What I’m Working On…

No stitching happened this week.  NONE.

I start back to childcare this week and am doing good enough to tackle a few jobs…well I actually got a lot of things crossed off my list.  The tiny 1/2 bath in the basement got painted.

I got my mammogram done it was all clear.  PLEASE schedule one if you haven’t gotten one recently.  No, they aren’t fun but necessary.

Many of you long-time readers know I lost my precious niece Jody to breast cancer.  She was in her late 40s and we all miss her so much.

I got my taxes done.  If you’re a long-time blog reader you also know I HATE BOOKWORK so for me to have this done is a miracle.  I even went on and have all of the 2022 bookwork completely up to date.  GO ME!!

I did a few small projects like fixing this up with Restor-a-finish.

I went through and… tidied the two spare rooms.  I did all of the laundry for the quilts and sheets and changed out the quilts.

On Friday I was the guest host of the Instagram account of All People Quilt.  Oh my…that was a challenge for me.  They wanted me to do 3-5 posts a day.  Thankfully Karl and Kalissa helped me.  I can post something on Instagram but I know nothing about doing “stories”.  I’m an old dog and just terrible about learning new tricks.  The hosting job actually was on for the whole weekend.

I ended up doing a lot of quick little videos and Karl and Kalissa posted them.  Here I talked a little bit about my double wedding ring quilt that still needs to be machine quilted.  That’s one thing I didn’t get done over the week.

I had family here all weekend.  Here’s Georgie with Eli in the background.

Craig, our daughter Kalissa’s husband, was so sweet and fixed my pull-out bin in my cabinet.  I filled it too full and the grocery bags got behind it and the drawer wouldn’t shut right.  Craig had lots of helpers.

Eli and Emmett were here.  The two of them don’t look alike at all.  Eli is a bugger about keeping his glasses on.  Kelli got a new strap for him and it’s going better.  Both of them are pulling themselves up and walking around furniture.

We all joked at lunchtime that soon we’ll have to get a little kids’ table with a “leaf” in it as there are so many kids!!  We’ve finally hit the point with the kids that they are all getting along.  It’s such a blessing.  No crying…lots of sharing and more playing together is so fun to see.  I love seeing them joyfully hugging each other, completely unprompted when they get together.

In fact, the kids were so good that the adults got to try out a new game, Scythe.  This isn’t an easy board game to learn to play.  Craig and Karl play all of the time.  Buck and I have never played.  There is a big learning curve to it but I’m trying to learn to play simply because Karl loves it so much.  I bought the game for Karl for his birthday and he hasn’t looked back since.  He says it was the best birthday present ever!

If you are a board game person, Karl explains it as The Settlers of Catan with Chess included.  I’d agree.

Sunday I talked the boys into helping me clean the garage.  Kramer was a terrible person at organizing.  TERRIBLE.  He had many amazing qualities but being organized was not one of them.  I go out to the garage to get something or think I want to work on a project and just cry.  It’s so hard because I can’t find a thing.  It was such a mess.

I told the boys that I’d be so much happier if they would help me go through stuff.  I seriously have no idea why I need 30 weight oil.  I have no idea if I need a rivotor.  They helped me sort much of it out.  I’m so relieved.

We did have a HUGE laugh when we came upon this magazine.  Notice where it says “Super Simple Garage Storage”.  Kramer never latched onto the idea.

We ended up with a box of tools and stuff we didn’t want…

We put other stuff out on the curb too.

I ended up giving it all away…

Every garbage can in the house is overflowing too.  I feel so much better about the garage now.  There are places to work and I can actually find things.  YAHOO!

So…I’m a little sad that I didn’t sew a single stitch this week but I am jumping for joy that so many things got done.  What a relief to be able to check so many things off the list…but it’s 8:20 pm on Sunday night as I write this and I am totally pooped.  I’ll work this week to try to get to bed earlier…

22 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It’s hard but sometimes the “Have to do’s” come before the “Wanna do’s”. When you get to stitching again you’ll feel so much better knowing all you accomplished. Love your pictures. You’re home is perfect- I love old farm homes. Love your era perfect furniture. I miss my old Queen Anne but the weather sure is nicer in Tx. Glad you and the children are feeling better now.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Hi,you got a whole lot of unpleasant tasks off your list of to do. You are so right about getting the ma.mogram done. It’s so much easier and faster now. I lost my 2nd oldest sister to breast cancer because she said breast cancer doesn’t run in the family. Her daughter finally talked her I to getting one because of a sore on her breaat. To late. It had metastasized through her body. ]lease everyone get those mammograms done.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Hi,you got a whole lot of unpleasant tasks off your list of to do. You are so right about getting the mamogram done. It’s so much easier and faster now. I lost my 2nd oldest sister to breast cancer because she said breast cancer doesn’t run in the family. Her daughter finally talked her I to getting one because of a sore on her breaat. To late. It had metastasized through her body. ]lease everyone get those mammograms done. So glade you’re doing better

  4. I love a good tidy up and clear out haha. It gives me such a good sense of achievement! What a lovely weekend with your grandchildren, Jo :-)

  5. I dislike when I have to do things that I “don’t like” but in the end happy I did them. I think we’re all like that.
    I had my “boob smash” last week – I was clear also. Not as bad as it could have been – they used to really press hard and it hurt a lot. Maybe they’re finding they don’t have to squeeze as hard? Either that or I’m getting old and it doesn’t bother me anymore. ;-)

  6. When I had breast cancer in 2005, my mammogram was normal. Last year, it was abnormal, and picked up cancer in both breasts. One was sitting on the muscle. The radiologist said I never would have felt it (meaning until it was too late) because it was so deep. It was caught early because both were stage 1. I completely agree that regular mammograms are needed.

  7. It will feel good to sit down and stitch knowing you got so much accomplished. Your bedrooms are so inviting and warm. I need to get upstairs and clean all of the bedding on my beds. I don’t think our kids realize how much it means to us to have all of our kids together. I guess they will figure it out when they are parents of older children, and grandparents. It’s so nice of the boys to help you with the garage. I had to giggle when I saw the Handy Man organization magazine. I’ve put several things like that on my husband’s chair for him to read. He looks at the pictures….that’s it….nothing more. He is your Kramer. Good luck to you with daycare this week. You might need to put your feet up a little earlier in the evenings so you can recharge for the next day. I’m sure the parents are all glad to have you back.

  8. Eli and Emmett may not look alike but they sure look like Kramers.

    Love the double wedding ring quilt!!!! The dark background makes it look modern.

  9. Maybe no sewing, but so much other things done so now when you sew you will have a better feeling about it all. The spare bedrooms look so nice and inviting. I love seeing the grands, they are all so cute and change so much from the times we see them. I was surprised to see that old dresser by the curb.

  10. How nice to get so many small jobs done. It always seems less like a chore when one has help. I need to tackle my “she shed” soon. Seeing all those grands hanging out together makes me smile.

  11. You got a lot accomplished and while I know you missed seeing and stitching you got important “adulting” things done up! I struggle with that and would rather sit and knit or stitch until things get to the point when a 15 minute chore turns into a 3 hour ordeal. I’m doing better at it now but my yen is to sit and craft still. Sometimes we have to adult then reward ourselves to even just a few minutes of blissful stitching. Yay you for getting all this accomplished!!!

  12. I totally know how you felt I lost my husband in July. I didn’t wait caught as long as you. I started finishing one wall and found a guy to finish the rest of the garage which forced me to go though stuff and clean. I love my garage now. As a side note I had asked about background fabric for your new project I think I deleted that post so if you could answer again I am sorry for that

  13. That looks like a fun game. I am sure my son has played it but has never mentioned it. He plays games with friends one night a week. They are also his game testers. He has sold a several of games at GamCon and had two published. I happen to enjoy the last one best which is the Tiffin Board Game. Not as challenging as his first one which was the Captains Wagers, that one was a real challenge to learn. Tiffin is still a strategy game but has a fun flow to it.

  14. I absolutely LOVE the quilt on the bed in the first spare room picture! Is this one of your designs/patterns? Also like your DWR top. So pretty with a dark background.

  15. I must be related to Kramer. I can’t seem to be that kind of gal. My sewing is always disorganized. I can barely say that “O” word. Wish I had just a little bit of OCD. Just a little. Looks like you are getting some strength back. Just getting things done is a good thing. You go girl

  16. Congratulations on getting so much accomplished! It may not be sewing or cross stitching but its really important stuff. Now you can sit and sew and not be thinking about what you “should” get done! The children are adorable! So glad you’re all close enough to spend time together. Hope child care goes well this week and doesn’t wear you out too much. Rest when you can!

  17. I bet it feels GOOD to have those things off the list!

    You have some gorgeous furniture. I’m so glad there are those who still appreciate natural wood furniture instead of slapping paint on it. My question is about your beds – I see the mattresses are wider than the headboards & footboards. I also don’t see where anyone widened the headboards and footboards by adding strips of wood as I’ve seen done. I have a lovely walnut 3/4 size bed frame, where the springs sit down between 2 side rails. I’m debating whether to have custom sized mattress and springs made, or if there’s a way to have it use a full size mattress and springs. How were your beds modified to hold a standard size mattress?

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