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Whew…what a week!!  I’ve been busy.  The little time I did have to dedicate to the sewing room was entirely filled with polishing and sparkling the new-to-me wood trim in the upstairs hallway, bathroom, and sewing room.  I did get a lot of stuff put away and reorganized.  As long as I had so many things out, I’ve gone through a little destashing and reorganizing.  My piles are MUCH smaller.

I’m making progress.  This is what is left in my bedroom…

This is the island …in the sewing room.  I really think if I would get about three good hours in I would be ready to go.

As I was cleaning I put my to-longarm quilts back on my Quilt Keeper hanger.  I really love this hanger for storing my quilts that need to be longarmed.  It hangs on the door and keeps them out of the way.  More than that, I love that it reminds me that I need to quilt them.  There is nothing like keeping something out and in plain sight as a reminder.

It just so happens that Ellen from Quilt Keeper contacted me and told me I could offer you all 10% off if you use the code JOSBLOG at checkout.  HERE is a link to their website if you are interested in their over-the-door quilt hanger.  They offer a discount if you buy three so buy two as gifts and keep one for yourself.  HA!!

When I was cleaning and hanging the quilts on the rack, I saw this one there.  It’s a completed top now.  It was one of my Dirty Dozen UFO quilts that I really wanted to finish.

This was gifted by a blog reader and originally came to me like this.  I got it all sewn but had hoped to get in all the finished last month as it was the Dirty Dozen UFO that was called.  Drat.

I am super excited about this…I’m happy that one of the quilts in the listing doesn’t look complicated to finish.

That got me thinking that I should look up the December UFO.  It is #4-Floribunda.  Blah.  I don’t think I’ll get to this one.

There really isn’t a start to this.  I would feel more comfortable calling it a kit than a start.

This is a Bonnie Hunter freebie pattern.  Oh, I’d like to get it finished.  Alas.

My Iowa Hawkeyes quilt is waiting.  Twice I almost pushed the stuff that needs to be put away aside and started sewing without finishing the cleaning…but, I know better.  I can’t do that or I’ll never finish doing the cleaning.

I changed the way I’m keeping my African Violets.  At least I’m trying this to see if I like it.  I wish I could keep more plants on the main floor of the house but between kids and dogs, but it’s not the safest for my plants or the kids and dogs.

We need to make thresholds yet for the doorways.  I’ll see if I can get my son Buck to do that the next time he comes.

That’s the news from my sewing room.  Nothing too exciting…It’s progress though and I’m celebrating that!!  Hopefully this week I’ll actually get some sewing done.  Fingers crossed!!

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Love the lace curtains in your bedroom!
    Hope you have a tremendous feeling of satisfaction, getting that all done. That was a lot of work. The sawdust alone.
    Just curious, why is there a hammer on the door handle by your African Violets? They are lovely, by the way.

  2. I have a door hanger, thanks to you, in the hall. I enjoy changing the quilts for the season. It holds a tree now.

  3. I love your African Violets. I have a least 10 in a bay window and three more on my kitchen table. I too am trying to figure out a way to have them off my table. Since you door is a full light door, why not have a shelf/shelves made that attached to the door? It would look nice and not take up any floor space. Maybe Buck could make you something similar to the over the door quilt rack???? Good luck.

  4. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I noticed there is a stack of about 15 quilts….how do you keep it from falling over? :) Also in other posts you show stacks of quilts other places…how about a couple of posts detailing where the stacks are and what’s in them (for example, you may have a stack downstairs for people to use while watching TV, or a stack for donations, etc.)? How many completed quilts are in your house? Anyway, it’s easy to get distracted while cleaning the sewing room, so you did well!

  5. Your door by the african violets is the non-working door on the second floot, correct? I’ve made shelves for light weight objects using 1/4 inch clear glass. You can get shelf brackets a number of places . Maybe mount them on a board attached to a set of over the door brackets. Wouldnt want them screwed directly into your door. That would free uo floor space and let them all get good light?? Just a couple of thoughts.

  6. Jo, what is the name of the quilt on the door hanging with the gold/purple and red/green colors? It has a piece of red fabric hanging beside it. Thank you.

  7. Some progress is better than none. I’m sure you are itching to get some sewing done, so hopefully you will do so this week. You are a very busy, creative, and talented lady so much is enjoyed by you – so fun!

  8. You’re making lots of progress putting things back in order since the new trim was done. That is a big job to clean up and isn’t it nice to have it finished. When I go into my sewing space to tidy it up, I always get distracted by this or that……

  9. elizabeth a hinze

    Beautiful old house, I’m jealous : )
    I am thankful for my 70’s house
    but you’re floors, doors and trim work are gorgeous

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