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I had a great week in the sewing room.  I had a few days off with no grandkids around so did everything I could to spend the time in the sewing room. On top of that, we’ve had lots of rain so what I could have done outside didn’t happen and I didn’t have to water plants!!  YAHOO!! That left me time to sew!  Sadly, much time was spent cleaning and organizing but that’s okay.  Having that done will make me want to revisit the room.

Here are some of the things I got done.  I’m warning you in advance, I got a lot done.  You’re going to need a cup of coffee or a beverage to make it through this update.

The Double Wedding Ring quilt is bound.  I have pictures taken for a tutorial on how to do the scalloped binding.  I’m hoping to get that together for next week.

There will be a big finish reveal coming soon too.

Do you remember my… Stained Glass quilt?  This is for 2023 issue of Quilter’s World.  I had to get it finished up so I could send it off.  Carla finished the longarming so I had to do the binding.

Many of you were curious about how I would bind the quilt.  Here it is…

Tricky but doable.

As always, Carla’s longarm work was amazing.

I get a newsletter from Temecula Quilt Company each week.  Over the 4th she released a free pattern via the newsletter to make a table topper.

This TOTALLY tempted me.  I have a whole bunch of bonus triangles that were red so this was the perfect project for me.  PERFECT.

About an hour later I had a topper…

I would love a whole quilt like this.  Someday I just might do it.

Here it is finished on display.

Why oh why don’t I do more quick projects?  So gratifying!!

Well, that inspired me to grab this…It was on my Dirty Dozen UFO list.  Probably about 3 years ago or more a blog reader sent me these as leftovers.

I saved them and sewed them into this little table topper but I never finished it.  I was on a roll so I ironed it and decided to finish it too.

Can you believe it’s been sitting in this exact spot for over three years and I never finished it??

Some simple machine quilting…

…binding and there you have it.  I’ll use it here on this table in my entry when fall rolls around.  PERFECT!!  Again, why don’t I do more small projects?

If there is interest, I could write up a little pattern for it.

Do you remember this that a blog reader sent?  I’ve left that out as I hoped to keep working on it.  A blog reader pointed out that one unit of a star block next to the extra fabric had a twisted block.

I wanted to fix that before I forgot about it.

So…while I was waiting for Kalissa to pick me up one day, I ripped it out.

I sewed it back in only to realize the piece wasn’t sewn correctly and I needed to make a new unit.

I thought about redoing the whole block but then decided to just make the unit as close to the other pieces as possible.
This is what I ended up with.

After I ironed it, from a distance, it would be really hard to notice.  All the color tones are good.

I ended up sewing the entire middle section together and as I was ironing it, I caught another twisted piece.  It happens when I’m making projects all the time.  It’s great to know I’m not the only one.

Did you find the twisted piece…here it is.

I fixed that and then continued on until I had the entire top together.  WOWZA, right??  I think it’s so pretty.  A big thanks to the anonymous blog reader who mailed this to me.  I’ll be finishing it and then donating it.

I’ll share more details when I finish it up.

I stayed on my roll of cleaning, organizing, and finishing projects.  I pulled out this.  A good family friend had a baby boy so I need a baby quilt.  I decided to finish this up…

This is Bonnie Hunter’s Crooked Courthouse Steps.  I made a quilt like this for one of my childcare kiddos but had too many blocks leftover so I sewed them together and packed it away.  Here is that version…

Read more about it HERE.

I made a Mickey Mouse version for Scotty.

Scotty’s had Mickey Mouse in the center of each block.

You can read about it HERE.

…but back to the baby quilt.

I only needed one block so I made that…

….got the top together and decided to load it on the quilting frame right away.  I had two Minky fabrics.  I ended up choosing the teal one for backing.

I got that one finished and decided right away, before I had time to think about it to load another quilt.

Kayla made this top.  I offered to finish it.  It’s all tractors.

Kayla was here over the weekend.  I asked her if she wanted this project back?  She said no…donate it.  Then Jasper saw it and started squealing about the tractors so Kayla ended up taking it home with her and will bind it.

I hope to get the other baby quilt bound this weekend so I can gift it.

In between working on all of the projects I was doing I was working with the hourglass blocks that the same anonymous blog reader sent as a leader and ender project.  I decided to just start sewing them together and see what I had.

I have six rows sewn together and the rest of the pieces all sewn into rows.

I got about this far and realized I’d need to make more hourglass blocks. More rows are needed.  That’s totally okay.  I love making hourglass blocks.

I make mine with a companion angle ruler.

I cut strips at 1.75 and cut them with the companion angle ruler.  I sewed them together and oops.  Too small.

I made some with 2″ strips and they are perfect.  So, over the next bit, I need to cut more.  I’ll likely sew them together as a leader and ender…or possibly, just go for it and work on the projects.  I’m not committing to anything at this point except to keep on a role with UFO projects.

This week I also bound this quilt…

…and did you see I had a finish.  HERE is the link if you missed it.  I love this quilt.  It was a free pattern last summer from Primitive Gatherings.  I already passed my pattern on to a friend.  If you want the pattern I think the only way to get it is through the Primitive Gatherings webiste.
Whew…that makes me tired just writing about all of this.  Happily, I got on a roll and stuck with it.  WOW, if I could be like that every week, I’d have those UFOs and other projects sitting around all finished in no time…but then I’d miss the kiddos.  That wouldn’t be good at all.

While you’re reading this, I’m traveling to Mayo Clinic.  It’s time to go get my tests done to see if the cancer treatment that I had done in December and January worked.  I don’t see the doctor and learn the results until tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for some good news…but if not, we can deal with that too.  At least we’ll know.  Sometimes, knowing is comforting even if it is bad news.

45 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Wow you’re always totally amazing. I’m praying you’ll get a positive result so you can keep spending your time on making your beautiful quilts. God be with you Jo

  2. What a fantastic week in your sewing room, Jo! I love seeing how all your projects come together.
    Good luck with the tests, I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Superb quilts. You encourage me to sew. I read your posts every morning and they start my day with cheer. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending all the good vibes I can muster.
    Regards from sunny England

  4. Carolyn Sands

    Wow, great job and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck on your tests today. Praying for the best possible outcome.

  5. Thoughts and prayers are with you Jo. Sometime could you please share your thoughts about using Minkey as a backing. Blessings……

  6. Wow! Super achievements, and you inspire me to finish up some of my ufo stack. This past week I finish stitching four cross stitch pieces languishing since the 90’s! Thank you so much! Also with your leadership I started stitching a Savior’s Praise. I do not recommend that you spill blackberries on yours.
    Much love, dear friend whom I’ve never met.

  7. What great finishes! Congratulations!
    Will be praying for safety for your trip and good results!
    Love and prayers

  8. Lesley Gilbert

    I read your posts every day and todays was filled with so many finishes; it was amazing what you’ve achieved in the past few days. But I’m really writing to say, fingers crossed for you and I hope it’s a good result <3

  9. Cynthia from Nebraska

    You are inspiring! This week I also cleaned my sewing room. Sending a prayer for good health!

  10. Judith M Fairchild

    Jo, you were on a great roll getting things cleared up and done. I can’t pick one project that I like better than any other. They were all beautiful. Love what Jasper did . Praying for you as you get thetests done. God bless and keep you stringcandcwell.

  11. Quilter Laney

    Your accomplishments are always amazing, Jo! Sending healing thoughts that your treatments are doing the job you expect and that we’ll have many more years of your inspiration! Hugs to you and yours.

  12. “Sometimes, knowing is comforting even if it is bad news.” Those are such wise words, Jo. I’m praying for positive test results. You inspire me to do better in my sewing room. I read this blog post at 4:00 this morning when I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about how I want to be more like you. I waste too much time and that has to stop. I’m starting my Dirty Dozen list today, as soon as I finish reading blog posts. That’s something I waste entirely too much time doing. I’m going to whittle down my list of blogs I read and spend 30 more minutes sewing. Wish me luck!

  13. Beautiful projects as always and so productive. Prayer s for you continue as you fight the battle and praying for good news from your trip to Mayo.

  14. So much accomplished! Everyone is so pretty. I hope you do write a pattern for the table topper that is made with flying geese or at least mention the size of the flying geese. You will be in my prayers – may God continue to bless you.

  15. Gloria from CC

    You are absolutely amazing Jo! All your finishes are just beautiful. You inspire me. Good luck with your test results. You are always in my prayers for continued good health. Hugs.

  16. Stephani in N. TX

    I’m reading all about your quilting success while you are driving to Mayo. It’s been a week of cancer scares in our family so I can empathize with your testing and waiting on results. Our results included a negative for cancer for my brother. My sister does have breast cancer, but the lumps were tiny in each breast so she will have lumpectomy and radiation afterwards. It’s the best possible scenario in a sea of more drastic possibilities. That said, move forward with your checkup knowing the prayers of many are behind you. Loved every single quilt, may have to look them all over again. What a little whirlwind you are in the sewing room.

  17. Hello Jo! You got an amazing amount of work done in the sewing room. Wow! I would love a tutorial for the one little table decoration you made if you have the time to make one. Praying you have positive news from the doctor tomorrow regarding the treatments you received 7 and 8 months ago. Have a safe trip!

  18. I know you have a tutorial for the double wedding ring but thought it was done as a sew along in a magazine. If so what magazine/issue was it done.

  19. What a post! I have been quietly reading all of your posts here in the background for some time and I finally have to let you know how much I appreciate them. I laugh, cry, and am motivated by all that you do. Sending positive thoughts for your journey.

  20. Such great work! What talent you have!
    I’m praying, along with so many others, for your test results to be good. Thanks for keeping us posted about how you’re doing, as well and what you’re doing. You’re like family.

  21. That sure was a big batch of accomplishment! I really want to get table topper for my Martha Washington cabinet. Right now I have my old doll quilt on it. I’ll be praying for safe travels and positive results.

  22. I love reading your blogs. You are so encouraging – you get so much done! I have a new puppy – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she is full of spunk, so she has the bulk of my attention now. My other two dogs are no so sure about this new addition, but they will come around! I will continue praying for you and for positive results from your visit to Mayo.

  23. I’m sitting on the deck reading this, sipping my tea—it’s a beautiful morning. Still cool and a nice breeze. Such a great post to start off the day, and the week! I hope you can donate the top you’ve finished from Anonymous (amazing quilt!) for a raffle—I’d bid on it for sure! All the quilts are inspiring! I’ll be thinking of you today. Safe travels.

  24. Wow!….great finishes! Loved them all! Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts as you move forward in your health journey.

  25. Love seeing your finishes! Such great quilts – they and you are indeed inspiring.
    Many prayers, good thoughts, and crossed fingers for your tests and results!!!

  26. Thoughts and prayers for you Jo. I agree, I’d rather know than always be wondering. There must be smoke coming out of your sewing room, you were really on fire. All your projects are so lovely. You are an inspiration.

  27. Holy cow now I’m exhausted and it’s just 0930! lol

    Great work Jo. So much accomplished. Wishing you an amazing week!

  28. Margaret in North Texas

    Jo, you had a nice block of uninterrupted time and that is always helpful. But you use your bits of time well too— planning ahead. Looking forward to positive results on your tests tomorrow!!

  29. Yes! You are amazing in all you accomplish when everything falls just right –time and daily life things
    Beautiful—I love the patriotic table topper– but everything is beautiful…
    Prayers for good news at Mayo.

  30. Wow, each of those quilts are beautiful and impressive! I really have to look hard to see those twisted blocks. I know I would probably do that, too. That is, if I would ever even start something. LOL! Wishing you the best news!! 11:11.

  31. You have been on a roll! Doesn’t it feel good to get things finished? I have so many UFOs, but I am slowly getting them finished. Hoping you get a positive report today.

  32. Love all your finishes, Jo. And keeping you in prayer as you go to the doctor. Hopefully the results will be good. I love your amazing attitude!

  33. SusanfromKentucky

    Wish I could get things finished that quickly! Praying for positive news tomorrow! ❤️❤️

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