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I was busy in the sewing room this week.  I’ll admit.  I did not clean it first.  I just needed some machine time.  I think you can all relate to that.  Sometimes machine time can clear your head like few other things can.

I worked on several different projects.  I’ve been plugging along on the little star blocks.

I got all that I have cut out sewn now…that was 77 of them.  I’ve done a few here and there over the last month or so.

I looked it up and I need… 180 if I don’t make the quilt any larger.  So that means I’m not even halfway finished.  I started cutting out more.  I’m going to cut enough to use up all of my clips and see how close that gets me to 180.  I am so glad I pick this up and started just working on them gradually.  It’s my oldest WIP I think.

I was not quite finished with my Iowa Hawkeyes quilt top.  I thought I was but then as I was cleaning I saw that I had cut out more blocks.  I sewed them up…even got them sewn into rows only to discover I had turned ALL of the triangles the wrong way.  I thought about just leaving it and making another quilt someday…but then I decided no.  I didn’t want another thing just hanging around so I ripped them apart.  I resewed them and put them onto the top.

Here is Izzy showing it off.  I need to iron the top yet.  A wonderful blog reader sent me flannel for the backing that is Iowa Hawkeyes-themed.  SERENDIPITY!!  I was happy to get that!!

Hopefully one day this week I will get the top ironed and the backing made.

I worked on my Villa Rose project.  You can see I’m doing it in Kaffe prints.

This is the top.  I got a backing made too.  The plan is to get this one the frame ASAP.  I’d like to have it finished for when the blog hop that I’m participating in comes around at the end of January…watch for that!!

I did some repairs on my hourglass quilt.  You might remember I was fostering pups BeeBee and CeeCee.  They got ahold of this…well, it was CeeCee and gave it a chew.

I got the section ripped out and I have more pieces cut and partially sewn.  I’m hoping to finish this up this week.   I’d like to have the top comply done by Christmas.  I’ve been slow going on this.

What a crazy combo of things I sewed on this week.

A reproduction quilt with mini stars…
A novelty print Iowa Hawkeyes quilt…
A large scale quilt with Kaffe prints…
and a scrappy UFO

I guess you can say I have a lot of variety in what I’m sewing!!  I love that I’m not all stuck in one mode.  At one point Kelli and I had talked about wanting to try to design quilt fabric.  Then we saw so many designers like Fig Tree or Lori Holt or French General or Minick and Simpson.  All of them started in a color theme/genere…and now they are stuck there.  That would be the death of me!  I love variety.  How about you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I like bright colors in quilts and have been collecting Kaffe fabrics ever since they came out… earlier ones not being quite so bright. I googled the Villa Rose quilt patterns to purchase, but only villa rosa came up, can you show a picture of the pattern please or reply? I’d love to make one, thanks!

    1. Hi Becky…this is a new pattern that will be coming out. It’s not available yet. Five new designs will be released at the end of January.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    You made up for taking time off with the family. Everything looks so good I have a quilt to finish by the 24th. I’ve been out of action for a long time. Time to clear my sewing table and get to it. Thanks for helping get back to it.

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    If you design your own fabric, you can produce what you want! You’ve mentioned that it’s getting harder to find some types of things!

  4. Great projects Jo!
    Yes! I love variety! I do really like reproduction prints but it’s definitely fun to pop over to something bright or novelty. That is why scrap quilts appeal to me so much, I’m not stuck working with just 5 fabrics!

  5. I love variety too. Some days I will sew very bright cheerful fabrics into a quilt and other days I’m making a civil war dark fabric quilt. I love looking through all my stash and seeing the variety of my fabrics, they are all over the place. I have to say my favorite fabrics of all are floral, I just love flowers. Because of that, I end up making most quilts that are more feminine. I’m trying to make more quilts for boys now so they have some when I donate.

  6. I can’t get over how much Izzy looks like the dog I had growing up! Every time you post a picture, I’m brought back to childhood. It’s funny how that works. :)

  7. I get what you mean about the designers. If you make all your lines to coordinate then you are basically working with the same 4 colors twice a year. I don’t love any designer that much!!

  8. I like to work with a variety of colors. I don’t think I would do very well working with the same colors or hues all the time. I do try to alternate between masculine and feminine prints and colors for quilts I donate. I just finished a Christmas print throw for our sofa, not fabrics I usually use, but I am very pleased with it!

  9. I love variety too. I guess that is why I have a stash. When I see a pattern, I just get started. Love that way. You inspire me Jo.

  10. I like variety too. I wonder sometimes if I have attention deficient when there’s too many to finish. But variety is the spice of life!!!

  11. Looking good, Jo! I like a variety of color while I have a set style for the most part. Every so often I go off my style but I pretty well stay within what I call “my colors”.

  12. I agree with you – love Kaffe Fassett, primitive, college designs, etc., etc. Could not do just one. That is my problem overall. I love to collect – blue and white china, pink china, butter pats, doilies, old silver items, pitchers, demitasse cups and saucers and on and on and on. I do enjoy your messages and all your quilts, family stories, etc. Please be your interesting self.

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