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I had a busy week chasing grandkids and life so sewing didn’t happen much at all.  I did get some time on Sunday and made the most of it.

Time is ticking and school will be starting around here before I know it.  I have two little grandkids that will start preschool in just a couple of weeks so I need to kick it into HIGH gear and get their napping quilts finished.

I got Gannon’s together.  The white you see on the sides is selvage and I will trim that off once it’s all quilted.  I debated on putting another blue strip of fabric across the top but I don’t have the right shade.  We’ll see.

I’m not super in love with this…I like pieced quilts more than panel quilts.

I decided to work on Georgia’s quilt a bit.  I didn’t have much time at all but started with trimming blocks.  This is the panel I bought that she picked out.  It’s all unicorns.

I cut them out at 7 1/2″.  My thought was to make alternating blocks and put a border around them to bring them up to 7 1/2″.

I got upstairs and didn’t like that idea at all.  I auditioned a few ideas and decided I like this best…There are nine patches with alternating panel blocks.  This means I have to recut all of the panel blocks to 6 1/2″.  That shouldn’t take long.  I have enough for two more rows.  I plan to put Georgia’s name on it like Gannon’s.

At that point, I’ll see how big it is.  If I want it bigger, I’ll just add a scrappy border or two of scrappy squares.  So far, I love this.

Many thanks to the blog reader who sent me a bag of already cut 2 1/2″ square of My Sister and Me fabric.  I’ve been using those plus added a few scraps of my own.  Those fabrics are just what this quilt needed.

You might remember that I am loosely following along with Mary from Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog and doing the Dirty Dozen UFO finish-up.  Well, the number that was called was my True Blue quilt.  I really didn’t have any time to work on it but when I sat down at the machine, blocks were sitting there that I had started and not finished.  In a remote effort to try to complete the quilt, I decided to finish up the blocks that were started.

You can’t tell but there are 14 more finished blocks.  YAHOO!!  I’m just thrilled to have that many more done especially on a week that I didn’t think I would get any sewn.

You can find the book with the pattern HERE.

I have another busy week ahead.  I’m hoping to get 10 more True Blue blocks done.

I have a quilt on the longarm so that has to be finished before I can put Gannon’s quilt on.  So that is high on the list to do.  I also would like to get Georgie’s top closer to a finish.  For now, I’m not putting anything else on the list.  I only have about two weeks to get those two preschool quilts completely finished.  AHH!!

Have you been busy in the sewing room or is life holding you back too??

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Did you show how you did the letters for Gannon’s name? Did I miss it ? I just wondered how you did it ? Thanks! I think the kids will LOVE their quilts !

  2. I just need to bind the quilt that I made for my daughter in law’s twin sister’s baby shower diaper raffle. Whew, that’s a crazy sentence lol. I also got a baby quilt top together for my sister’s first granddaughter. I feel pretty happy about this weekend’s sewing. Every bit done sure does help. You got a lot done!

  3. The quilts for the grandkids are wonderful and I believe they will enjoy them for years to come. Our kids are already back in school and that means busses are rolling. Makes our morning and afternoon traffic a bit more hectic, so I avoid being on the road if possible. I’m busy working on a modern quilt for the quilt show in the fall, not my favorite colors but its been fun to step outside of my usual designs and fabrics.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    No I’m stick at which comes next between two UFO’s they’re both at the same point. So who’s on 1’st. I guess I need to lay them out turn my back and flip a coin to see. With my flipping ability it will either land be tween them or on the floor. :)
    Thanks for the gentle push.

  5. We had workers in our house plus husband had many doctors visits before a heart surgery. A quilt was on the long arm for two months because I couldn’t think of how to quilt it. So I started and on the last row, the timing went out. I had planned a vacation in our RV at a place near a city not too far away for us for some R&R. I have been able to sew strip blocks with a box of fabrics from 2018, just sewing again after only doing binding for two months is wonderful.

  6. I like Gannon’s quilt even if it is a panel. He’ll love it and won’t notice that it’s not your usual pieced. Georgia’s quilt will be great too. Like you have said, summer is busy time. Even though I don’t personally have a garden, my sister, niece and I purchased 5 bushel of sweet corn and cut it off for freezing. I have been able to sew too. After you listed your dirty dozen UFO list, I made my own and working on it. There are always obstacles – like one quilt I’m making I can’t find the “perfect” accent color for sashing. I had it together and took it apart, tried a different one, don’t like that either. So I set it aside and working on different quilt. If this is the worst of my problems, I’m so grateful!!

  7. I love both the kid quilts. I know your grandkids will love them too! It’s so special to have a quilt made by grandma and with their name on it.

  8. While Gannon’s quilt his personality, I love Georgia’s. The color combinations are perfect and girlie.
    I have two grandchildren starting school next week; one is going to pre-k where his mom teaches. The other is going to a daycare. I made them quillows ( nap mats with pillows) and I must say when I gave them to the children, they loved them. I had to show them how to lay them out and that handles go next to floor and how to roll them up.

  9. I did a panel quilt for a baby gift. I felt like I had cheated by not doing more. But the mom loved it as it fit her nursery theme perfectly. It was a cute panel. I got a lot accomplished this past week. My Gypsy Wife quilt is now a flimsy after several years. Also put together two tops out of blocks that have been sitting around. I need to quilt for placemats for our guild community project and who knows what after that!

  10. Jo, You could add a boarder of stars to Gannon’s quilt, using mixed blues, if you want it longer. The kid’s preschool nap quilts are darling.

  11. Love both quilts!

    I just finished a quilt for a wedding in October and dropped it off for longarming. Yahoo!! And it means that one more tote is empty. LOL

    Have a great day, Jo!

  12. I’m having a problem deciding how to sort and store my orphan blocks. Do you sort yours by color, size or pattern? I had them all laid out but couldn’t decide how to group them, so I just put them all back in the boxes. Can anyone help with suggestions?

  13. Jeanine from Iowa

    I have not bee receiving your daily blogs by email anymore. The last one I received was on July 24. Is anyone else in the same boat? Bonnie Hunter’s have also quit coming to my email. I re-subscribed to hers, but still not getting them. Also, I’m not getting “Quilting Board.” I don’t like changes!

    Your kid quilts will be darling when finished.

  14. Your three quilts are coming along well! So cute. Maybe a a row of stars above the sky (that has stars) on Gannon’s?

    I’m stalled on a project. Ugh. Hoping to pick it up again when school starts in a few weeks.
    Our weather was gorgeous today and we went for a lunchtime walk at a park with a lake. Then stopped at a new (to us) thrift store. They had fabric, thread, cross stitch supplies, and I bought 4 cute summer tops. My new favorite shop!

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