice you can give on getting sewing mojo back?

  4. You are an inspiration! My DDIL wanted me to make a wall hanging for my son for Christmas. She ordered a large canvas picture to be used in it. I am NOT a designer-I am the queen of buying quilt kits or blocks of the month so I have it all decided for me. So, after a little thought (she didn’t give me pic till last week!), I decided to make those stars for above & below the picture. It was pretty wide for the wall where it was going to be hung, so nothing on sides, only the border I put around whole canvas. I made stars all the same, using the black border fabric as a background-thus my stars were “floating”. It looked very nice. Not real fancy, but perfect for a 3 generation deer hunting picture. Thanks, you made my job much less stressful! Hugs,

  5. Any possibility of a scrappy quilt along in the new year?? The Iowa quilt is a beauty. Happy New Year, Jo. Blessings.

  6. Virginia Grenier

    I purchased several packs of those clips. They’re great! What I’ve been doing is counting out the clips – one per unit/block – for whatever it is that I’m cutting pieces for. When all the clips are filled, I know I have enough for the quilt.

  7. Katherine Gourley

    I love Izzy–such a sweet puppy. You kindly left me a comment on one of my comments. Do not laugh to hard, but it took me 7 attempts to get a binding on a lap quilt and Jo, you just whip them out. My crazy disease just continues to progress and oh how I wish that I had retired sooner.

  8. QUESTION for the FB – do you ever iron your seams open? is there a trick you use to not burn your fingers?
    I won’t be able to watch it live but I appreciate it when I can go back and watch.

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