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Before I get into today’s post, I have two things I’d like to share with you. First, a blog reader, Adele, said there was a place called “Hello Cottons”.  You can find their website HERE.  They are collecting quilts for Ukraine and plan to do it all year long.  So, if you didn’t get time to get a quilt sent to Quilted Twins, you might want to send one to Hello Cottons.  You can read all about what they are looking for and where to send quilts on their site.  Again, THIS is the link.  I really appreciate anyone letting me know about efforts like this.  I want to be helpful if I can and sometimes one of the biggest helps is to get getting information out.  I can for sure do that!!  Thanks, Adele for sharing that with us all.

Next up from Ellen of The Quilt Keeper…Ellen wrote to inform me that sadly she is going to have to raise the prices on her Quilt Keepers.  Between higher manufacturer costs and increases in postage, she has no choice.  You might remember I told you about the wonderful Quilt Keepers in THIS BLOG POST.  If you remember I was flitting around the house trying to figure out on what door I wanted to put my Quilt Keeper.  It ended up landing here on the sewing room door.  I keep all of my quilt tops that need to be quilted on it.  Oh my, it’s perfect for that..AND it forces me to see the quilt tops and not let them pile up.

Can you see my double wedding ring quilt on it?  My hope is to get that loaded on longarm this week.

But…back to the Quilt Keeper.  Ellen talked to me and asked if I wanted to pass along the news of the upcoming price hike to you and let you know she is going to offer a sale before the price hike hits.  She is offering a code for the $5 off a single Quilt Keeper and that code is the word:   WELCOME.   You would need to put that in at checkout.  She is also offering a deal for anyone who buys three of them.  You don’t need a code for that.  The deal is 3 for $99.  That would automatically be calculated for you.  So if you were thinking of buying one before and didn’t or if you loved the one you bought and want another…or if you are gift buying for a friend, the time to get one is now before the price hike goes into effect.  Here is the link to The Quilt Keeper website. That is where you need to go to order.

Now to today’s post.  I’m …sick again.  BLAH!  Gannon had some kind of bug that he passed to me.  Then on top of that, I got my Covid booster not knowing I was getting sick, and WHAM.  I was on the couch on Saturday and should have been on Sunday but Kalissa and I had big plans so I toughed it out…I really don’t think it’s my booster that got me sick as I have many of the same symptoms Gannon had only not nearly as owly.  I’m whiny instead.  Can you hear the whine in my writing?  Trust me, it’s there.  (By the way, we later found out Gannon had an ear infection plus the cold)

Between planting a garden and being sick and having kids much of the week, I didn’t get a lot of sewing done…actually hardly any.

One day Gannon helped me cut out my Hawaiian Sunset quilt…first, we counted how many blocks we had done.  We have enough four patches.  I have to make a few more nine patches.  Those got made.

…and I have 600 flying geese to make.

This is for sure one of those quilts that will come together step by step and not any faster.  That’s totally okay as it will be worth it.  I have just loved this quilt.

I have gotten questions from several people on how to get the pattern.

Hmm.  I looked around on the internet and don’t see a source.  Quilter’s Newsletter went out of business some time ago.  The cover of the magazine looks like this…

Here is the date and issue number.  Feb/March 2010 Issue No. 414.  I saw one issue on ebay.  HERE is the link.  If it’s not there when you look, another blog reader likely snagged it.

Being it’s out of print, I wonder how copyrights work?  Can I make a copy of the pattern and give it to someone if I don’t sell it for profit?  Does anyone know?

I don’t want to go against copyright.  At what point does that dissolve if the company is out of business??  Seriously, please let me know if you know anything about this as I’ve had so many people ask me for the pattern.

I did start the flying geese but I’m not very far.  If I could just get some machine time, I think they would sew up quickly.  We’ll see it that happens this week.

I’m not supposed to that kids very much this week but I do have a few other things planned that will take up time.

People always come before projects in my world so some weeks like this week, I don’t accomplish much.

Did you see my quilt finish on Saturday?  I showed off my Garlic Knots quilt.  You can read more about it HERE if you missed it.

I’m thrilled that this quilt is off of my UFO list.  WHOOT!! WHOOT!!

Hopefully, I’ll have more sewing to share next week.

26 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Just to let everyone know , I successfully ordered a digital copy Quilter’s newsletter through the Quilting Daily website. It cost me $6.00.
    Now I can also luckily make the Hawaiian Sunset Quilt.
    Maybe we should all do an update once in a while and see how we are progressing?

      1. Quilter Laney

        I saw that, too! My other thought was that maybe Jo could find the name of the pattern designer and people could buy just the pattern directly from the designer.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re sick again, Jo :-( It’s so frustrating when you have lots of things to do! I’m looking forward to seeing you’re Hawaiian Sunset process.

    1. It does work on one hanger however, if you order three the savings is built in. I have mine and I am happy I went ahead and bought three.

  3. Love your slogan, “People Before Projects.” Feels like it should be a cross stitch pillow in your dough bowl!
    Years ago I remember an Iowa La Leche League leader telling me she always tried to put “People before things, clothes before corners.” It was a creed I recited to myself many times, especially with newborns…

  4. The Hawaiian quilt will be beautiful. I will patiently wait until it is finished, but 600 flying geese! Oh my!

  5. Judith M Fairchild

    So glad you posted this info. The quilt in the magazine looks gorgeous. Thanks too all the jo fans that found where to get the pattern. So sorry you’re having the whiney disease. Colds effect my family that way. It’s not fun at all. Praying you feel better fast.

  6. Elizabeth Sawyer

    your quilt hangers are all on the outside of your doors? I was thinking of putting them on the inside of the room so I could hang an extra blanket to be used if needed. But by the looks of it, it would hit the wall (even with door stops). Thus, making dents/holes in the wall. Is this correct.

  7. As Paulette noted, copyright lasts a long time. This year, works published in 1926 entered the public domain, so anything copyrighted in 1926 or earlier can legally be shared. In QN’s case, the magazine was owned by a corporation, which still exists. Copyrights owned by a corporation last 120 years from creation or 95 years from publication, whichever is shorter. Copyright length was extended by 20 years in 1998, thanks to intense lobbying by the Disney Corporation, who wanted to protect Mickey Mouse!

  8. Your flying geese pieces look so neatly cut and seem to go together very precisely. How do you cut them out? I had so much trouble with the flying geese on the On Ringo Lake mystery quilt. Any advice is appreciated.

  9. If anyone who has access to used book stores, thrift stores, garage sales, guild sales, etc…any place that might sell used quilting magazines, check those out to possibly snag this issue of Quilters Newsletter. I used to always check those sources to get copies of Quilters Newsletter as I just loved that magazine for its interesting stories on vintage quilts, etc. That’s how I was able to get a copy of this issue a couple years ago. I have this quilt started….going to try making it in batiks but it’s been in timeout for awhile. The number of flying geese…… I need to pull this & get back to it.

  10. Hi Jo!
    I love your site–such a great variety! I am wondering if you have a specific tutorial or pattern for a scrappy quilt block that I saw. I think it was one of your UFO’s at the time (think I found it on pinterest) Description: solid sqauare in center, checker board border around that square, then a striped border. Then you used 4 scrappy string pieced triangles (2 squares cut in half) to finish the block. I think it is a 14.5 inch block. Can you please direct me to anything that would help me with making these blocks? Thanks so much, and have a great day!!

  11. Also, Bonnie Hunter noticed the uptick in interest in Garlic Knots and has put it on sale. (i haven’t looked since i don’t quilt, just going by her instagram post).

  12. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I wanted 4 and was told that I could order the 3 and then 1 and the $5.00 discount would work. I couldn’t get it to accept the discount but I have resolved the problem.


  13. Am sorry to hear you are under the weather again!!! Somedays it seems —we just cannot WIN!!!
    Feel better soon!!!

  14. Elizabeth Sawyer

    I read the write up and it says it fits inside the room. That is what I was looking for. I was just afraid of it marking up the bedroom walls. Was told that is has soft rubber tips.

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