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I had a bit of a topsy-turvy week in the sewing room.  The garden is still not to the point that it isn’t taking up a lot of time so sewing time is limited but I am getting to the point that I’m getting a little time in there.

I got the sewing room on Wednesday and decided it didn’t make any difference what I work on, just that I work on something.  I’m at an awkward spot where I don’t have a specific project that I’m working on.  Almost everything that I was committed to is done or close to done.

I decided that the first thing I saw that had any spark of interest was what I was going to do.

At the top of one pile, I found a piece of flannel and a piece of Minky that I planned to make a baby quilt from for Craig and Kalissa’s new baby.    I loaded that on the longarm and did some quick easy machine quilting.

I easily finished that, trimmed the backing and flipped the Minky over to the front side, and sewed it down.  It’s nothing fancy but I’m sure Kalissa will love it.

From there I hemmed a stack of flannel for baby care kit receiving blankets.

Next, I grabbed this panel.  My plan for it was to make a preschool napping quilt for Gannon.

I already made his pillow.  I planned to make it something like Carver’s with the Lori Holt Spelling Bee Book but nothing clicked.

Being nothing clicked at the time, I left it all out on the longarm hoping something will come to me.

I ended up moving on.  I scanned the sewing room to see if there was something else I could quickly knock out.  I found this project.

I didn’t have all of the blocks done.  This project has stalled out since a year ago.  I’ve just not had the desire to get back to it.  But, it’s sat in my sewing room and I never packed it away.

I believe there are six more blocks to sew…but I wanted some machine time.  I decided that being I was going to be sewing them together in order that it was okay that I started sewing them together.

Originally I thought to use this Grunge fabric you see in the photo below.  I cut a few strips and didn’t like it.

I went digging and found the fabric below instead.

I like it much better.  I’m actually excited about it now and really want to finish it.

I want to finish it so much that I finally got busy and cut out the rest of the blocks for the top.  I’m so happy that they are all cut and ready to go for the next time I ended up with some sewing machine time.

It’s so fun to be working on this project as the 4th of July approaches.

Do you remember the strip of sewn together blocks a blog reader sent to me?  This one?

I was pretty sure the maker used this pattern, True Blue.  You can find it in THIS book.

I decided to cut out a couple of test blocks.  I was reminded why I often don’t like making quilts from others’ patterns.  Most people don’t cut out quilts as I do.  They write the cutting instructions to cut all the light-colored fabrics all at once and then cut all the dark at once.  They are cutting from fat quarters.

Not me.  I’m cutting from all sorts of different pieces.  I have some leftover 10 squares in the mix…pieces left from quarter yard cuts…some odd pieces I picked up at the thrift store.  I don’t have a standard size and never go out and buy all new fabric for a quilt.  Also, I’m not a gal who draws a line on the back of the square before I sew it.  I’m an easy angle girl…so, I did a little rewriting so the block cutting directions were friendly to me.

Here I am cutting making the sewing leg of this journey a little easier.

Here I have two blocks cut.  Both will be the same colors.

I went to my sewing room and sewed those two blocks with the hope that they would go together the right way and work with the blocks the blog reader sent me.

They look good…and were quick and easy to sew together.

I tested them with the pieces that were sent to me measuring and making sure they would all work together….and they do.  WHOOT!!  WHOOT!!

So now it’s full steam ahead on getting these cut and sewn.  I think I am going to love this project.

I counted and the blog reader who sent this project is after my own heart.  She made her quilt start bigger than the original just as I planned to.

I got the double wedding ring quilt off the longarm.  That part of it is finished.

I got it trimmed so next up is binding.  Fingers crossed that I can get to that this week.  I sure hope so.  I’m ready to be done with this one…beyond ready to be done with this one.

I don’t have a lot to show for the week but I’m super happy that I got a little fire lit under my bottom to get me going on the Flag quilt and the True Blue quilt.  I’ve needed a little fire to get lit under me…and other good news, I think I have a plan for Gannon’s quilt.

23 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. That’s what you call “not a lot to show “ is it?? Heavens! I’d be thrilled if I got all that done…

  2. Vanessa Wallace

    Good vibrations from your projects. I am inspired by what you are doing. What is the name of the quilt book/magazine you are using to make the blue blocks?

  3. I’m looking forward to some machine time in a few weeks – we had a 75-hour stretch of no power several days ago and have company coming this week, so no sewing was done here… sigh…
    You got quite a bit accomplished – hope you find more time soon!

  4. I always love your quilts. You really do have a wonderful sense of color and design. I’m sure Gannon’s quilt will be wonderful too. I’m looking forward to seeing that wedding ring quilt.

  5. haha, I almost always rewrite the cutting and sewing directions to suit me. Most of the time I only buy a pattern because something about the layout or colors chosen send me off with ideas. Forever thankful for the teacher who taught me how to deconstruct quilts. Love the wedding ring, Love Carrie Nelson’s patterns.

  6. I think you got lots done! If all you did was sew, then maybe it isn’t much, but you do so much more and have your priorities in right place – family first, projects later. Your double wedding ring quilt is beautiful. I like the darker accent instead of the white often seen.

  7. Judith M Fairchild

    Way to go Jo, I need some of that fire I have projects to finish and mail. Thanks for getting me going. I really like your true blue and flag quilts. Gannon’s quilt and Kalissa’s baby quilt are so cute.

  8. Wow, I think you did great. Summer always puts an end to most of my sewing. Worked in the garden and got nasty bites from no seeums. Not mosquitos. So itchy, try to keep busy so I don’t scratch. The good news is that you have me very interested in cross stitch so most times when I sit down, I pick up my cross stitch project. Keeps hands from scratching. One project is stalled as I am waiting for floss to go on sale at Hobby Lobby! I do have a project lined up when I can get back to sewing. Thanks Jo, for sharing.

  9. Whoa amazing…love both projects! Sometimes just getting to touch your stuff and being in your happy space looking around and sorting stuff lights the fire you need to get going !
    The Easy Angle ruler…? wish you’d show us newbies how THAT works in a demo video. Can’t wait to hear/see about Gannon’s quilt.

  10. I made a True Blue quilt a few years ago out of scraps from a BOM that I had done. It was all 1800 shirting reproduction fabrics, It is an easy way to use up scraps and make an interesting quilt with a fairly simple block. Hoping you get to finish it soon, and your flag quilt.

  11. Susan from Michigan

    I am amazed at what you accomplish. I looked up the double wedding ring on your blog and this is your third one you have made! I have not made one, but quilted and bound one my mom’s grandma made. Great work, Jo.

  12. since I have been mulling over a couple of panels, i am waiting to see what you come up with for Gannon. Hope it spurs me on and that it will not be beyond my abilities.

    thanks in advance

  13. This may seem like a silly question. Your sashing pieces surrounding your flags – I’m not sure how to ask this, but the side sashing pieces, how do you get them to come out evenly where they meet up at the sashing piece between rows? I measure and measure, but often my vertical pieces seem a little off and a smidgen not directly across from each other. It bugs me tremendously.

    1. Marsha from Kansas

      I did a sew along with Eleanor Burns where she showed how she lined up the rows. I was having the same problem and it has helped me a lot. Sew the sashing on one row. Then line a ruler along the edge of the sewn on block and get the ruler also squared up with the side of the sashing to be sewn on the next row. Then make a mark on the back of the sashing for you to line up with the edge of the block on the next row.
      Do that for both sides of all the blocks. It has sure helped me and I have been much happier with the results. I hope this makes sense to you and helps. Maybe there would be something on You Tube. Wish I could remember the name of the quilt to help you find the directions.

  14. Love the True Blue quilt and wedding ring AND the flag quilts. Simply beautiful. It’s amazing what can be done when we try something new or focus on one thing. Hurrah for you.

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