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As I told you, I haven’t been feeling the best.  I’ve been putzing around the house but not really accomplishing a lot.  One of my favorite things to do is play on EQ (Electric Quilt) but I typically don’t allow much time to do that.  I decided to indulge.

I had seen a picture of a vintage quilt on Instagram that I liked.  It looked like a good quilt that would use up a lot of my strips. Here is a picture of the quilt.  Oh, be still my heart.  It’s a scrappy girl!!
I played around on EQ.  I came up with this…I modified the chain blocks to make two different kinds.

Here it is the no stitching lines.

I modified it a bit more and came up with this…notice the black along the sides?

Here it is without the piecing lines.
Hmm.  That was fun.  I just might make this one.  I love the scrappiness.  What way do you like it best?

I was in the sewing room a bit…not a lot.  I had hoped that I would have a bunch of time off and be able to sew my days away.  Being I’m not feeling well, that really hasn’t happened.  I try to focus on one thing and make it my goal to try to do at least one thing in the sewing room every day.

I machine quilted some small pieces…this pet-themed quilt.  I think the Cresco ladies made this.
I made a backing and machine quilted this one too.  I’ll show you more of them after I get the binding done.
These will both go to a Humane Society benefit being they are pet-themed.

Another day I bound this quilt…

..and another day I bound this quilt.  This is my Two-Step quilt.  It’s going to be gifted to Georgia.  She transferred to a big girl bed and needed a quilt.  Kelli and I thought this one would be perfect.

Other than that, not much has happened in the quilting room.  I have my fingers crossed that I’ll feel better this week and hopefully tackle a few more things.

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  1. Personally, I like option 2 because I think the black lines at the sides make the quilt pop. I love your Two Step quilt for Georgia, it’s so bright and cheerful!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the 1st one ! The changes and black sides are pretty
    But th1st held my attention
    Love the organized scrappiiness.
    Jo take your time getting better you’re fighting on 2 fronts health wise. Work at things yes. Push yourself when tired No. My mom taught me how to pace myself. ( when I was an adult). The younger ladies at her church said she could out work them all. You’re getting a lot more done than many folks that aren’t sick. Kudos

  3. Good morning Jo…..Please be kind to yourself. Your mind & body have been thru a lot. Give yourself time to heal & rest. You have accomplished a lot in your seeing room ! I really like the scrappy quilt. Could the pieces be made twice the size. I would never finish one with postage stamp size pieces !! Take care.

  4. I like it with the black but I’d like to keep the chain blocks to be the same. Get well and don’t push. I wanted to tell you I joined the Modern Folk Embroidery SAL for this year, look it up, very interesting!

  5. Jo you did good to get that much done. I know the feeling though of thinking you won’t be working so will get much done. Yup, our bodies will tell us differently. I’m sure you know you need the rest. I really like that scrappy quilt and I hope you give us the pattern at some point. Georgia will be thrilled with that beautiful quilt! I keep praying that you will be back to your energetic self! Baby steps!

  6. You’ve had a lot of success with EQ, it’s a good tool for you. I like the black edge too—could it go along the top as well? It’s a darling vintage quilt!
    The two step quilt will be perfect for Georgia’s room!

  7. Good luck with choosing the lay out for the scrappy quilt. A hard decision.
    I love your two-step – such pretty colors!
    Take care of yourself – don’t work to hard – don’t try to do too much. I know it’s hard for you to relax – put your feet up, watch a good movie and cross stitch!
    Love and prayers

  8. So hard to pick between the three but I do think I link the black edges the best. Any one of them will be a stunning quilt!
    I also love the Two Step quilt – it’s perfect for a little girl’s room! What size squares did you use?
    I think it is amazing what you have accomplished considering everything. My prayers for continued and complete healing are with you.

  9. Jo, give yourself a break! You’ve just finished chemo and your thyroid levels are all messed up. If I got as much done as you did in a week I’d think it was terrific! Give yourself a bit of slack.
    I love the scrappy quilt with the variable chains. I hope you can publish a pattern for it. The pet quilts are really cute and should do well at the auction.

  10. I like it better without the black edge, but it appears that I am outnumbered lol. You are still getting a good amount of things accomplished, I think. In the wise words of Daniel Tiger, when you’re sick, rest is best, rest is best! Or, as my mom would say, rest so your body can heal.

  11. I like #2 but #1 with a dark border might be even better. I hope you submit it to American Patchwork and Quilting. I’d love to make it and would need instructions.

  12. Jo, I love the scrappy quilt. In fact, I designed one that is almost identical and modified the instructions to make it all out of 9-patches. I thought I sent you the pattern last Halloween when you were looking for patterns that use 2-1/2” scraps. I’d be happy for you to share it with your readers (for free) if you’d like to skip the pattern writing process. :) Mine comes in two sizes — 63”x73” and 84”x92”.

  13. I would LOVE to make that quilt. Gorgeous! I think I would keep to the original format with the chains all the same size. But…..I cannot imagine sewing all those pieces on the diagonal for a quilt that size.

  14. I’m so sorry that the side effects are getting you down. Sounds to me that you are handling things perfectly! I pray that you will feel better soon. Hang in there!

  15. If you ever develop that scrap quilt into a pattern, i want to know so /i can get a copy. It is so appealing.
    I do marvel at how much you accomplish. Now is the time to allow yourself time to rest and recuperate from all you have been through recently. I appreciate your transparency and willingness to share.

  16. I saw that vintage quilt on Instagram this weekend and saved it. I can’t get my mind around how to assemble it. Can anyone direct me to a pattern name of something similar? I’m def not an EQ or computer person. Jo, if you do a tutorial I think I could adapt it to the original.

  17. Very pretty and I only do scrappy quilts but the pieces in these 2 quilts are way to small for me to work with – too many seams. Currently I’m trying to use up the 700 nine patch blocks I have made over time. It’s amazing how few patterns there are that use this block. All mine are made with 5 dark squares and 4 light squares. Love your blog Jo – your fighting spirit motivates me to keep looking for the beauty among the ugliness.

  18. I love the Two Step quilt for sweet little Georgia! Can’t believe how fast she is growing up…Can you tell me the size of the blocks you used in this quilt. Is there a pattern?
    Jo, I have thought of you daily and prayed for a quick steady healing of your body. Give yourself time to adjust to all these changes and rest, rest, rest.

  19. Cinders from SWMinnesota

    You have been busy! I like the scrappy quilt with the black in it as it really makes the scrappy rows pop! I am interested in the two step Quilt as well can you discuss this I have many scraps and this would be perfect! Georgie will love this quilt. Hope you feel better soon. I enjoy your blog and updates. Take care.

  20. Oh girl! You have done a LOT of quilting/binding/designing. Far more than I would have thought possible as you deal with side effects of all the cancer treatment of the last 8 weeks. I hope your health will turn the corner soon and begun that uphill climb to feeling better and having some energy to do what you love.

    Hugs to you Jo. I look forward to seeing the photo of Georgie receiving her big girl quilt from you :-)

  21. I am working on the Two Step quilt because I liked yours so much. Georgia is a lucky girl! Your quilt is beautiful. I love the scrappy quilt you found on Instagram. I really like it best without the black edge, but like Carla, I seem to be outnumbered on that.

  22. I agree with the others – you’re getting quite a bit done, maybe not as much as you would like, but your body does need some “time off”. Please be careful not to overdo!
    I personally like the garden path with the black triangles on the outside and I really like the “paths” that are changed up a bit… for whatever that is worth! LOL!

  23. Love the scrappy quilt especially with the black edge! Also think the pretty two step quilt for Georgia is perfect for a big girl bed! You really accomplished a lot this week! Rather than quilting how about a little sitting time with cross stitch somewhat like resting yet perhaps accomplishing something!! Hugs!

  24. I actually prefer the chain blocks that are alike just like the original quilt. I don’t think you put that option in EQ.
    Hope you feel better soon

  25. I love the scrappy quilt! Both of them. It would be so much fun to do a quilt along with you. Having you do a pattern that we could buy from you! I know that is alot of work for you!! The two step quilt that you are giving to Georgia is so much for a little girl and she is going to love it for her new big bed!
    Jo please that care of yourself and don’t over do!

  26. Einy, Meiny, Mieny, Mo… I like the light border on #1 and I like the way the black border on #2 pulls the pieced scrappy blocks with the white patch out to the edge. I guess I would just have to start making 4-patches and see what happens from there. Yes! Please let us know if you submit this to a quilt magazine. It would be part of your “Antique to Today” series.

    Repeating previous comments: Please be good to yourself during these days of healing. Prayers continue.

  27. Back in 1962 I got married and my mother-in-law gave me a basket of quilt tops from her MIL would died in 1941. One of those quilts was this one, excepting the strips with the black squares. Hers was all white squares and borders were green. My MIL said its name was Garden Path. She had used all flowered prints to represent the garden. It was a Scrappy but she didn’t use any reds.

  28. I like them both but I like the one with the black on the side best. I hope you make it and maybe do a quilt along with us making one too. Probably most of us have a ton of scraps to use up.

  29. I think you did a LOT for not feeling good. Am sure the time period for getting back to your usual -what I think has to be non-stop lifestyle -between family, childcare, & all your quilting–will take longer than you want. I always thought –tie another knot and hang on– push through all of it. Prayers that this week you will be able to tell a difference, a little more energy & just all around feeling better!! I LOVE the Two Step!!
    Can’t decide about the new design choices-but I am terrible when it comes to deciding WHAT I am going to do.

  30. The black edges speak to me…so clever of you to spend some less physical but enjoyable time designing on EQ. I’m glad you are able to do some quilty & cross stitch activities but are listening to your body when it needs rest as it works to recover from a very intensive treatment. Hugs.

  31. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Glad you are up to doing some playing!! I love the one with the black triangles on the sides…why not do black triangles on the top and bottom rows as well? You are actually getting more done than many of us!

  32. One comment jumped out at me that encourages you to be kind to yourself…..yes please do and giving yourself patience is tantamount to your recovery, Jo. The quilt ideas are both stunning, for me it is quilt design #2. Just speaks to me somehow. The quilts you’re in the process of finishing up are adorable! Excellent thought to donate to an animal rescue/shelter fund raising event.

  33. Love the black sides! You have made a lot of progress this week – don’t be discouraged! Be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, and enjoy whatever you do at the moment!

  34. Oh my, I saw this quilt also; and I, too, fell in love with it. I really like the black sides. Can’t wait for.a pattern, tutorial, or whatever you decide to do :) Hope you’re feeling better.

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