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I’ve had a pretty busy week in the sewing room.  It wasn’t as busy as I had hoped but still busy nonetheless.

It started with some dreaded work…Patching jeans.  I’ve learned over the years not to complain about patching them and to just do it.  These were Karl’s.  They didn’t get a fancy patch…just the best I could for everyday use.

You might remember that I made a napping quilt for Georgia, my granddaughter, for preschool.  You can read about it HERE.

After I learned that my son Buck and Lora were splitting up, I realized that I wanted to make quilts for his two girls, Lilly and Lucy.  These would be for their beds at Buck’s house.

I decided to make something similar for them only the quilts wouldn’t have their names on them.  That has been what I’m really pushed to do this week.

I’ve been making LOTS and LOTS of nine patches.

I’ve been trying to use up all of the odds and ends that I have.  Here I was using charm squares to make some of the blocks.  To do that I put two charm squares right sides together and sewed them on opposite sides.

Then at the cutting table make two cuts.  Both should be lined up at the 2 1/2″ line.  Make one vertical cut and one horizontal.

It will look like this…

Open them up and you have pieces ready to have a third square sewn to them.

The other method I used was stripe piecing.  I sewed three 2 1/2″ strips together and then ironed them.

I stack them like this and cut.

I have a video where I share a little more information on how I cut and piece so many squares so quickly.  You can watch it by clicking the play button below.

I am terrible at counting so I just make some, sew some into the quilt, and make some more.

I did need to cut some more panels.  You can find the unicorn fabric HERE.

This is how far I got…

I decided to add another row on the top and bottom.  I want these to be twin sized.

I got the idea for the layout from one of my afterschool childcare kiddos.  She was “bored” so I gave her the two piles of blocks and told her to lay out a quilt.  This is what she did.  I decided to try something similar.

I have the center of the other quilt done too.   I do have quite a few more blocks made.  Now I just need time to sew them all together.

I dug through my 2 1/2″ bucket and pulled more strips.

While I was there I organized the scraps.  Colors on one side, neutrals on the other.

Fingers crossed there will be two tops to show you next week.

I REALLY HAVE to get working on my deadline project.  It’s not one that is going to sew itself or be easy to make.  So…I need to get working on it…

I am working on having forward motion on several projects so I even made a tiny bit of progress on my True Blue quilt.  Remember there were two blocks that were not colored quite right?  I removed those last week.  This week I got four blocks made.  The picture below only shows two of them because…

The other two got sewn into the top.  I am putting one more row around the entire top before I’m calling it finished.  It’s getting close.  YAHOO!!

Blog reader Debbie sent me four quilt tops.  These are all going to my sewing room and I’ll be machine quilting them as time and necessity allow.  They are all great tops.  I’ll finish them up and donate them to worthy causes in my area.  You might remember that I said my stash of charity quilts has kind of withered away.  This will go great towards replenishing it.

I just has someone contact me this week.  The local community college has a benefit every year to help students in crisis so they can continue to attend college through a difficulty that might come their way.  I’ve always donated something in the past and hope to again this year.

Thanks Debbie.

One more thing to share…a blog reader sent this idea to me.  I don’t have much wall space but thought one of you might!!

That’s what is new in the sewing room this week…  What’s new in yours??

15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Busy girl this past week. How many times can I say I love ,love that thread spool sewing machine! I have tons of saved old wooden spools!

  2. What a clever idea to display some old wooden spools, so cute. I think the girls are going to love staying at Bucks home with those wonderful inspiring quilts waiting for them to snuggle under. I like how you used the charms squares to get your 9 patches, super good idea. I have been busy cleaning and scrubbing my quilting space as I pack for a weeklong retreat coming up. I hope to have my fabrics precut before I leave so I can just sit n sew.

  3. The quilts for the girls are going to be very cute. It still surprises me how much you accomplish and how you can make quilts from your scraps. I know I have scraps, even after giving lots away before moving, but I just don’t if there are quilts in them. Yours are great!!

  4. Loved this post. You are an inspiration. P.S. I’d love to know how you patched those jeans! I have two of my very favorites waiting in the mending basket and am not sure of a good technique along those seams…

  5. It’s funny how different people perceive things differently. I LOVE patching my husband’s jeans! It feels like I’m “sticking it to the man” (guess I’m showing my age) by getting more use out of favorite worn clothing instead of just buying new stuff.

    My husband has 2 pairs of jean shorts that the hems were frayed on the left side and worn through at the bottom of the front pocket. I looked at your blog to get ideas as to the best way to mend them and met a new friend at the fabric store discussing whether I should use iron on patch or plain fabric.

    I decided to raid my denim stash and found a piece that was a pretty good match and cut it about an inch wide and an inch longer than the worn spot. I sewed the patch on the backside of the hole and then zigzagged a lot around the worn through area. Then I cut a large oval patch that I folded in half and sewed over the frayed hem and the patch. I zigzagged around the edges of the oval patch. It was pretty thick in places but I have an old metal Kenmore sewing machine that is almost as old as I am and is a workhorse.

    It came out so well I did the 2nd pair of shorts that weren’t quite so worn because I had the blue thread on the machine. Yesterday I noticed the right side of his shorts are starting to fray so I’ve already cut out my patches!

    My husband just laughes since he bought these shorts on clearance at Costco a couple of years ago for $5 each. He said “your billable time” makes these patched jeans about $100 each!

  6. Really nice ideas about those two quilts for the granddaughters. We will be going to Texas the end of October for the winter so I’ve gone through my fabrics and paired them with patterns. That was fun. Then I made a baby quilt from all thrift store fabrics. Now I’m washing vintage quilt tops I bought that have stains on them. Not so fun. Today will be mending some of those tops that have seams splitting. Fall is here so I need to get some cooler weather clothes out. Always busy here.

  7. I love how the quilts for Lilly and Lucy are coming along. Very pretty! You did have a busy week, it looks like you are making progress on a lot of projects. I have my sewing stuff put away/packed up. We are leaving for Arizona in less than a week, and I am taking a lot of fabric and projects with, to work on this fall and winter.

  8. well I mended a couple of jeans for my husband and the repairs needed to be done in the same area as Karls. This is not the first time the jeans have needed mending in the same area; I am thinking there is some sort of error in the way the cutting is done. too much bias in that area?? makes for a less than desirable patch/ next shopping trip i will be checking the jeans out more closely.
    I am anxious to try out your speedy cutting method. thanks.

  9. That blue pinwheel quilt is a showstopper. The biggest showstopper however was your dog. I adore beagles and her pose displays all the traits of one. Loooove that white tip on her tail and her short muscular legs. Thank you for all you do for us, including showing pics of your stunning little beagle.

  10. I’d say you’ve been very productive – and the girls will love their quilts!
    I “need” to make that True Blue pattern – it is calling me. And that spool machine is so cute!!! Thanks for the idea!

  11. I wish I knew how to send a picture, alas NOT! I Finished 41 quilts, baby to queen spreads, all tied, to allow affordability. Had a “Quilt Yard Sale”, this weekend. Put up plenty of signs, great weather, made me some good eats & put my Featherweight on a small table. Got 99% of piecing done on custom order, had good stop bys & visits. Made much needed $, I could not be more pleased. Will do again next weekend depends on weather. All the quilts hanging & displayed in my yard made me so pleased. What a sight. So many lovely comments. At my age , very gratifying.

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