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I had quite a bit of time off last week from grandkids and family but still, I didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped in the sewing department.  I’ll tell you more about that later in tonight’s and tomorrow morning blog posts.

Here is what I did accomplish.

A family friend of ours has been learning to sew.  She is 14 and came over for some advice.  She had some 30’s print fabric that she got from her Grandma who passed away.  She wanted to make a quilt.  She had one 3-yard piece and I offered her some of the 30s print fabrics that all of you have gifted to me.  (THANKS SO MUCH!!)  We came up with a nine-patch design.  She is crazy about sewing and is doing an awesome job.  She sent me this picture.

MANY thanks to the blog readers who sent charm packs and a jelly roll.  I passed them to her.  THANKS for supporting a new quilter!!

You might remember that last week I told you that Kelli and had a sewing day.  We were making string pieces.

I finished up the last few pieces we needed and then cleaned up the dining room table and carried it all back upstairs.

We sewed and sewed and it doesn’t… even look like we made a dent.  Oh well.

Many thanks to blog reader Pauline for supplying the papers we used to make the string blocks.

I spent a lot of time looking for my Aftershokz headphones.  I TOTALLY love these and use them all the time.  I finally found them in my sewing room in a basket of stuff.  UGH.  I hate when I waste time because I didn’t keep track of something.

I got Gannon’s preschool quilt bound…I got pictures taken and will write a blog post about his quilt later this week.

I also got this one bound.  I got pictures of this taken and hope to get a blog post written about it as well.

I did sew some more on my True Blue blocks.  I actually filmed a “Sew with Jo” video while I sewed them.  Kalissa has been working these last few days so hasn’t had a chance to edit it.  Watch for that in the upcoming days.

I also did some ordering of fabric.  You might remember that I plan to make unicorn quilts for our son Buck’s girls, Lucy and Lilly.  Well, I needed some backing fabric so found this at Quilted Twins.  You can find it HERE.  I will make one of the girls have a pink backing and the other teal blue.  It was only $6.99 a yard.  I was happy about that.

I found more of the unicorn panel on Amazon.  You can find it HERE.

Last week was a good week that wrapped up a lot of projects and got me headed in the right direction.  School starts here for Carver tomorrow and Gannon starts a few days after.  That should give me lots of time to sew being they are at school…but I do have a lot of outside projects I want to wrap up before the snow flies.

For those of us who live in a climate with four distinct seasons, it’s a challenge and push to work things in around snow.  Thank goodness I have quilting that will take up much of the winter.

That’s it for this week.  What have you been busy working on??

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  1. Oh my , even when you it sounds as you say you didn’t manage much in the sewing dept, you still get loads done. I was just happy this week overlocking a piece of 40ct linen, YIKES. This is for a sampler , finally found the chart after 10 years of looking!!! I bought the chart new and was keen to start it, but due to a RTA I was unable to do so. and at that time never went back to stitching. I’ve moved several times since, and this chart was bugging me, it didn’t want to be found.
    it was Judy Laquidara talking about sampler month, that got me wishing for this chart, Boy was I shocked when I found it stuck inside another booklet, and more so when I realised it was dated 1993, nearly 30 years ago! Judy has been looking for it so she can SAL,. She’s not had much luck. Its called Sara Faro Sampler. Maybe there’s a fairy godmother out there who has made this and her chart needs a good home? Hope this isn’t being too cheeky.

  2. I have a great great nephew coming this month and needed a quick quilt for him. I searched through some bins while doing other work and found cute baby animals all cut out, this must have been from a thrift store. I looked through my baby boy fabrics and found the cutest blue fabric with sail boats on it. Looked some more and found perfect white with stars for the first border. Everything was from thrift stores! Today I will finish it on the long arm and get it wrapped. Then it’s some painting that’s been long neglected.

  3. How fun to work with a new quilter. I would like to do that, but so new to area that I don’t people. I look forward to seeing Gannon’s finished quilt. What I saw before was pretty cute. Lucy and Lily will like their quilts too, for sure! I have my disappearing nine patch ready for quilting and I think I will try the straight line stitching like I saw on one of your quilts. It’s always so hard to for me to decide how to quilt my quilts.

  4. I’m making a throw quilt for my daughter’s birthday. It’s scrappy red & black 9 patch.like the quilt seen in the Kevin Costner movie “Yellowstone”.

  5. Such fun quilts for the girls – they will love them!
    I am working on a star-block quilt for my daughter, all batiks. She saw it (Tucson Sunset) in an old issue of AP&Q quite a while ago. I was gifted a small tub of batiks a while back, so she picked out the ones she liked and I now have 33 out of 36 blocks done. I also started a churn dash quilt with some national park fabrics. It will make a nice throw to snuggle under while planning the next trip to a national park! Meanwhile, we’re planning a family quilt retreat here, so there will soon be another quilt in t he works. Like you, I need to get a lot of things done outdoors so I can focus on sewing this winter.

    1. How fun to have a family quilt retreat! I’m the only quilter in my family, I’d love to get together with family to quilt

  6. I’m working on a comfort quilt I’m calling To The Stars. The blocks are 8 pt. stars made with star print fabrics, and scrappy backgrounds. These alternate with Irish Chain blocks of dark blue sky fabric with lightning bolts on it with the scrappy backgrounds.
    I still need to make 1 star block and 7 Irish chain blocks then I’m ready to stitch it into a top.

  7. You’ve been busy, Jo! I’m working on a few art projects and need to finish up my August 2022 TABLESCRAPS Challenge. The Link Party is coming up this weekend on my blog and I haven’t finished yet. Yikes!! Must. Quilt. FASTER!!!

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