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I was happy with my progress in the sewing room this week.  I personally was busy but still got a few of my projects a little further along.

I got all of the string pieced sashing completed.  YAHOO!  I felt like that took forever.

Georgie was here one overnight with me and all day the next day.  I taught her the “fine art” of taking the paper off of string pieced blocks.

We managed to get all of the papers off.  YAHOO!!

Here they are…

I started trimming them but then decided I better stop.  I haven’t measured or tested the piece in the quilt yet.  I don’t want them all trimmed to the wrong size.  I think they are fine but want to double-check.

My hope is to get my double-checking done soon and then trim the rest of the sashing strips.

A quilt top came my way.  Sadly I don’t remember who it came from.  It’s a charity quilt though.  I think it somehow got damaged here.  I feel so bad about that.  Anyway, I noticed a hole and patched it.

I hand sewed it together.  It is not noticeable from afar.  It will still make a great quilt.

It’s on its way to a finisher now.

Midweek Carla came by and dropped off the quilt we are teaming up on that will be in Quilts and More Fall issue.

Carla did a great job with the quilting.  The only thing I had to do was bind it, write the rough directions and mail it off.  That sounds like an easy task…not so much.

I couldn’t find the leftover gray fabric anywhere.  That’s what I was using for the binding.  AHHH!  I was so frustrated.  I’m learned from experience that when I’m missing something, one of the best things I can do is to just start cleaning.  Typically it’s under something.  Nope.  Not this time.

A half an hour into the whole ordeal and I finally found it.  I had stuck it… here for safekeeping.  WHY??  Why did I stick it here??

I bind my machine so it never worries me as I can bind any quilt in under two hours so even though I wasted all the time looking for the binding fabric, I still go the quilt stitched in time.

Here is a sneak peek.  It’s not a fancy design but after all of my troubles with it, I’m happy to have it finished.

You might remember this top I was working on last week…I was trying to figure out if I wanted to add more borders to it or what I wanted to do.  I read through all of your comments and most people suggested filling out the sixteen patches around the border.  That’s what I was leaning towards…

I got up early one morning and sewed a bunch of 2″ strips together.  Then over naptime when Gannon was here, I trimmed them.

I love trimming strips like this.  It’s one of my favorite things to do when making a quilt.  I just love looking at the pieces all in the box.

I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon.  I plan to take the rest of the day and sew.  I’m hoping to get a border on this and then make a decision on what to do with the quilt after that.

Stop by next week and see what I decided.  I would be just thrilled to have another quilt top finished.  I’m not racing, just ready to move on to a different project!

What are you working on??  I’d love to know.

A heads up.  For those patiently waiting on me:
I am planning on taking the pictures and writing the tutorial for how I cut the tulips blocks for the tulip quilt this week so the tutorial will likely be early next week.  Sorry for the delay.  Things got behind when the grandkids were all sick and everyone needed me last week.

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  1. Georgie looks like a real pro. She has a great teacher to learn from… “Teach them while they are young… they’ll never depart from it.” I know that’s scripture but I’m sure it’s good advice for all things too. It’s awesome your children and grands share so much of your passions. It makes for great memories as they grow.

  2. I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt when it is published. It looks good. So fun for Georgie to learn “the fine art” of removing papers! She will be/is a great little helper – and such a little cutie!

  3. I really like the sneak peak at your new quilt and I look forward to reading all about it when its released. I’m so glad you were able to be there for the grandkids, they come first and I will enjoy your video when you get time to make it. The tulip quilt is on my list, I hope to make a small table runner for our daughters table.

  4. I just finished two 3 yard quilts and they turned out so nice. Right before that I had finished a kit that I had bought from Craftsy that was sort of bricks in very bright cheerful prints. So now my next project is to clean everything up and put it away. Like you did with your binding fabric, I also do that too. I have the binding fabrics for the 3 yard quilts and I want to pin it to the quilt tops so I don’t lose it. We have been in a camper for 4 months deep in Texas so we are getting ready to go home soon. My long arm is at home just waiting for these tops. I’m ready to finally start on some other kits I bought from Craftsy that are much more involved. And I will definitely start on making a Storm at Sea with various blue, purple and green batiks.

  5. Have you found a quilt for the nursing home? Maybe you really do have one in your piles. Maybe one you have set aside for another charity. Just a thought.
    I am thinking I don’t have a twin size quit made with donated fabric or scraps, but I will look.

  6. LOVE that you let Georgie help you with the paper removal, Jo!! Congrats on finishing up the magazine quilt. Thanks for the sneak peek at it and Carla’s amazing quilting! Best of luck with finishing of the 16-Patches on that bonus quilt, too.

  7. Georgie is so cute! I love how you involve the kids with that little task! I’m working on a Plaidish quilt. This is my second time making this pattern. I love how they turn out. I chose to use browns, blues and tan and it’s a gift for a friend of my son’s.

  8. Looking forward to the tulip quilt tutorial. I have the magazine and it is a gorgeous quilt. I finished hand binding a quilt and I really do need to learn to do machine binding instead as I have a pile that needs to be finished. I also made 2 pot holders as my current ones are in desperate need of replacement.

  9. Jo, thank you for the sneak peak of the new quilt to be published! It looks lovely. I really like the colors. Carla’s work is incredible! Her quilting makes a simple quilt really shine! I am also eager to see your quilt with the 16 patches when it is finished. What fun to see all the talent and creativity that comes from your sewing room!

  10. Love the sneak preview of your new quilt. How wonderful it is to have a helper like Georgie to help take the papers out. That’s the most time consuming and messy thing to do. What I did last week beside working at fabric shop for a day and normal errands, I quilted a quilt for the shop and will finish hand sewing the binding down today, made 2 three yard quilts for local cancer center that will go to long armer then back to me for binding, cut out 8 pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles. We also had a guild meeting via zoom on Thursday. I also started a jelly roll quilt. And of course my normal cleaning..ugh…but it has to be done.
    Hope you have a good week and get everything done you have on your agenda this week.

    Ps..you are inspiring me to get back into cross stitching..

  11. No sewing projects here currently as I’m performing test knits for Rachyknits at the moment. I may also knit a pair of socks for a friend of mine provided I have enough time to finish half the pair by the 25th of this month. It’s a little tight timewise for me so I may decide to do something for myself instead. Beautiful quilt mending job there, Jo! Georgie is such a little cutie helper.

  12. I love your scrappy star quilt and look forward to seeing it finished. Your long armed did a gorgeous job on the magazine quilt. I am working on Jell Roll Nine Patch $5 pattern from Mary at County Threads. It’s the first time I’ve worked with a jelly roll and I love how it’s turning out.

  13. Glenda Fletcher

    It is a fun time being able to work sewing with the grandkids plus getting some projects done in the sewing
    room. I like the sneak peak of your quilt. Carla really highlights it. Pretty colors. Fun seeing the charity quilts from Ray and Karen. Was wondering, Jo, how do you keep your place on the cross stitch pattern?
    I am done with doing Linus quilts for this season, 31in all. Will now do projects for myself. Started working
    on an off set LeMoyne star.

  14. Fun with Georgie!! so fun to do with somebody her age–and bet she will be a good “helper” –she likes to cook too, doesn’t she?? Love the colors can see in the quilt that will be in Quilts & More–and the quilting on it too–anxious to see whole thing -up close! I bet we all do that– I know I do–think “I’ll put this HERE and sure I will remember what I did with it!! Only to find when I NEED it, the question is where in the world did I put it or where did it go?? Somebody moved it -I just know it!! I seem to never GET to the sewing machine. :-( Am so in trouble with UFO’s –and a quilt -for a little girl that was supposed to be “baby” and she is already 1 year old!!

  15. I am working on the “two-step” quilt by Amanda Jean that you introduced us to. I went back and reread your posts when you worked on it. That was SO helpful to be able to read how you put yours together (for example, you sewed it into four patches, then sewed those together instead of sewing the single patches into long rows). Also good to see you were real scrappy with your neutrals. I am too and then was worried maybe I was TOO scrappy. I am happy with the way it’s turning out! It’s so good you involve the grandchildren (and your children) in various parts of your quilt making. They will cherish your quilts all the more when you make one for them because they know what is involved in the “making” of it.

  16. It’s so nice you can share your artistry with your grandchildren. I finally was able to find the magazines with your quilts in. Right now I am working on my cross-stitch. I am finishing up a wedding/anniversary one for one of my daughters. Also I am working on Heaven & Nature. I am doing it on 36 linen with 1 thread over 2 strands. Now I’ve read that I should have used 2 threads over the 2 on linen. I’m trying to decide if I should just throw it out and start over. I’ve got 1/6th of it done. What would you do Jo?

    1. 36 count can go either way. Many use one strand of floss over two linen threads. Many use two strands of floss over two linen threads. I think it will be just fine.

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