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I had a pretty tough week as far as how I was feeling.  I’m still not myself yet, so I putzed in the sewing room…and online.

I ended up pre-ordering this book.  Of course, I did!  I’m a real Lori Holt fan…and did you read the memo at the bottom of the book in pink?  It says 32 Scrappy Quilts to Love.

Scrappiness is Happiness Quilt Book Reservation | Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co. for It's Sew Emma #ISE-950You all know I love scrappy quilts.  The book was $32.98 which is a little spendy…more than I would typically spend BUT…the book has 32 patterns and that’s more than double what a typical quilt book has.  At least that’s my justification.  The only problem.  The book doesn’t come out until June I think.  I decided to use some of the money I get from blog ads and treat myself.

In the sewing room, I got a few things done.  Carla from Longarm Quilting Inspirations teamed up with me and did the longarming on a project I did…Do you remember this??  Push the play button to see the quilt flapping in the wind.  I braved the 0-degree weather to get this video for you.

Carla did AMAZING work!!  She is such a talent.

Here are a couple of other pictures I snapped before I had the binding on…

I just adore Carla’s work.  I’m always impressed with her turnaround time too.  You can find Carla’s contact info HERE.  If you need a quilt longarmed, Carla does it all from custom work like on this quilt or pantograph designs.  She regularly mails quilts out so if you live a distance, that’s not a problem.

Here’s your last sneak peek at the quilt as I’m sending it off to Quilter’s World.  This will be their Fall 2022 issue so watch for that if you’re wanting the pattern.

This was such a fun quilt to make.  It was a “something for nothing” quilt made of leftovers from my quilt and from several blog readers’ leftovers and my own.  I love the challenge of it all.

I have more quilts planned with even more leftovers…This is my favorite style of quilting.

I had big plans to get everything in the sewing room caught up when I was off for my cancer treatments but so far, that hasn’t happened.  When I don’t feel good, it’s so much easier to sit on the couch and cross-stitch.  This week, I still haven’t felt very good.

I had set Sunday aside to be a big sewing day, but that didn’t really happen. I did sneak upstairs and I did a bit of stuff.

I cut more paper strips with the hope I can get back to some string piecing.

Those are for this quilt…

I bound another of the charity quilts I machine quilted.  This one will go to the humane society for a future benefit.

I got the pieces for the borders redesigned in EQ for my green background quilt.  I dug through some of the leftover pieces and found some I could use up.  I’m trying so hard to use everything up in this quilt.

I have more that needs to be sewn but that’s as far as I got this week…Not a lot but I’m resting and realistically, that’s what I need to do at this point.

Hopefully, I’ll feel some better this week and accomplish a bit more.

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  1. Love that quilt in the wind! I am so enjoying this winter weather and we have more lake effect due today so it looks like my grandson and I get to use our new snowshoes again today! I’ve been crosstitching extra lately, and I’m eagerly awaiting the supplies for the SAL. I’m thinking I’ll do all three. I’m praying for daily, noticeable improvement for you, Jo. Blessings!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Love the quilts. Especially the animal quilt. All the quilts are so lovely.
    Mom always said just do what you can when you can. In hhhe89’s she could out work anyone because she paced herself.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful – those colors! WOW!
    Please take care of yourself and rest. I know everyone says that and if you’re like me, you find you just have to get up and do something! Just take your time, do what you can, and save the rest for another day! :-)
    Love and prayers, sweet friend!

  4. I’m so glad you are remembering to take care of yourself first and the other things will be there when you’re feeling more like yourself. Please remind us when the quilt is released in the magazine, I will have to go buy a copy, it’s gorgeous. The teals, pinks and purple really play well with each other and who doesn’t like stars. Carla did a fabulous job with the top quilting, wow!

  5. Your “something from nothing” quilt is gorgeous! Is that adding machine paper that you’re cutting for piecing on?

  6. The quilt is beautiful! You did good to get out there and take the picture. If it wasn’t for my dog, I might hibernate during this cold, cold weather. I almost feel like I’m back in Minnesota! I am sure you will have lots of fun with the new book when you receive it. You need to splurge on yourself more!

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    That’s a pretty gorgeous quilt made from scraps! You have been through so much please take the time to heal! I did see somewhere someone made a quilt using adding machine tape. I did buy some tape at Goodwill but have not tried it yet! Can’t wait to see what you do with your’s!

  8. Great blog and inspirational…your posts always remind me how easy it is to fit in leftover “bits” and voila, another project! I made a table runner for Christmas using the enders and leaders technique from half-square triangles and got an extra square I used to encase a silicon trivet to match. Question about long-arm quilting: I have a quilt that was made with lots of close intricate stitches, and I love the look, but it feels “stiff,” unlike the free-form larger looser styles I usually request. How do you decide on a balance that allows for detail but also makes it drape easily?

  9. Beautiful quilts! You get more done on a down day than I can when I’m full of energy! Hope you’re feeling more like “Jo” again soon!

    1. Hi Becky. I got the paper at the thrift store. They had rolls for 10 cents one time and 25 cents each another time. I bought a bunch. What I’m using now is 4″ wide…I’m cutting them at 10″ but they will be trimmed down.

  10. I have heard from way back when that rest is a good healer. Your cross stitch is really helping you rest and also the projects are getting done. Your quilt is looking gorgeous. It is something that scraps can produce.
    You are so creative, Jo. You are taking good care of yourself.

  11. Jo, your quilts are all extraordinary! Often I save pictures of them as much for their colors as the skill you demonstrate in the piecing and quilting. You are an inspiration — in your quilting and in your whole life.

  12. Your quilt is beautiful, Jo! Lovely quilting, Carla! Your so brave getting out in this cold weather for a video. It’s great! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs!

  13. Virginia Grenier

    As I’m reading, I’m thinking… you got a LOT accomplished. You’re doing great even though you aren’t feeling well. Me? I’d be tempted to just lay around and truly get nothing done. :-(

  14. So sorry that you are still feeling not good. Know how much you want that to all go away. Takes more time than a person wants. Tend to push ourselves more than should. But geez– despite how you feel –and yes, you MUST rest in order to get through all the after effects, can’t get over what you HAVE accomplished.
    Do hope a new week will mean improvement for you, that you can “feel”!! That “One Day At a Time Sweet Jesus” always goes through my mind!! Prayers for a better week ahead.

  15. That short video of the quilt in the wind is super worth you freezing your butt off!!!!! I am glad you are resting as that indeed just what your body needs to heal.

  16. Brrr! The wind did a great job of showing off both the front and the the back of your quilt! Congratulations on having your “Something For Nothing” quilt accepted by a national magazine. Carla did a great job making it look its best. I can’t wait to see the pieced sashing and X-block cornerstones on the next one. Rest when you need to and pick up your cross stitch. I’m enjoying those updates, too. I feel little X’s calling to me every time you show a project, even though I have a tendency to make XS look like pulled thread! Prayers for healing continue.

  17. Penelope Kraemer

    Sending prayers from New Brunswick Canada, went through the thyroid deal and eventually had it removed when it grew nodules. I love to read your blog and see your awesome quilts.

  18. Marlene Clausen

    The flapping in the wind shot so reminds me of Iowa winters. UGH! Moved south to avoid all that and today it was 24 in Chattanooga, TN! At least there is no snow and none expected . . . there is THAT! There’s nothing like doing handwork while binge watching a show that doesn’t need close attention to “get it.” It always makes me feel better if I’m feeling crappy and even better if I’m already feeling good.

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