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You might remember in a blog post last week I showed you this UFO.  It’s my UFO number 5.  I’ve had this out on my sewing room island just waiting for me to have some time to finish it up.

Here is something funny.  I pulled this one out and decided to work on it for the last few days of September and then once October 1st came around and Mary at Chicken Scratch Country Threads pulled the UFO number I’d decided if the UFO or it if this project, my #5 would get my attention.  Serendipity.  Mary pulled #5 so there is no having to decide which project I want to concentrate on.  YAHOO!!  This one is going full speed ahead.

This came to me in a package from a blog reader as a UFO.  It was one of my favorite packages that came in the mail!!  I’ve had so much fun with this package and can’t thank that blog reader enough.

I had written about this project and was lamenting because I didn’t have more of the red fabric that the blog reader used when they started this project.

Then another package came in the mail from yet another blog reader and she sent the matching fabric to me.  She had gotten it in a box of fabric she bought at an estate sale.  The fabric was a perfect match!!  I was so excited.

You readers take such good care of me and I appreciate it so much!

Well, this week I decided to at least… count how many bow ties I had and figure out the setting.  It turns out there are 91 total bowtie blocks.

Then I noticed there was a finished row that wasn’t attached…so I sewed that on.

Then I got more excited about it and stitched a little more on it.  I cut some more 4 1/2″ alternating blocks.

In no time at all, I had it this far…I have two more rows ready to sew on.  It’s super easy sewing being the blog reader did all that hard part.

I’m going for a 9 x 10 layout.  Although there is more fabric and I could make more blocks, I think this one is going to stay lap-sized.  Right now my plan is to have it as a Winter small quilt to hang on a quilt rack but we’ll see how big it gets and if it will fit.  It’s a simple quilt but I just love it.

In my life, simple is good.

I finished longarming my True Blue Quilt…I need to bind it and take some pictures so I can show off the finish!!

Also behind the scenes, I’ve been working on my deadline project.  Unfortunately, I can’t show off a lot of that quilt.  The magazine doesn’t want me to reveal too much.  The quilt is in a 10×12 setting.  It’s a pretty intense quilt.  I have three rows together.  I have three more sewn.  That sounds like if should quickly slap together.  Nope.  This is slow going.  I have it in my sites to get the top finished in the next week or so.  Fingers crossed I made LOTS of progress this week.

I started on Baby Anders baby quilt.  You all might remember that for our daughter Kalissa’s boys I have made them all crumb quilts with an alphabet going around the entire border.  I asked Kalissa what she wanted for Anders quilt and she said she wants another one that is similar.  So…I started on that.

Here is Gannon’s quilt.  Anders will be similar.

Many of you have said you want to know how I make the alphabet blocks. I decided that I’m taking you all along in my adventure of making this quilt and showing you exactly how I make the blocks.  I am doing it in video format.  Starting today I will be posting videos of how I make the blocks.

The first video which I’m including in this post will show the quilt and how to make the letters A, B, C, and D.  I am going to sew every letter along with you.  I don’t know how many videos it will take to get through the whole alphabet.  My aim is to have the videos between 45-60 minutes.  We’ll make as many letters as we can during that time.

If there is interest, I will make more videos and show how I make the center blocks of the quilt as well.  Years ago I did blog posts about how I made the blocks but I’m willing to do them in video format as well.  You can find the blog posts HERE.  I’ll be making the blocks anyway so filming isn’t a big deal.

I know I will be doing a Sew with Jo as I’m working on the center of the quilt too.

Here is the video for letters A-D.  You can click play and watch the video or you can go HERE, save the video and watch it on your television or device at a later time.

I am so excited that I am finally able to do this.  I’ve gotten so many requests for this.  I can finally show you how I do it.

I had a super busy week.
Thursday I was away all day visiting and doing errands.
Friday I was at a conference to learn more about social media and how to make the blog better for all of you readers.
Saturday I was at Buck’s all day helping him.
Sunday I had our daughter Kelli’s boys, Eli and Emmett here.

I’m a little behind on blog posts and very behind in the house.  I need a few catch-up days.

I had hoped to get more done but some weeks, I just don’t.  Family first…ALWAYS.  Friends are a close second and some friends rate with family.  Sewing and like will still be there.  Because of that, I can’t promise when I’ll do more videos for more letters.  Some weeks there might be two or even three videos of letters, other weeks, like this one, there might only be one.  Thanks for being patient with me.

…and YES.  I do plan to pick up the Smores UFO and get a video done for that soonish.  At least that’s my desire!!

I so appreciate all of you who are leaving comments and liking the videos.  It really makes me so happy to see such a good response to them.  It helps me see that you all appreciate the time I put into them.  THANKS.

30 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I watched the video showing you making the first letters of the new quilt. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much fir doing it.

    1. Dorothy Countryman

      That bow tie quilt is gorgeous. My first love is always Civil War prints. It looks likes one of the blocks is sideways. Second row, second one in. It’s a low contact block. Congratulations on your beautiful grandson Anders. I have already watched the video and can’t wait for more. Thank you for sharing your life and family with us.

  2. Thank you for the “letters” video! I do hope you show how you make the middle of the quilt too! I LOVE those quilts! I have 2 new great granddaughters coming soon so I need to get busy!! Thank you for all you do! You are a VERY busy woman!

  3. You may have already addressed this in the past, but I have a question? Do you ever worry about the red fabric running when the quilt is washed? I love the color red and think your UFO is stunning, but I try not to use reds much if at all or that reason and it may just be that I am old fashioned. Perhaps with prewashing and today’s fabrics it is a non-issue?

    1. I always use multiple color catchers when I wash quilts with red fabrics for the first time. Even with today’s dyes and coloring methods, reds still run. The color catchers have helped to solve the issue for me, at least. I will usually toss one in the for the second wash, but it’s that first wash where it’s absolutely critical.

  4. Thank you so much for the video!! Really makes it easier to understand making these letters. I also bought the book by Lori Holt, “Spelling Bee”, but I think I like your scrappy way a lot better!!
    Thanks for the time you are putting in the videos!!

  5. I LOVE how she randomly just whacks off pieces here and there and sews it up into a perfectly flat block! My kind of piecing for sure! I LOVE scrappy!

  6. The bow tie pattern is something I have wanted to make for a long time and yours is inspiring to me to get one done. I love the idea of a red background. I will be watching your video on the alphabet blocks and hopefully getting some made right along with you. Thanks for sharing how you do them with all of us. Your videos are easy to follow, and I learn some new tricks.

  7. I had my morning coffee this morning and watched your video on making the ABC blocks. I was so amazed at how you just fly by the seat of your pants and put them together! I can’t imagine what a mess I’d have if I did that…haha.

    I made a bow tie quilt a while back and it was fun. How generous some people are :)

  8. I love your alphabet video. You have inspired me to make one too. I don’t have recycled shirts but do have lots of neutral scraps. I can’t wait to get started!

  9. You have again accomplished so much! Thanks for adding the video. I haven’t taken the time to view it yet, but plan to. I remember the one you did before when making letters – maybe for Georgia’s doll’s quilt, that it was very good, so I am sure this will be.

  10. Once again, you’ve blown my mind! You get so much done!
    And yes, family first!
    I got tickled when you said Rosie was confused when you sat down to do a video. You sitting down meant pet-the-dog time. My dog is the same, curled up next to me when I sit.

  11. Jo, I rarely ever comment, but I read all of your blog post and I watched your latest YouTube video on your cross stitching last night. I appreciate all the time you put in and enjoy hearing about all you do. Keep up the great work! Also, I am eagerly awaiting the update on your son’s home project.

  12. I am a new subscriber and have enjoyed your blogs! Thank you for sharing. I made sure to subscribe to your YouTube channel to learn along the way. I love videos as well.

  13. Thank you so much for the video. You made it VERY DOABLE!!! I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to tackle but now I am feeling more confident about giving it a try!!

  14. I LOVE to watch all your videos! I do not longarm, but watch them with as much interest as I do your others. I just thoroughly enjoy having you in my home and seeing everything you do-to spur me on!!! I will definitely be watching when you do the center of Anders’s quilt. I am enjoying the letters, but probably won’t ever use them, but still like watching the process. But the center is a very good possibility for me. Thanks again for everything you film for us and the time you take for us. It is VERY MUCH appreciated by me and many others, I’m sure. Hugs,

  15. Thank you for all the blogs and videos. Very very inspiring and helpful. Your generosity is much appreciated!!!! Blog when you can!! no pressure from here! I just love getting them when they come!!!

  16. Your alphabet video is very much appreciated! I have a book on this and still couldn’t wrap my head around the concept, but watching your video was as game-changer! Can’t wait to get started—thank you!

  17. Did you mean to switch the bow tie second row, second one in? The value is switched, but the tie part is going the opposite direction

  18. Sandra J Bogoniewski

    Nice Tutorial!
    When you get the men’s shirts to work with, do you try to make sure they’re about the same weight/thickness? Some men’s shirts just seem to be pretty light/thin, so I’m wondering.

    1. Hi Sandra. When working with upcycled shirts I use only 100% cotton. I also do a feel test to make sure they all feel good too.

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