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I’m actually surprised I got anything done last week in the sewing department.  I had grandsons, Carver and Anders, here most of the days and even had them overnight.

One school day when Anders was here I went upstairs and grabbed my bucked with Kaffe fabrics.  Over the years I’ve collected fabric.  Some was sent by blog readers.  Some was leftovers from other projects I did and most was from a package of fabric I got from the thrift store.

I am going to be part of a blog hop with Villa Rose Designs.  It will be happening in January.  I thought I better get started on it because who knows what will be happening with my family by the time the actual blog hop comes around.

This is the…pattern.  It isn’t released yet but will be by then.

I thought the large-scale Kaffe prints would be perfect for the project.

I added the final row onto my hourglass quilt.  I brought it downstairs and ironed it.  I know I can finish the quilt as-s but I’d kind of like something that “finishes” the design.  I was thinking about doing something like you see below…

What do you think??  Would you leave it as is or would you add the outer border I was thinking about?

As I was auditioning the border, look what I noticed.  CeeCee and BeeBee, my foster pups, did this.  They ate this little section.  The quilt was sitting on the table.  The pen the dogs were in was close.  They got ahold of the quilt and I didn’t see that they had it.  UGH.

Thankfully that’s the only damage I saw.  While I had the quilt out and was looking it over, Izzy plopped down on it.

She loves dog toys and thankfully only chews on them.

Kalissa contacted me when she was in the hospital.  She sent me this picture.  She wants me to try to make these pockets for Gannon’s Ng Tube.

I found a Youtube video that showed how to make them.  You can find it HERE.

They weren’t hard to make…In no time I had several that were this far along.

There is a piece of vinyl in between the fabrics.

Once I got that far I had to order a bunch of stuff via Walmart pick-up.  I needed some findings and snaps.  I’ve never used snaps before so there was a learning curve that I did okay with.

I ended up finishing two when I realized that they would be easier to make if I had a D-ring.  So I put in an order for those.

I took the two over to Gannon to see if they worked as Kalissa intended.  It turns out Gannon liked the dog one.

He wasn’t in the mood for a picture.  Sorry.  It does work though and he does like it.

Originally he wanted an Army one.  Donna from the Cresco Ladies had some fabric that she is giving me to make one.  I believe it’s from her daughter’s actual Army shirt.  I’ll make his one with that next.

The end of the tube that hooks up to the feeding bag goes into the pocket and the pocket gets hooked to his shirt.  It’s all more sanitary this way.

I’ll soon make more…Hopefully we won’t need them.

So that’s what I’ve been up to as far as sewing goes…

21 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo, I LOVE your idea of bordering the hourglass quilt with the 3 neutral triangles on the outer edge! FYI–your blog is the first one I read each day. You have been more of an encouragement to me than you know… In July, my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma (and we have no clue where he was ever exposed to asbestos), so the last 5 months have been learning about chemo and helping him battle the side effects. Mesothelioma almost never goes into “remission”, and the chemo will only give him more months, not years, we are told. That’s okay in a way; he’s ready to meet Jesus, but as you know so well, it’s still very hard to give up those years together we had dreamed of.
    Ruth in VA

      1. If it’s not too late, may I suggest previewing those border hourglass blocks with the dark triangle on the outer edge instead of the inner one? The way it is now, every other dark triangle will but up against other dark triangles, forming a dark 2-colord square, which is a different look from the rest of the quilt.

  2. Good Morning my friend – Seeing the picture of the chewed end of the quilt reminded me to contact my dd – her dog chewed on her new Christmas quilt that I made for her and the family so I need to repair it.
    The pocket for Gannon’s feeding tube is so neat. Never knew they existed. How is he doing? Keeping him and everyone in my prayers.
    Love and prayers

  3. Don’t be sorry Andres isn’t up for a picture. He doesn’t feel well and who feels like a picture then? NOT ME!!! When I am sick I just want to baby myself a little and when I was little and sick I wanted grandma to baby me a little. ;)

  4. I was excited to hear that Villa Rosa will be having a blog hop! I love their patterns! I keep saying prayers for Gannon. I’m glad the pockets are working out for him. Hopefully they will temporary.

  5. Glad Gannon is able to be home, hope he improves quickly! For the hour glass quilt I love the idea of a border. For the border you have, what if on the blocks that have a light side out to match that with an all light hour glass block? Then every other unit would have a dark square and the eye would follow that. Hope you can understand my vision for the border. Love your blog!

  6. What a sweet little guy! Hope he is doing better now!
    Your quilt is beautiful. I was thinking, since it’s a busy pattern maybe a solid boarder would look nice or prairie points in a solid color. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look really nice.

  7. Love the little pockets for the NG tube – and hope some Gannon-selected fabric will cheer him up a bit! Poor little guy – we all send prayers for a speedy and complete recovery…
    I like the border idea for the quilt – gives it a finished look, but it would like great without it too!

  8. To me, a border on a quilt is like a frame on a picture. I agree it needs a border. The hour glasses are vibrant enough that even a plain border would highlight its color and movement. Continuing to remember Gannon in my prayers.

  9. Lots of good ideas here! What if you turned the border hourglass the other way, so the dark triangles make a line around the outside? Then a solid border around that? Maybe?

  10. Love your quilts, Jo. For the hourglass border, you might consider a very thin border first, before the outside hourglass border. Kinda’ like a frame. (.?)
    So happy that Gannon is back at home.

  11. Hi Jo, what if you turn that border edge you have placed around so the neutral colours are next to the quilt body and the coloured triangle sits on the outside and creates the border? I wonder what that’d look like? All power to you and your family.

  12. I’m with Peggy S—-thin inner border (I would use a solid) and then your hourglass blocks. I don’t see a border with the way you’re showing it, I love Villa Rosa patterns. Glad to hear they are doing hop and that you are part of it

  13. I love the hourglass quilt (despite the puppy chews haha) and agree with the others who suggested a border.
    It must be such a relief to have Gannon home. Sending him hugs x

  14. Good to see Gannon out of the hospital. I hope he soon recovers because being home is great medicine. Poor little mite.
    Ooh pesky puppies! LOL! I was laying out my quilt to trim backing and boom – one of the cats leapt up and chased the moving folds – NOOOOO! The other one was giving me a tug of war with my tape measure – NOOOOOO not you too!!! So we keep calm and carry on. Good job you have plenty of scraps! LOL!
    Many thanks for the 9 patch star pattern also.

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